Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saving Private Olivia...

I never thought of joining the army.

I'm not exactly the type of person who enjoys discipline and drills. However I must say that even in the army, there is a bright side of life.

One must always look on the bright side of life. Even if at first it looks like the final moments of Dante's Inferno.

I have been saving this blog for the last couple of days. The reason is simple. I was waiting to get photos. 'Photos of what?' I can sense most of you thinking.

My day in the army is the answer.

And not just my day. Philip and Gerard (the composer and author) had to join in as well. The sort of boot camp was organised by 'Xarabank' which is Malta's most popular and watched programme.

At first I accepted to do it just for fun. But even though it was fun, we did some serious stuff as well.

On arrival to the Army HQ, we were given Army Uniforms to wear. Philip had to make do with their largest size, which was a couple of sizes (underestimated) smaller than his own size. Philip is becoming overweight by the minute. Maybe it's the stress taking its toll. Gerard on the other hand remains slim and calm. Too calm for the Army Sergeant who started shouting at us, left, right and center.

The army drill is not as simple as it might look. We were shown how to march properly and how to respond to orders. Philip is even more clumsier than I am. And that takes a lot. He could not manage to co-ordinate his arms and legs. They just go wherever they please! :)

Combat training was next. They painted our faces with camouflage colours. It actually looks nice. We shot blanks, threw smoke grenades and rescued a wounded soldier...who turned out to be Philip. He looked much better now lying peacefully on the stretcher. :)

The exercise I enjoyed most was absailing.

At first we tried it out by climbing down a structure at the Army's HQ. We then moved on to a proper cliff. As I looked down from the top, I started regretting getting into this fix. But as soon as I decided that I had to do it (I really had no choice :)) then I found it to be exhilirating, totally enjoyable!

So Saving Private Olivia Day was a success after all!

I must go as I am late for the last rehearsal for the concert. I am really looking forward to tonight's show. It is my first concert and most of all I am singing for the first time with a lot of friends like Ira Losco, Fabrizio Faniello, Debbie Scerri, Lawrence Gray and a host of others.

So speak to you tomorrow...I hope I wake up early enough! :) Olivia


Alison said...

Yesterday I attended the Xarabank programme at the Waterfront and it was wonderful...:).. Tonight, I look forward to watching you perform with other wonderful Maltese singers :).. Good luck xxx

Anonymous said...

hi Olivia proset ibqa sejra hekk ghandek karattru tal-genn gd luck naf zgur li se tmur tajjeb fil-eurovision keep it and keep that smile.

Bjorn Blundell said...

Bongu Olivia!

L-ewwel nett nixtieq nghidlek li dan il-blog vera interessanti. Nista' nimmagina kemm hadt gost inti flimkien ma' Philip u Gerard! Taghmlu trio tajjeb hafna. Nixtieq nghidlek ukoll li ghandek tim qawwi hafna mieghek u b'sahhtu hafna li jaf x'inhu jaghmel.

Ilbierah jiena kont fil-programm Xarabank u vera hadt gost nista' nassigurak. Hadt hafna gost insegwi l-filmati ta' meta mortu taghmlu gurnata ma' ta' l-Armata. Vera dhaqt l-aktar b'Philip eh... l-aktar meta qala dik id-daqqa ta' ponn :)

Kien hemm atmosfera sabiha hafna hafna u l-udjenza kienet warm hafna. Insomma Olivia, jiena ma baqali xejn xi nghidlek hlief li narak illejla fil-kuncert tieghek. Cert li ser niehu hafna gost. Cu :)

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell. xxx

Anonymous said...

You are so cute in that army suit!!!! gl for tonight

Anonymous said...

Olivia well done for Xarabank! you were great ! it was nice seeing ypu laughing all the time! I love nanna wenza - and all your family! it was also nice to see your sister and many artists like fabrizio, debbie, klinsmann, janvil and ira supporting you :) ! ZOO were great also - though would have preferred to seetheir video aswell ! Joe demicoli - great as always ! My favourite part from the show was when they interviewed you and your boyfriend ! amazingly great ! you are an amazing couple - and if i were you - i would marry now - even though the flies are still black - lol - but you really seem to make a great couple .. so i wish you luck together !! - good luck for your concert !!!! :) !

Roderick said...

Can you put Zoo's video along with the 'behind the scenes' of the video, that were supposed to be aired on Xarabank, on your website please?

Renald Micallef said...

Hey Olivia, I want to thank you a lot for taking time to take a photo with me last saturday. I really appreciated your down to earth attitude. Keep it up and Malta is behind give us vertigo! Im backing you by publishins eurovision information in my website. I have also chosen your song to open my webpage.

Anonymous said...

hello olivia
your song is very beautiful!
I think your perform in ESC will be very great!
Good luck from Portugal!
And for those who read this blog, vote for Sabrina and Portugal!

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Bongu! Skuzani hafna li qed inhallilek tard f'dan il-Post!!! Jiena qabel xejn nixtieq nghidlek PROSET IMMENS ta' dawn ir-ritratti verament sbieh!!! Minjaf x'esperjenza kienet fl-Armata!!!

Fl-ahhar nixtieq nghidlek PROSET IMMENS tal-Kuncert li kellek ghax vera hadt gost u nista' nghidlek li l-Kuncert tieghek kien l-ewwel wiehed li mort ghax qabel qatt ma kont mort kuncerti u verament inhossni kburi li tieghek kien l-ewwel wiehed!!! PROSET IMMENS lil kulhadd u lil kull min kellu x'jaqasam mall-Kuncert!!!

Nigel Blundell