Friday, April 6, 2007

A tale of two fishes...

Good Friday is a public holiday in Malta. And thank God for that (literally). Most Maltese fast for a whole day on Good Friday and are usually not fit for work.

At the very least, no meat is consumed. Only fish is allowed.

Don't get me wrong. I like fish. Even though I honestly do not see a rational distinction between fish and meat. If one shouldn't eat meat, I don't really see why one should eat fish. Poor fish! It's a bad day for them today! :)

Speaking of fish, I always wanted to keep an aquarium with two goldfish inside. I don't anymore. The last attempt wasn't very succesful. Especially for the fish. I simply cannot seem to control how much food I give them. And goldfish have grown an annoying tendency of dying on me. So I haven't pursued my aquarium dream anymore.

This morning I woke up nice and early, knowing that I had very little to do. So I put on my oldest track suit and my running shoes, put an excited Milly on a leash and went out for a walk. I live at 'Bahrija' which is an extremely small village on the limits of Rabat, Northern Malta. This place is a heaven on earth. It is literally found in the middle of a vast stretch of farm land. Rubble walls and old roads link this place to the 'normal' world. I really feel that living here is one big holiday. It doesn't really feel like a feels more like a retreat. Which is just as well, since I do not spend much time here.

Milly loves the countryside. She goes mad as soon as her tiny paws set foot outside. I don't let her off the leash. I really worry that something could happen to her so I don't take risks. My walk took almost two hours. I really try to cleanse my mind during these outings. It is the only time I am able to think properly.

My thoughts today go to the British soldiers killed in Basra. Joanna Dyer, Ella Dlugosz, Kris O'Neill and Adam James Smith died because of the war. The futility of their deaths makes me sad. One photo shown around the world was that of Kris holding his baby son. It is so unfair on the little child. His father died whilst serving his country. But this child will remain fatherless for the rest of his life. Moments like this show the real cruelty of war. War should be the last resort, not the first option. I think many have realised that by now.

I arrive at home and immediately go to the kitchen. Two lovely fishes are staring at me from the kitchen table. It surely is a tale of two fishes today. So let's make the most of it!

Happy Easter to you all! Speak to you again tomorrow.


Sha said...

Hey Olivia, that's a rather fishy (pun intended :)) story... he he... nice work.

I guess we can all agree bout the poor fish. But then again we'd need a rich and tasty source of protein too ha... Eating soy beans everyday for the rest of our lives isn't going to be very appetizing, don't you think? :)

It's really nice to read about your little escapades (or rather I should say walks) with Milly. And that place looks wonderful too.

Oh.. by the way.. I was wandering.. since you've already got a really cool myspace page up and running, is there any chance you'll start a hi5 artist profile as well (i.e. if you haven't created one already). If you have, do post the link. I just can't wait to add your songs to my profile.

All the best
Happy Easter Olivia... hope you have a fantabulous time.
God bless!

Your biggest fan outside of Europe :)

Anonymous said...

bahrija is a lovely place .....with out being political and that im a visitor to your country .......the labour club serves the best rabbit on the island.....have always left there very full and sometimes a little drunk. but it is a beautiful part of the could sing to your hearts content up there and not bother another soul......not that you ever your blog olivia .......keep it up...
aussie fan xxx


Dearst Olivia!

I am so glad I can write to you again!! something was wrong with my google konto and i could not leave a comment, that made me so ungry!!!! Happy eastern to you and to everyone here too!! Although i am born as a greek orthodox from religion, i know this story with the fish, because on good friday(which we call it "Big Friday" ) nobody is allowed to eat meat, and with with we mean also the flesh from animals living on the land...but me, i have always broken this rule and especially on this very day i would eat all possible meat dishes....i think sometimes being against the rules gives a kind of a small satrisfaction,,but now that i have been living abroad and away from greece for a long time(10 whole years now) I really miss these traditions and the smell and feeling of eastern in greece...but you see traditions are alike everywhere in the world...
to vertigo now: i have read with great pleasure in the web site that malta is still leading the BigPoll...I am so glad that so many people have seen and felt how good your entry is...Let us hope people are going to vote this way on the "big night". Me, i am getting addicted to my 3 minutes "vertigo trips" with my mp3 player..: this song and your voice take me to a trip to another world full of magic and passionate love...I love vertigo, cant stop listening to it...Before going to sleep i check some big eurovision sites and i am tying to express my luv for vertigo( on the esctoday com i have renamed me to Nikolas Vertigo, and some think i come from malta, on the oikotimes i spread my enthusiasm as noVissi..)I hope after eastr you come back with even more better ideas and inspiration for the staging of this song..whatever you decide it is gonna be good because i think there is one thing behind your actions: passion and luv and this can not fail..
Many eastr greetings to you and your beloved friends and family memebers who help you voluntarily so from a sad and hurt from luv barbarino

Anonymous said...

you live in a very spectacular place.. Bharija.. away from the busy life of the towns! :D

keep it up!

Nigel Blundell said...

Hello Olivia!

Kif inti? Nittama li tinsab tajba! Verament niehu gost noqghod naqra l-posts li thalli f'dan il-Blog!!! Kull filghodu nidhol fuq l-Internet biex nara l-Blog!!!

Tajjeb hafna li tiehu hsieb sew lil Milly!!! hehe!!! Xi hlew!!!

Parti mill-post li hallejt li hija dwar il-Gwerra hija tassew interessanti u ta' swied il-qalb bla ebda dubju!!! Hajja ferm kerha u ta' dwejjaq kbar specjalment min ikun ghaddej f'dik il-hajja u anke ghal hafna min-nies li jisimghu u jaraw dawn l-affarijiet!!! Tajjeb hafna li f'dawn iz-zminijiet niftakru f'dawk in-nies li mietu waqt il-Gwerer, pero dejjem huwa importanti li niftakru fihom!!!

Minghandi u minghand il-familja kollha tieghi nghidu lilek Olivia u lill-familja kollha tieghek l-Ghid it-Tajjeb u AWGURI HAFNA!!! U biex zgur ma' ninsa lil hadd nghidu wkoll l-Ghid it-Tajjeb lil kulhadd!!!

Il-lejl it-tajjeb Olivia!!!

Nigel Blundell

Anonymous said...

Barbarino, even here in Malta we call it 'big friday' literally translated from 'il-gimgha l-kbira". That's so interesting. ;)
Maltese gal

Shawn said...

Happy Easter Ol....It seems that easter kept you busy since you missed yesterday;spost....hope it will be back tonight....maybe you can put some new information about the performance tonight as a treat.

Anonymous said...

Just .. dropping .. to wish you and your family a Happy Easter - Olivia xxxx !

Anonymous said...

olivia.. i just want to tell you Happy Easter to you and to all your family!

Anonymous said...

hi olivia good luck for the eurovison all the best
Remember vocals and performance.
Show europe what theyve been missing and the maltese too!