Friday, April 13, 2007

The Aviator...

I hate airports.

I do not wish to sound repetitive.

But, I hate airports.

Since the message should have gone through by now, let me explain the predicament I am in at the moment.

I woke up at 4am this morning. Not even the birds had woken up. I could hear them chirping angrily at the noise I was making in the process of repacking my flight bag for the zillionth time this month.

Off to the airport for my flight to Brussels. I was first meant to go to Munich and then head off to Brussels from there. I arrived in Munich at 11:45am.

As soon as I set foot in the terminal, the word delayed came springing on the screen right next to the Brussels flight. Up till then I was not worried. Delays happen...especially in airports.

I was just coming to the check in desk, when in the distance the word 'delayed' changed to 'cancelled'. I quickly searched for my glasses just to make sure I was seeing right.

My eyesight is not perfect, but I was right. The flight was cancelled.

So here I am, stranded in Munich Airport since all flights to Brussels Airport have been cancelled due to a fireworkers' strike. I am now sitting down, looking pretty in the Terminal, waiting for news and typing this blog at the same time! :)

The problem is I was meant to be in Hasselt for a television programme, TVL Studio live, at 5pm. That's obviously gone now.

My only hope is that of taking a flight to Amsterdam. As soon as I get there I will probably hop on a train to Antwerp where I'm supposed to be interviewed by a tv magazine show called De Rode Loper. Then off to a party at the D-Club.

I was meant to watch The Aviator the other day. I'm glad I'didn't. I'm not a big aviation fan at the moment!

Will probably post again later on tonight. Let's hope I make it to Antwerp! :)

Speak to you soon.


Anonymous said...

I love your song! It is one of the best songs I've heard and your voice is great. We'll wait for you in Romania.I wish you good luck!

Anonymous said...

I hate airports too but believe me, id rather be at an airport waiting rather than sitting at home all day long studying for my A levels!!!

Hope you have a good time and make Malta proud like you always do!!

Shawn said...

Oh Dear Poor you,

I can imagine what you are feeling, I was left stranded like that last August at Heathrow airport for 12 long hours because the plane had an engine failure, watching BBC news continuosly reporting a plane crash....Then finally they said that the plane was fixed...still I went on the plane kif najduha ahna bi msarni fit-toqba ta wied gorni :P Hope you arrived at your destination

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia

I have heard your song for Malta. The video is really good :D. It's nice that you have a blog. Is it true that you have tried 11 times to win Maltas competition to represent Malta in Eurovision? Really cool. I have read your interview on!

// A girl from Finland, 13 years.

PS: I'm not so good to write english XD. Hope you answear me.

Anonymous said...

Hey olivia - i am sorry for what happened to you today - but as someone told you before - think of us studying for exams - all day at home - so that you feel relieved - lol! the only thing i have interesting in life at the moment - is this blog - and your participation in eurovision ! lol ! to the girl from finland - i tell her - yes this was olivia's 11th try - but olivia had many great songs in the past - and placed 2nd may times ! but the maltese - when they decidd to send her to ESC - they did so nearly unanimaously! so to the girl from beatiful finland - make sure you vote for olivia lewis 11 times - so that we will hear - and 12 pts from finland goes to MALTA ! hehe! i like the finnish entry this year - so i might vote for it too! and i voted for LORDI many times last year ! anyway .. enjoy your tour olivia - i saw a video of you in belarus - singing work your magic - great stuff! keep it up! always supproting you ! xxx

sha said...

Oh.. hope you've reached Antwerp by now. It must be really frustrating ha. I think I can see it in your face. Hopefully the rest of your trips will be less of a hassle.

I'm glad you're such a strong lady. I don't think I'd be able to take half of what you're going through. I think I would've gotten vertigo by now (he he) ... I can't believe you've such a tight schedule.

But just one more month eh.. and I know that this'll all pay off!

Anyways, you go show 'em what you're made of! You're the best Olivia! Take care...

Your greatest fan outside of Europe

Emrah said...

I wonder what kind of shape we may get if we connect all the destinations of your ESC-related trips on the map chronologically. :-)

Nigel Blundell said...

Hello Olivia!

Jiddispjacini hafna li gralek ghat-trip gewwa l-Germanja imma fil-website tieghek rajt li wasalt il-Germanja!!! Sa' fl-ahhar!!! PROSET IMMENS!!! Nawguralek hafna!!! Hu gost hafna u Goodluck immens!!!

Ghalissa l-lejl it-tajjeb Olivia!!!

Nigel Blundell

Anonymous said...

Friday the 13 th hadmet ghalik!!!

Anonymous said...

hi olivia here from ghaxaq malta we support vertigo and support you make malta proud thanks.........

daniel said...

where can i buy tickets for the fire works concert on the 28th?

Scibby said...

good luck in all your work, you're a great artist and am sure you will do well.



it is kind of sad that you have stopped feefing us with your nice messages and thoughts olivia..but i am trying to follw yur schedule on the net, it does seem kind of somehow i undertand why you have abandoned us..but still it will be good to hear news fron you..
as the contest approaches i can not get this thought out of my much money counts...i explain why i am writing this: two years ago, as i still had money, i decided spontaneously to leave the miserable berlin ad travel all the way to kiew(by bus!!) just to support Helena and "My number one" back then..i was loving this song, just like i love vertigo and perhps a bit less, but being a born greek made me wanting to support this song and i felt i had to be i overcharged my credit card with money i did not have(my credit card is now suspended) and i made my dream come true...i bought a greek cap, a greek eurovision t shirt, i found some greeks there in kiew and we supportd Helena by waiting for her outside the venues before each rehearsal, by talking and singing to the greek and other european channelsand by attending alost all of the public rehearsals..that was a great time, i really wanted her to win and the miracle i feel the same urge and a bit more for Olivia and even without being a maltese at the song so much that this year i feel the need to travel(even walk this time) to Helsinki and scream and sing along for vertigo, this time holding a maltese flag..seriously..but i have no money at all left, and all my credit cards are that is why i say that money do helps you to make your dreams come true...
still i hope Olivia will do fine even without me.....i will support her with my mind, by playing the song to all my friends here and with many many sms for malta on the semis.but this is too little compared to my needs and my dreams about thought makes me depressed(something that happens pften to me)..
Anyway, many greetings to Olivia and all of you.. XXXX

Anonymous said...

I am missing you daily blogs!!!! Please write to us SOON!!! xxxx

Bjorn Blundell said...

Vera toboghdom l-airports? Qisek jiena. Vera li meta jkollok delay tiddejjaq hafna imma taf li jiena xorta ma niddejjaqx ghax nahseb fl-opinjoni tieghi l-Airports huma meraviljuzi!

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell.

Aidan said...

hello olivia jien vetigo vera togobni.kiss you.tista taydli kemm ghandek zmien pls