Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You give me fever...

You may be wondering why I haven't posted anything for the past few days.

Well, here it is.

The past weeks have finally taken their toll. After a somewhat sleepless night, I woke up early Tuesday morning, right after coming back from the arduous trip to Belgium and the Netherlands feeling a bit oozy. Milly (my cocker spaniel) wasn't behaving as usual. That is, she was actually behaving for once. No running around and jumping on our bed.

She probably sensed I was not feeling well. I started dressing up and looked at the bright sunlight seeping through my semi closed window. How come was I feeling so cold when the temperature on my kitchen clock was 22 degrees?

I had a fever. 102 Farehneit to be precise. I rarely have fevers. The last time I had one was five years ago. And it was related to over exertion. As it is this time.

I'm not exactly a hypochondriac. I rarely go to the doctor. Only when I cannot stand my mum's continuous grumbling that I go. I find that a visit to the doctor is heaven when compared to one of mum's grumbling sprees.

But I had to go to the doctor, as I was not feeling well at all. It turns out I am a bit overtired and have a cold. Therefore, I had to stay in bed, the doctor said.

I immediately thought of my trip to Romania. I was supposed to leave for Bucharest tomorrow. I thought I had better try to rest and go.

By yesterday evening, I still had a fever. Robert (the Maltasong Boss) phoned. I have come to know Robert very well, to the point that I realised he was very worried. Without hesitations he told me that he was cancelling the trip to Romania, so that I could rest.

Robert is one of the best persons I have ever met. So considerate and so professional at the same time. Being a successful businessman he has been dedicating almost all of his time to this festival. Not everyone's piece of cake believe me. And he knows how to take a decision and stand by it. Not always an easy proposition.

So here I am, lying in bed, sipping Sprite and taking Panadols to keep my fever down. I am feeling much better now. Another two days, and I'll be as good as gold. Milly is already starting to misbehave again. So I must be getting better. 'Stop it Milly!' I shout at her as she bounces on my laptop and deletes a whole paragraph from my blog! :)

Speak to you tomorrow! :) Olivia


Roderick said...

Ohhhh dearest Olivia!!!
I feel so sorry for you reading that you're sick.
Hope you will get well very very soon!

Give my best regards to Milly!!! She's as famous as you are now!!

(btw, you should take panadols with water not least that's what my mother grumbles about each time I have to take a pill hehehe...mums are all everywhere the same!!)

GWS!!!!!! take care!!! xxxxx

The truth said...

Oh! It's a pity to hear that. But to look on the bright side of the matter... after recovery you should have a stronger immune system with some extra antibodies. So in Helsiniki you would be more powerful than ever! :-)

Get well soon Ol! xxx (and an extra one for Milly...x)

Jaana said...

Prosit!( Bless you ) We say that here in Sweden when someone has a cold and sneezes. I know that it means something else in Malta, but you can tell me that when we meet 28.4:)
I´m one of your backing vocalists and I´m so excited to meet you and the rest of the crew. Hope you get well and see you soon!
Best regards/Jaana


hallo again girl!!!!! it is so good to read news from you again...well this only a usual flew, it is annoying, but you could use the time to get some rest....i am sure you will be back soon full recovered and on vertigo fever again ;-)
well it must be the song..vertigo gives me also fever everytime i hear it, and i hear it a lot in th last weeks..i get a shiver even by hearing song... the intro with the violin...and then comes your nice and strong voice and then i close my eyes and i travel with my mind: passionate love, agony, magicians, flamenco dancing, kissing, suffering..all this due to a 3 minute song..i repeat myself once more, sorry, but i love vertigo!
my life at the moment is pretty ugly, so i enjoy a lot such mental trips and is all about small pleasures in life after all, isnt it?
many gretings to all vertigoaddicts ;-), many recovery greetings to the lonely and troubled barbarino from berlin!

Chris said...

Get well soon Olivia!! Malta warajk!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia !! :-)

Get well soon !! Bhalissa hawn hafna irjihat sfortunatament ghax qed jaqleb it- temp. Anke jien kelli rih il- gimgha l- ohra hehe ^__^

Hu hsieb tieghek innifsek halli taghti l- 100% f' Helsinki ! ;). Bhal dejjem nghidlek prosit ta' kull pass li qed taghti lejn il- ESC. Dan il- blog veru qed joghgobni ghax bis- sahha tieghu qeghdin nghixu din l- esperjenza sabiha mieghek ! :) Good luck !

Sarah from Marsaxlokk.

Koen Verheyden said...

Hi Olivia,

Hope you feel better soon. I don't know if you remember me. I'm the boy who talked to you in the café in Antwerpen. Just wanted to let you know you made a great impression to me, and i'm convincing everyone to vote for you.

Hope you'll visit Belgium once more.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon!!!

Shawn said...

Get Well Soon Swt......

Emrah said...

Wish you good health ASAP! Well, in such cases, doesn't it seem almost unavoidable not to have a cold or fever - our body says 'stop, please' at a time. So, statistically speaking, it is very unlikely that it will repeat itself again. So, you may feel lucky that you overcome this trouble at an early stage, not the day before the semi-final, like Javine (UK 2005) had to.

Schlagerboys said...

Get well soon Olivia!!!

The invitiation is still there to come to Birmingham after your Eurovision triumph!!

Roberta said...

Get well soon Olivia! Take care of yourself!
Roberta Vella (Torino, Italy)


Is vertigo-addiction contagious?????

good morning Olivia(and Milly ;-)!!
i hope you are feeling better today after a good dosis of panadol( i do not like them, they make me sweat, but without sweating you can't get away the fever..)
i suffer from another disease: vertigo-addiction..not a single day passes without hearing the song many repeated times on my mp3 player..i forgot even all my other favourite hits and my player i have a whole file with stuff from donna summer(great voice and singer too), but i switch to the other file, where vertigo is....i am hoping that the disease is contagious and a lot of people will vote for it on the 10th of May..good news: all the peopel i have played the song, they like it immediately, even people who are not related to eurovision in any way...and then i start explaining about the song, about you, the contest and they get interested..let us see if they are going to watch the semis and then call for you(if you get lots of points from germany, then you know..barbarino was busy :-))...
anyway would you like to tell us something about the staging of he son? or give us aq slight impression of your dress(we know that it is going to be a cavall design...)
Ok..just write to us anything is going on in your beautiful is always good to hear from you...greetings, get well from a troubled and lonesome barbarino :-))

Goggle said...

Get well soon, Olivia! Keep on sipping those Sprites!

Anonymous said...


The truth said...

Just found some pictures of your visit in Belgium and would like to share them with whoever reads your blog! You look gr8 and it seems that you had a gr8 time with Koldun and Maria!

sha said...

Oh Olivia.. real sorry to hear about your predicament. Hope you get well soon. These fevers can be real nasty ha. Do get some good rest. Don't push yourself too hard. You've got what it takes to be the next Eurovision queen. So good luck.. and take good care of your self.

Your greatest fan outside of Europe

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia good luck for the Eurovision!!!!!!1You are great mwaaaaaaa jos and lis

Nigel Blundell said...

Hello Olivia!

Kif inti? Nittama li tinsab tajba! Skuzani hafna li qed inhallilek issa f'dan il-post!!! Jiddispjacini hafna li kont ma tiflahx hafna u li ma kellekx tmur gewwa r-Rumanija!!! Imma issa li kollox sew dak l-aqwa!!! Hu hsieb hafna Olivia!!!

Nigel Blundell