Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Life is a box of chocolates...

'Life's a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get' said Forrest Gump's mother. And I agree with her. Life is a box of chocolates.
Actually, life is a complicated box of chocolates. There's nothing simple in life.
My life is getting more complicated by the hour. As you may know I have spent the past weeks looking at different choreographies by different people. Most of them have gone that extra step to come up with something original and spectacular. And I appreciate that a lot.
However, I am only human and obviously I have a personal favourite.
Anna is a choreographer from Cyprus - the one whom I danced with in the Cypriot ESC presentation a few weeks ago. And while I can honestly say that I liked most of the choreographies which were put forward to me, I have to admit that I love Anna's rendition of Vertigo.

She took her initial inspiration from the music video itself. And that's good. I like the music video and always wanted uniformity in our presentation. Today we got Joseph (the violinist) and Jes (the dancer) together with Anna to prepare a presentation rehearsal. I decided to involve myself as well.
I actually tried on the dress I will probably be wearing in Helsinki. And in a matter of hours we had a solid performance under our belt. I have to say that my worst fears have been swept away as if they were leaves in a tornado.

Joseph Chetcuti was simply amazing. I never thought he could dance at all! Come on...he's a lawyer. But his moves simply flowed. And he was really relieved. He had been worried stiff for the past weeks that he would not be up to it. But he is. And I'm glad for him.

Jes was similarly great. He is such a good dancer. Flexible, creative and trustworthy.

We actually improvised backing vocals. My cousin Nikita (who is a dancer) offered to stand in for the Swedish backing vocalists. And she spent the day rehearsing with Anna and one of her friends. They actually got well into it. And I could see they were a bit sad that this was just a rehearsal and not the real thing.

Philip and Gerard came to watch. Philip was immediately hired to play the CD from the CD player. You can see him standing looking pensively at us trying our moves.

Albert is one of my team's most trusted friends. We really love Albert and his way of doing things. When I have a big thing coming up such as an important performance, Albert always comes into the dressing room just a few minutes before the show and says a loud prayer to which we all have to respond in chorus. For this particular rehearsal Albert is in charge of the fans.
I almost forgot to mention the fans. Yes, we will be using fans. Details later though. And if you think that Shasha got her new hair do because she spent a lot of time in front of the fan you are very much mistaken. It is not a wig. It is her hair!!! She looks awful! :) But that's Shasha.

My knowing all these lovely people makes life a box of chocolotes. And a very tasty one, come to think of it! :)
Speak to you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

HI Olivia!!

You are simply AMAZING! Just to congratule you about the way you are interacting with us!

A huge good luck for May!!

Schlagerboys said...

You've got wind-machines!!!

How utterly fabulous!!

The Schlagerboys xx

Anonymous said...

good luck to malta, perhaps the best maltese enrty ever.
theres just one thing i can never understand ...why not use the talent that malta has on its island to do backup vocals. surely only the maltese want whats best for the maltese entry, who else would care as much. olivia this is a fabulous entry and so far its been a lovely journey to helsinki with you. i am sure you have made every maltese fan proud that you are their representative. please dont ever lose your creative control of this song, because with your input and emotion it can only get better and stronger, then there will be no stopping you. good luck to you and your team....im getting organised for valletta or ta qali 2008, its yours for the taking olivia, now get out there and kick some eurovision butt.....aussie fan xxx

AdMet said...

Two words! Just Awesome! Keep it up to you all!! :-)


hi again olivia!

i think i am kind of very, very fond of vertigo..today i was going through the streets of berlin with my mp3 player, packed with all sorts of fav songs, and I kept on playing vertigo( I must admit, i have downloaded this for free from emule..well the cd single is not yet available anyway :) but as soon as it gets to the music stores of berln i will purchase one, i luv the cover of it...I get addicted to vertigo. it is the first time that i do not get bored after the 100th repetition of a song..i can go on and on hearing it...Joseph looks really interesting and he suits vertigo very well..is he the same guy who appears on the video clip? A cypriot choreographer is a very good idea, since many cypriots are passionate too, just like you with your work...please get inspired from the vertigo tune, and i am sure you will come up with a very good staging...just show the european audience how powerful and unique vertigo is...i hope everybody will get carried away by it and by your beautiful singing..keep up the good and inspired work....greetings and xxx

Anonymous said...

whatever the outcome olivia, you are a true star. thankyou for sharing you thoughts and your journey to helsinki. this is one eurovision that will never be forgotten. how special, that you have made the fans, part of this. what a wonderful lady, you deserve the best. again thankyou, good luck and best wishes from sydney australia. ps.. lovin the wind machine idea xxx

The truth said...

I know that I might sound repetitive! But I am still looking forward to a surprise in the song! (A hint pls eg. "I say yes, you say no...").

I am thrilled to hear that Joseph (I can understand your astonishment about his dancing, but as he says..."trid tara biex temmen!") and the backings will have some steps!

I liked the Cypriot performance, and so I do believe in Anna's potential. The only thing that I would change would be the fans...I prefer those used in Malta rather than the feathery ones!

Keep d info coming (esp. re: the surprise hehe)!

Looking forward to May!

Anonymous said...

Please leave it surprise in May...Don't show the performence before the big night.....Belive me.....because all your work will be lost....good luck btw great idea to use fans and please keep our hair straight :) A very very very good luck if VERTIGO wins it will be the best song ever Won in the Eurovision song contest .......mwwwaa xx

AND THE WINNER OF THE ESC 2007 IS.................................................

Anonymous said...

btw on the gong please write VERTIGO it helps the people remember the song ;)

Anonymous said...

Olivia!!! I'm so proud with the whole product... You're going to amaze Europe next month and we (the Maltese) will be so proud watching you represent our beautiful country!! Love the wind-machine idea....

Alison xxxx

CLAYTON said...

Good Luck for May. You're going to Amaze the world, with that beautiful song. No words to describe it!

And finally 12 points goes to MALTA

And the country which will host the ESC 2008, IS MALTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE YOU AT MALTA 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Olivia - these preperations look GREEEAAATTT ! you are all working very hard and professional ! I am also happy to see that Joseph will have some dance routine to do - and since nikita ' a dancer - (who also danced in Deja Vu - if im not mistaken)' improvised the backing vocalists - i take it for granted - that what i always wished for - is going to be there - that is ... the backing vocalist won't just sing - but will have some sort of dance routine aswell! the song has energy in it - it can be transmitted to the public - by alot more energy in the SHOW ! a unique / original / spectacular show is needed - to stand out from the 28 entries! I hope that in the coming blogs - you will tell us - that there is going to be a surprise element in your show (performance) ! just mention - there is going to be a surprise - no need to reveal it! continue working on an impressive ending - so that when the song ends - we will hear people - screaming and shouting while applauding for you! that will effect some votes aswell ! Ira placed 2nd because of a surprise element - glitters - and the walk at the end ! Marie N placed 1st - because of the surprise elements ! surprise elements - work at the eurovision - USE THEM ! --- tell Anna about this :P !

congratulations olivia - tomorrow - i will go to a go mobile outlet / or from where's everybody - to purchase your cd and dvd ! great idea of the wind machines - and i like jes's make up ! about sha sha - you commented very funny about her - that shows how much you two love each other - and you are like sisters ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia and welcome to Finland in May!
Greetings from your Finnish fans, we're looking forward to seeing a fabulous show in May. You can count on our votes!

Alfred said...

i cant wait to see the dress... im already in love with !!! its seems beautiful already

Alfred said...

i cant wait to see the dress... im already in love with !!! its seems beautiful already

Alfred said...

i cant wait to see the dress... im already in love with !!! its seems beautiful already

Alfred said...

you'reeeeeeeee beautifuuuuuuuuulllllllll i cant wait to see the dress !!! and your perfomance! goooooooooooooood luckkkkkkkk we trust in youuuuuuu

Roderick said...

Well Done Olivia. You're doing a great job. Three things to note:
1. Do not give the exact performance as in Helsinki in your Good Luck concert. Youtube can ruin the surprise thingy.
2. Do not use feathers...they are commonly used by other countries.
3. Do no write Vertigo on the gong...you'll ruin it.


Anonymous said...

first of all good luck for helsinki. i would like to comment on the dress . i hope it will be a simple dress and that it does not have a lot of colours. are you going to do like you did in the malta song : show 2 dresses and the maltese will choose one and will give you their opions?

Anonymous said...

hey olivia
what i like to say is just well done .....to all of you .
the final performance keep it a secret to the last day even i am the first one to know everything about you but I think it will be much more better to be a BIG SURPRISE FOR ALL.


Anonymous said...

as the anonymous australian fan said, why didnt the team chose maltese backing vocals, for instance ur sister Indigo....her voice surely mayches urs, and by having maltese backing vocals, it would have been earier to pracitce with them since they live in Malta....well it is just a tought, I still believe in the team u have and I am sure that u r doing the best to have the best performance.

I wish u goodluck and btw I love this blog...u really seem like a simple down to earth person, who still has her head on her shoulders :)

Nigel Blunell said...

Hi Olivia!

Ghalija intom it-tim ta' Vertigo verament tim b'sahhtu u ta' dan GRAZZI MMENS minn qiegh qalbi!!!

Bilhaqq...f'dan il-Post jidher ritratt tieghek u nahseb li dik il-libsa li kont liebsa hija l-libsa tal-Eurovision hux? Eh...m'ghedtilna xejn hux???!!! Imma ahjar wara kollox!!! hehe!!!

Nigel Blundell