Monday, April 2, 2007

It's a long way to Tipperary...

In a month's time I will be walking up the steps of the Helsinki Eurovision stage. A month is not too far off. But it seems a long way away right now.

As you may have noticed I did not post any blogs this weekend. I've been snowed under to the point that I was beginning to panic. It was a weekend spent running from Joseph the tailor to a flat in Sliema where I've been trying out choreography moves with Anna.

Anna is a remarkable choregrapher from Cyprus. Some of you may have seen her dressed in manly clothes during my performance in the Cypriot National Final. (see video below)

Anna will probably be doing the choreography for Helsinki. I will know more about this tomorrow and I promise, you will be the first to know. Robert Abela, the guy in charge of Maltasong, can be extremely secretive sometimes. No wonder his hair has gone white! :)

In the meantime all the promotional material for the song has been readied. I've seen the stuff and it's great. All promotional stuff will be sent abroad by the end of this week. I've been promised to get the CD cover for Vertigo. And lo and behold a few minutes ago I found it in my email. I've been told to keep it under wraps but I really must make up for not posting anything these past two days.

So here it is. This is my CD Cover for Vertigo. It was designed by Where's Everybody, the company who produced the video. I like it a lot. Hope you do as well.

I have to run as I can hear my cell phone ringing. It's probably Robert panicking that I am late once again for my rehearsal.

It's a long way to Tipperary. Or is it Helsinki? My God! :)

Speak to you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

awesome!! the cover and the photos are jsut great! btw.. I really like Vertigo's choreography in Cyprus!!

Keep it up!

Simeon said...

Olivia, tista' tibgħatli vertigo bil-mużika biss?email

Chris said...

Great cover and photos ... but most of all great song!! Olivia you're gonna rock Helsinki!

AdMet said...

The Cover and the rest of the CD are absolutley great. I love them. I think they really suit the song and you Olivia. The Choreogrophy in Cyprus was ok, but I would go for something different. Or else build up on it. Enhance it more. Now the performance in Helsinki has to be not just good, it must be great and something that no one has ever seen before in order for us to pass the semi-final and hopefully place good or even Win the ESC. The song has a huge pottential, even you Olivia, I believe in you and I know that you're gonna do great but need to work a lot more on the performance. That's the biggest concern in my opinion of many Maltese. The performance has has to be awesome, with a touch of a surprising moment. Something that no one is expecting on stage. Well, hope that my advice won't fall on deff ears. Good luck, and keep up the good work.. oh btw, I can't wait for your concert!

The Truth said...

I am hoping that there will be a surprise element during the song that will capture the whole European audience!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hi Olivia,
just read on Wired Temples about your blog! Good luck and happy blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

The performance in cyprus was great ! however as many are saying here - there should be a surprise element.
example in 2002 - the song I WANNA from latvia - won because of the surprises that there was in the choreography - 2003 was a case in point - where the choreography alone - can make you emerge as winner! 2003 - Sertab had the dress and dance routine which was original - 2004 - ruslana was different with a great choreography ! 2005- helena had the surprise of the number one formed by dancers and of Helena playiong a sort of a violin with the belt of a dancer ! 2006 - the whole act was a surprise! I am sure that Mark (your boyfriend) adviced you really well about these things - because he saw these things live in the past years - so he know that a great choreography and alot of surprises are a must to stand out! there are 28 countries - to get noticed - we already have a unique and great song - but to take no chances and make sure we pass - we should have a spectacular choreography ! It was great when i read your interveiw on kullhadd where you said the team is working on a great applause at the end of the song - that will make a difference (as it did with ira in 2002) - Vertigo - allows for a great applause already - but if another surprise element is introduced at the end of the song - something that no one is expecting - will make the HALL - fall to pieces with the applause - and we will be announced as finalists immediately .... go go go olivia - keep on enphasizing on a spectacular PErformance !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way - i got carried away - mentioning your performance and stuff - that i forgot to CONGRATULATE you for the awesome - CD cover - it is so suitable for the song - the promo material already sound promising! can't wait till the end of this week - to see your promotional package finished! I read you are going to belarus, belgium and romania - wish you the best of luck ! You are making us all maltese very happy and proud with what you are doing! simply great olivia! GOOD LUCK !

Sha Zameen Razeek said...

The art work is lovely.. Olivia, just like you! Very abstract and gothic... nice.. suits the song well...

You're simply the best!

Your greatest fan outside of Europe!

Sha Zameen Razeek said...

The art work is lovely.. Olivia, just like you! Very abstract and gothic... nice.. suits the song well...

You're simply the best!

Your greatest fan outside of Europe!

Schlagerboys said...

Glad to see there are some feathery fans in the performance, Olivia!

Hope these stay in for Helsinki!

The Schlagerboys xx


Hallo Olivia!
I find the cover of the vertigo single absolutely good. It matches excactly the dramatic tune of the song..a great job has been done there!! You know, olivia, the more i listen to vertigo, and i listen to it know more than many times a day, the more i love it!!! It is such an unusual nice love song! the combination f the music and your very good vocals makes a 3 minute mystical, dramatical love journey...I have no bonds to Malta, I am a born greek, raised in Athens and living in Berlin for the past 10 years, but this year for the very first time i want to support malta, you and vertigo 100%. And because i would really like to see it climbing very high on the eurovision scoreboard in Helsinki i would like to make two suggestions: the one is to have a false violinist on stage(especially an exotic, thin and tall man), that underlines the drama of the tune of the choreography: i would suggest you had on stage dancers in the style of your cyprus appearance, that is very good, but more people on stage dancing and looking like gypsies..and from these dancers should then come in the end a surprise element, something like a magician pulling out a bird from his hat or a violin or something like that. trust me olivia, i have been a big fan of the eurovision contest(i am 34 years old now) and i know a very good song or singing does not suffice anymore for a high order to make people call for your song and not vote for their neighbouring countries, you have to offer an unusual show also..if you work really hard on this too, then we will have the pleasure to see the fantastic vertigo very very high...ikeep for you all my fingers crossed, and on the night of the semifinal they will be busy phoning massively for vertigo..please take my words into consoderation, my only motive is to see the fabulous vertigo rising high..You are very good, sweet, you sing beautifully, malta is a nice country too, go for it girl, i know you have passion for to you again n the next weeks, please keep us so well informed and take a very good care of yourself and your voice...xxxx

Anonymous said...

Great song!

12 points from Spain

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Ghal dan il-Post nixtieq nghidlek skuzani mmens li domt ma hallejtlek imma issa li ghandi c-cans qed inhallilek kemm niflah!!!

Dwar Anna li nista' nghid huwa li hija brava mmens u gewwa Cipru kemm inti kif ukoll hi tajtu performance mill-aqwa!!! F'dan il-Post inti ghedt hekk: Anna will probably be doing the choreography for Helsinki. Issa li naf li hija hi li ghamlet il-korografija ta' Vertigo nista' nghidlek li verament mill-aqwa!!! PROSET IMMENS lilha u lit-team kollu ta' Vertigo!!!

Naqleb issa dwar ic-CD Cover ta' Vertigo!!! Verament hija mill-aqwa, originali u orjentali hafna!!! U hekk ghandu jkun ghax Vertigo hija kemm mill-aqwa, originali kif ukoll orjentali!!! PROSET IMMENS lil kull min kellu x'jaqsam mac-CD Cover!!! Mill-gdid PROSET IMMENS!!!

Nigel Blundell