Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Had I been Philias Fogg...

My suitcase is full.

I simply cannot squeeze anything else in it. But I must. Most of my stuff is lying on my bed with Milly running over my clothes. She's excited. She knows something big is happening. I will really miss my little pet.

A lady called Janetta left a note in my blog regarding Milly as shown below:

I have checked Milly's pedigree and wonder of wonders, the name is Ch. Nolsien Nuala! I have today learnt that Milly comes from Ayshire in Scotland! :) I must buy her some tartan coloured clothes. She loves to wear a red vest in winter...it keeps her warm and cosy.

Anyway, dear Janetta. Milly is a wonderful dog and she has made me a much happier person. If you send me a mail on mail@olivialewis.net I will send you some photos! :)

As I was saying, my oversize suitcase is full. And I am in a quandary. Anna my contact in Finland has just informed me that the weather has turned sour. Frederick from NET TV who has just arrived in Helsinki was seemingly feeling cold when I called him earlier on. So I have to pack cold weather clothes, which are quite rare in any Maltese wardrobe. We don't really have cold weather over here. And this winter has been so hot. I've been to Mellieha today and lo and behold, the bay was full of people, some of them swimming.

I've decided to buy another suitcase. My aunt Catherine is helping me pack. Let's hope that what remains fits in the other suitcase.

Had I been Philias Fogg, going round the world in 80 days would have been impossible. I would have taken too many clothes and would probably have been left stranded. Poor Mr Passepartout! :)

Tomorrow is my last day in Malta. So it should be full enough!

Speak to you tomorrow.


The truth said...

Hey Ol! How are the rehersals going? Can you confirm ordeny the rumours on body painting that has been circulating in the last days?

GOOD LUCK and most of all HAVE FUN!

Anonymous said...

bon voyage olivia. According to the esctoday website u have ur rehersal on the 4th of may, hope things go well.....please please pretty please keep us informed from Helsinki, I know that u are going to be busy, but a lot of maltese will surely be curious about what is happening in Helsinki.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Has nothing with your post to do but i just had to say that i LOVE Vertigo and i love the promo video even more, its absolutely fab! and what i love most about the video is the thunder ~1.50 into the song! its all so dramatic and passionate.
You must have a thunder-sound in helsinki!! and please say youll be wearing the same dress as the one in the video, its gorgeous!! good luck and douze points from sweden!

Roderick said...

I loved the short story on Milly...what a Tista' Tkun Int! thing!! hehehehe... Perhaps Scots will award us some points in the ESC thanks to Milly, and perhaps we get douze points from UK :D

I wish you the best of luck Olivia!! And enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

first of all bon voyage and good luck. i hope that you are going to bring good results for Malta. can you show us the dress? in your blog you said that in the farewell of last sat you are going to show the whole performance but yu didn't show it. please can you only show us the dress?

Alfred said...

at what time the concert is going to be held pls? :)

Anonymous said...

hey olivia

just wanna wish u gud luck! take care and most of all ave fun darlin! xxx

Alison said...

Bon voyage Olivia :) xxxx

Bjorn Blundell said...

Hey Olivia,

Il-mument li titlaq minn din l-isola hekk ckejkna wasal jekk il-Bambin irid. Jiena kull ma nixtieq nghidlek hu l-Vjagg it-Tajjeb u Good Luck kbira minn qieh qalbi u inti taf il-Good Luck tieghi kemm hi kbira ghax taf kemm jiena Fan kbir tieghek u Fan ta' veru. Hu gost inti u t-tim kollu ta' Vertigo u j'alla mmorru tajjeb.

Il-Maltin u l-Ghawdxin ser jimmisjawk hafna hafna imma naf fic-cert li kulhadd ser ikun qieghed jitlob ghalik u meta tasal dik il-gurnata fejn narawk tirraprezenta lil pajjizna kulhadd se jkun warajk u hekk ghandu jkun.

Insomma Olivia issa ser inhallik imma qabel xejn nixtieq nghidlek Good Luck kbira ghall-ahhar kuncert tieghek li se jsir gewwa Hal-Qormi! U Good Luck hafna hafna hafna ghall-Eurovision.

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell. xxx

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage Olivia. We know that you will be doing your best . GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...


Roberta Vella (Torino) said...

Bon voyage Olivia! wish you the best of luck! Will be following festival online since in Italy we dont have any other means to follow it! Read you've been in Mellieha ! That's my homevillage.... I really miss Malta and my village! good luck and I'm sure you'll be making us proud of being maltese!

Anonymous said...

Il- vjagg it- tajjeb Olivia ! :)

Issa wasal iz- zmien li tahsad dak li zrajt ! Hdimt hafna inkluz il- crew kollu ta' Vertigo, u dan hu sinjal li r- rizultat se jkun eccelenti ! GOOD LUCK kbira kbira ! ;). Grazzi talli bqajt dejjem qrib taghna u ta' kemm qed tahdem biex iggib unur lil Malta ! Haqqek prosit ! :). Have fun at Helsinki ;) & take care !

Sarah from Marsaxlokk.

Laura from Helsinki said...

Welcome to Finland! I like your song!

Alison said...

Milly is the cutest thing ever!!! xxx good luck once again, Ol :)

Anonymous said...

I wish you luck for you were always a great singer .... and whatever the result keep singing for us Maltese.

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Bongu! Jiena kwazi dejjem qed inhallilek tard fil-Posts imma ghax ikolli x'naghmel!!! F'dan il-Post sirt naf certi affarijiet fuq Milly u vera huwa sabih!!! Minjaf kemm qed timmisjak u tant iehor inti!!! Issa li qieghda l-Finlandja xorta nixtieq nghidlek biex tiehu gost u tant iehor id-Delegazzjoni Maltija u AWGURI MMENS minn qiegh qalbi!!!

Nigel Blundell

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Insejt nghidlek biex tiehu gost u tant iehor id-Delegazzjoni Maltija!!! AWGURI MMENS!!!

Nigel Blundell