Sunday, April 22, 2007

I feel good...

At last.

My throat has stopped hurting me and my voice is back to it's loud past.

And what's more. I'm in good spirits and really feeling ready for the hectic two weeks which lay ahead. In 10 days' time I will be on a plane to Helsinki. I'm looking forward to that. I'm also looking forward to meeting Anna again this week. She's coming over from Cyprus and staying here with us till we all leave (including her) for the song contest.

Anna wasn't coming with me to Helsinki, but I convinced her otherwise. I would have felt uncomfortable without her last I've found someone whom I trust with my performance moves...or lack of them! :)

The backing vocalists are also coming to Malta this week. I've never actually met them. So I hope all will go well. I've heard they are extremely good and professional. They will be rehearsing both the voice part and the choreography. All three of them have certain moves to least we have the time.

On Friday, I will be attending Malta's most popular TV programme called 'Xarabank'. It is going to be held from the Valletta Waterfront on the eve of my farewell concert during the Malta Fireworks Festival. Peppi Azzopardi the presenter told me that almost 3,000 people have confirmed they would be!

The farewell concert will be fun. It is being presented by Zoo. I've heard they have quite a few surprises for the crowds. Some of my friends like Ira Losco, Lawrence Gray, Glen Vella, Fabrizio Faniello, Ludwig, J. Anvil, Klinsmann, William Mangion, Mike Spiteri, Freddie Portelli, Julie Zahra, Debbie Scerri and many others will be performing.

So if you are in need of a good laugh, and enjoy music, this concert is a must. I really hope all goes well! :) It would surely help me go to Helsinki with a big smile! :)

So, in a nutshell and without beating around the bush...I feel good.

Let's just hope things stay this way!

Speak to you tomorrow...:) Olivia


Anonymous said...

olivia il baking vocals sa jisfnu ukoll ghax hekk ikunu sbieh kieku
u f hajja talla li ghadilek ghax tghidx kemm konna inkwetati ahna

The truth said...


It's gr8 2 hear all these news! Especially that you are healthy once again and that Anna is going 2 b with you in Helsinki! Being present at the rehersals she may modify the choreography slightly in order to make better use of the stage and the cameras!

Nice 2 hear that the backing vocalists actually have a dancing routine!

Hehe the zoo team is gr8...looking forward for their performance of Vertigo!

Keep it up and keep the news coming! ;-)


hallo olivia!!! nice hearing from you again and knowing that you are fit and strong again :-)....
i am sure this concert on Friday will be a great fun, but since i have no money, then there is no honey.....i could neither travel to Malta, nor to Helsinki which i would love to....
and do not worry about the moves and the choreography, even if you present vertigo like you did in the pre selection show or like you did it in Cyprus, everything is gonna be more than advise is: to get relaxed, after all it is all about performing and havinf a bit of fun out of it, please do not get very anxious about the outcome(although i mus say i like it very much that you are taking the preparations so seriously..) well and with Anna on your side i think everything will work out perfect....
today i will say it also in a nutshell: i love vertigo, i think and hope it will do fine in the contest, i can nt come to Helsinki to support you alng with other funs of you and Vertigo, but i will try to feel everything from here, berlin, and support you a bit with my mind and my own enthusiasm for your very good effort...i wish you all the best for now, but i will be back here very soon anyway...greetings to all xxxx

Alison said...

Hey Olivia!! It was nice hearing from you again and it's nicer that you're feeling healthier once again!!..I'll be at the Xarabank programme at the Waterfront and also at the Farewell Concert!! Good luck!! xxx


Bjorn Blundell said...


Qed niehu hafna gost li qed nisma li issa tinsab ahjar milli kont. Dak l-aqwa hi. Ifhem, l-ewwel hu hsieb sahhtek ghax jekk ma jkollokx sahhtek tajba ma taghmel xejn. Looking forward hafna hafna ghall-programm ta' Xarabank ta' nhar il-Gimgha. Jiena ovvjament hemm se nkun ntik is-sapport kollu tieghi u ser nigi wkoll il-Concert li se jkollok. Cert mija fil-mija li se jkollok Concert Bomba!

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell.


Hallo Olivia!!!

i hope you are feeling even more stronger now and ready for Helsinki....well i can imagine waht kind of stress this must be..but you can be confident: you have the best song of all in your hands, a very very good voice, the big support of the maltese people, i guess, and the little support from the Vertigo fans in the rest of can be sure, me and Berlin will be with you on the big night, even only mentally and through satellites and cables, but fully and with our heart....
I would like to tell you, that I am going through a very difficult love thing this period, i am very sad, but I listen to Vertigo very often and the words, the fantastic music and your voice intensify my feelings on the one hand, but it also comforts a bit..i have stated this also in the ecstoday forum(where you can find me under the name of NiKolas Vertigo :-)) and with a black/white profile logo with the word Vertig :-)): everyone who has at least once in his/her life loved passionately, he will be directly moved by this fantastic song...but also many others i think and i hope...
i would really love to come to Helsinki to support you and Malta a bit, that is unfortunately not possible, but i really try and i will be keeping trying to be somehow there mentally and with my heart...and really i am the kind of person who brings luck: i went all the way to Ukraine from Berlin back in 2005 to support Helena, Greece and Nimber one, and the outcome was very good....coincidence or not concidencethat is what happen...i hope history will be repeated and my absolute all time favourite of Eurovision(that is Vertigo) will also do well in Helsinki....
Please be confident and everything will work out fine :-)
Please keep us a bit informed on the prepartions....Greetings to you and to all here(and there ;-) xxx from the badly injured from love and lonesome barbarino...

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,

Qed niehu gost li tinsab tajba ! ;). Nixtieq nawguralek ghall- Good Luck Concert ! Qed nistenna hafna Xarabank ta' nhar il- gimgha ukoll ! ;)

Issa li fadal l- ahhar ftit gimghat qabel l- ESC nghidlek Prosit tal- kuragg li wrejt u GOOD LUCK. M'ghandix dubju li se ggib rizultat tajjeb hafna ! Do your best and let God do the rest ! ;)

Take care,

Sarah from Marsaxlokk

Alfred said...

ill be working in that night :( Good Luck for helsinki ! take care god bless

Anonymous said...

hi olivia
I'm a great fan of malta esc pleas give us informed and update your blogg 10qs go olivia 15days to the semi final

Nigel Blundell said...

Hi Olivia!

Bongu qabel xejn! F'dan il-post nghidlek ukoll skuzani li qed inhallilek daqsxejn tard!!! Tajjeb hafna li issa tinsab tajba u j'alla tibqa' hekk!!!

Nixtieq nghid lilek u lit-team kollu ta' Vertigo Goodluck hafna ghall-performance ta' Vertigo!!! Cert miji fil-mija li performance mill-aqwa ser taghtu!!!

Dwar il-programm Xarabank u dwar il-Kuncert li ser ikollok Olivia nixtieq nghid lil kull min ghandu x'jaqsam ma' dawn iz-zewg attivitajiet, lilek u kull min ser jiehu sehem GoodLuck hafna li kollox imur sew u cert ukoll li ser ikunu mill-aqwa!!! AWGURI MMENS!!!

Nigel Blundell

Anonymous said...

hi olivia sow you on tv you are
number one in helsinki

heehee the zoo them were sow
good welldone toallit was igood
video of olivia welldone owen

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Nixtieq nghidlek PROSET IMMENS tal-programm 'Xarabank' ghax vera kien BOMBA!!! PROSET IMMENS lil kull min kellu x'jaqsam mall-programm ghax vera kien wiehed mill-aqwa!!! Kien hemm eluf ta' nies li attendaw ghall-programm u li huwa tajjeb hafna!!! Dak ifisser is-sapport tan-nies ghalik Olivia u anke ghat-team kollu tieghek li bla dubju ta' xejn taf!!!

Il-programm kien mimli daqs bajda u nfatti mhux kollox lahqu gabu 'Xarabank' imma milli gabu vera kienu tassew interessanti li lili ghogbuni hafna!!! Jiena nixtieq nerga nghid PROSET IMMENS!!!

Il-lejl it-Tajjeb Olivia!!!

Nigel Blundell