Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter ramblings...

It has been a hell of a weekend. Not in terms of work done, which is very little, but in terms of food eaten, which is quite a lot!

The traditional Easter Sunday Lunch is well celebrated in Malta. Whole families gather round an improvised table and eat away for the best part of three or four hours, before succumbing to the pleasures offered by an afternoon siesta.

Our Easter Lunch was no different than previous years. As all the family gathered round the table, a dish of crusted bruschettas appeared on the horizon as if from nowhere. Three dishes of seafood appeared next. Traditionally we usually have baked macaroni as a starter. We call this dish 'imqarrun -il forn' which basically translates in 'macaroni cooked in an oven'. However we tried out something different this time round. A big roast of beef soon found its place in the middle of the table. Wine was plentiful. A conoisseure wuld not have touched it, but it still went down well with everyone. 'After the first two glasses they all taste the same' my grand father used to say! Good old house wine produced by a friend of ours from Bahrija.

Cheese and dessert ended this joint effort at consuming the largest quantities of food imaginable. Then off to sleep.

I have just woken up, feeling a bit oozy. I must have overslept. As I start typing out today's blog, I realise that this is actually my last weekend in Malta before I leave for Helsinki. On Tuesday I restart my promo tour in Belarus. I've been to Minsk a couple of times before and have a couple of friends living there. It should be fun.

I come back to Malta on Thursday and leave again on Friday, this time off to Brussels to meet dear Olivier. Olivier runs an extremely popular website in Belgium and he has organised a promo tour for some Eurovision participants. I enjoy Brussels. Especially since my cousing Jackie lives in Brussels working as a lawyer with the European Commission.

I come back from Brussels on Monday and head off to Romania soon after...

It's going to be tough. I will miss my family and most of all darling Milly, who will have to make do with my mum's bed from now on. I wish I could take her to Brussels. Although I'm not sure the hotel guys would approve! :)

I have to go. The Danish Royal National Ballett is in Malta together with HRH The Princess Benedikte who seems to be a very nice person indeed. They are here for an event organised by Noel Buttigieg Scicluna who is Malta's Ambassador in Copenhagen. Noel is a friend of Mark's (my partner) and Mark will be filming and directing this show with a 9 camera setup at the Manoel Theatre in Valletta. So he's a bit edgy and all that and I don't want to uspet him by being late! :)

Have to go.

Speak to you again tomorrow!


Sha said...

Oh.. all the mouth watering delights :) yum. Very tempting indeed. I wish I was there for the feast :).

Now you seem to have got your work cut out for the next month or so, eh. Just a month left for the big day ha.. I've already got butterflies in my stomach, or rather I should say birds. I'm so darn nervous. Oh I pray that you win it this time. God forbid otherwise.

So I guess you won't be able to post as often with ya busy schedule and all, eh.

Just remember we are behind you 100%!

God bless!

Your greatest (most ardent) fan outside of Europe :)


Anonymous said...

Good Luck for tomorrow's trip to Minsk!! :D

Roderick said...

Buon voyages!! And good luck for the remaining of your promo tour. Keep us updated with all you go through;)

Anonymous said...

Wohhhoooo - alot of fooood ! in a previous post you said that you were trying to loose weight - i am sure that these delcious dishes - didnt really help you to go on with your diet - LoL LoL LoL ! dont worry - the best thing is that you seem that you enjoyed your meal ! there is always a 'tomorrow' for the diet - haha! see ya - keep blogging !

Anonymous said...

please dont wear that dress anymore because now we saw that dress alot were you went if im not mistaken already wore that dress twice for sure.please change it show that you have good image not all ways the same cloths.

Nigel Blundell said...

Hello Olivia!

Skuzani li qed inhallilek daqsxejn tard f'dan il-post!!! Ajma hej dak l-ikel li semmejt... Ikla kompluta!!! Minjaf kemm kilt!!! hehe!!!

Olivia, nahseb f'dan il-post hadt zball ghax inti ma kinx ser ikun l-ahhar weekend qabel tmur Helsinki ghax nhar is-Sibt li gej ser ikollok il-Good luck Concert u allura mhux ser ikun l-ahhar weekend hawn Malta!!! Imma ma' gara xejn!!! Jekk kien zball, zball kulhadd jista' jiehdu jew inkella jiena qed niehu zball!!! Ma nafx!!! Jekk filkaz skuzani!!! U haga ohra hija li ma semmejtx li bhala Promo Tour sejra wkoll in-Netherlands!!! Imma ma' gara xejn ghax f'websites marbuta mall-Eurovision kont nafu li sejra n-Netherlands!!! Forsi nsejt issemmiha!!!

Ghalissa ha jkolli nhallik Olivia!!! Caw caw ghalissa!!!

Nigel Blundell

Nigel Blundell said...

Hi Olivia!

Li nixtieq nghidlek f'dan il-Post huwa PROSET IMMENS tal-Promotional Tours li mort jigifieri l-Belarus, il-Belgium u l-Olanda!!! Dwar ir-Rumanija li nista' nghidlek huwa li ddispjacini hafna li ma mortx!!! Pero xorta wahda PROSET IMMENS!!!

Nigel Blundell