Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shall we dance, Anna?

I'm writing today's blog from my Minsk hotel room bed. I look to my side...but Milly's not here. She is probably on my mum's bed at home thinking of me. I really miss her. Going to sleep without her seems weird. Something's missing.

It has been a full day in Minsk. Everything's gone well. I've met loads of people and the press seem to be liking the song. We had some time to wander around Minsk. It is a nice place, extremely up and coming. The cold is unbearable however. I had to wear all my manly vests underneath my clothing in order to preserve some warmth. I will soon be looking the size of Joe Dalmas who is accompanying me! :)

The team behind my site have finally decided to reveal that Anna Christodoulidou will be doing the choreography for Vertigo. I am so, so, so glad that Anna has been chosen! She is wonderful. And she knows her job very well.

The Vertigo choreography will look good. I've seen it now and I'm convinced. Nothing overdramatic, mind you. The song is dramatic in itself. No need to emphasise the obvious. But the blending of moves and other surprises which I'm not supposed to talk about, will make the song complete.

At least that's what I hope.

Jes with his gong and Joseph with his violin have blended well. More than I thought they actually would, especially in Joseph's case. But Anna has handled
them well.

Robert Abela, the Maltasong boss, has managed to smile for the first time in weeks. The choreography part was killing him. Look at him. His hair has grown white with worry! He likes what Anna is proposing, just like the rest of us do. Anna will be coming back in a couple of weeks. The three female backing vocalists will also be joining us in Malta round about the same period. They were chosen by Philip Vella with the help of the Swedish guys at G:songs. I'm told they're very good.

Hopefully all will work out well. Even though things are looking up, there are a million things which could go wrong. Hopefully none of them will. Especially my moves.

As many of you may have noticed I'm not really the graceful type. Clumsy is the right word in my case. Anna has given me loads of tricks which I am adopting when practicing my moves. It's not looking as bad as I thought it would. I'm actually getting better! :)

So shall we dance, Anna? I hope so, I really do.

Off to sleep as I have an early flight to Vienna to catch. Have to be at the airport at 3am! Grrr...I hate airports! :)

Speak to you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Congrats on the whole thing ! One suggestion maybe that of using the element of fire such as flame throwers or fire eaters (like the ones in the video). Anyways congrats once again and good luck :)


hallo Olivia!

i am feeling kind of sorry for you that zou have to put up with so much cold out there...and i am glad with the news about the coreography..i wish you got everything are right on this, the song is dramatic enough, the staging can be a bit lighter, but impressive could also help a lot..well since Anna is a greek-cypriot, i think she can feel drama a lot and she can turn this into a good choreography..and i do not think you are really are natural and very human, even on stage, and that is also something which can be a big plus for you..only please be sure, that you can do all the steps and moves that anna will show you...i still hear vertigo more than many times in a day, and i still never get bored of it...and your voice is so powerful and suitable to this song..for me it is perfect, and i hope that that is how many other viewers wll think on the semi-final night...i discovered also how important the eurovision song contest for the promotion of a country can be..i wanted to see more of vertigo, you all know by now, i am a vertigojunkie :-), so i watched -among other things about you and vertigo, an interview made for some programm of the maltese television..and now i know what a beautiful language you actually speak..the maltese language sounds to me something like soft arab with some italian melody and some itaian words,,it is nteresting, and a pleasure to hear you speaking in your native language.i also watched your visit at malta's president, and that was fun because you seemed to me a bit quiet and controled on this meeting...anyway, i have to go to sleep now, at the tome being my heart and my mind are in a turbulent state...greetings and xxx

The truth said...

Hmm, it looks promising! There's some surprises to look for! That's what we've been waitng for! :-D!

4 weeks to go tothe semi-final! It's getting close!

Something to barbarino...
The Maltese language is actuall influenced by a variety of other mediterranean languages due to Malta's strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean!

Roderick said...

Gooooo Olivia!!!! You have my full support!! It feels great knowing that there is a lot being done on the performance. WELL DONE!!

Lino said...

Prosit hafna Olivia, kulhadd jaf kemm qeda tahdem biex inmorru tajjeb fl-ESC ta' din is sena.

Haqqek li tmur tajjeb hafna biex ma najdx lewwel post bhal ma qed jghidu hafna min nies maltin u barranin.
Pero ma nridux naraw kbir ax sfortunatament nafu kif jivvutaw il pajjizi lohra.

Hadt pjecir hafna naqra li fil performance ha jkun hemm xi element ta' sorprizi ukol.b'hekk tkun tista tibqa ittimbara fil mohh id diska apparti loriginalita tad diska infisa li kollox ma kollox jaghmel pakett perfett.

Good luck kbira mill maltin kolla.
Jigri xjigri KULHADD ha jibqa warajk.
viva MALTA u viva OLIVIA!

Plectrum Podcasts said...

Just one criticism. How come there's U2's Vertigo as well listed in the side bar?

Emrah said...

Gosh, tell us your secret how you keep your energy up all the time! Any multivitamin recipe?

Germend said...

Hi!!! we are so proud of you ;) you are doing hard work so that the final result would be at least 99.9 % lol. So, if you always have time, would pls watch this video we made :

It's a homemade vertigo music video ( imitation of your super video) PLS! no offence! we've done this to cheer some ppl up and after all to have some great time. We do love you and your song and we are both eager for the eurovision semi-finals to start. And as we send in this video description on youtube, we don't want to OFFEND anyone!! (ahna warajk)

Also, if you have time, pls care to comment. We repeat again, we love you and we wish you goodluck from the bottom of our hearts.

Thx once again...good luck btw and yeah airporst !! aarghh!! makes you feel tired right?! we do REALLY appriciate your effort especially the dancing moves you're practising....

Cya aaaaaaaaaaaa germend

Noel S. said...

i have a very good feeling about malta this nafx jien...olivia has been working on this strategy for 11 years i tink and andi feeling its gonna work

Bjorn Blundell said...

Jiena, qbilt hafna hafna mad-decizjoni li inti hadt li jkollok lil Anna tghinek fil-korjografija. Nemmen li se jkollok performance strong hafna hafna ghax naf kemm qed tahdem iebes biex iggib l-ahjar rizultat gewwa pajjizna.

Ghandek tim stupend. Kulhadd qed jaghmel milli jista' biex kulhadd juri kemm ahna kapaci. Kuragg Olivia. Il-Maltin u l-Ghawdxin qeghdin kollha warajk.

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell.


Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Nixtieq nghid lil Anna PROSET IMMENS tal-korografija ta' Vertigo ghax verament mill-aqwa!!! PROSET IMMENS lil kull min ghen fiha!!! PROSET IMMENS ukoll tmur ghall-backing vocalists ghax verament bravi!!! WELLDONE!!!

Nigel Blundell

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Nixtieq nghid li Anna hija persuna mill-aqwa u nixtieq nghid PROSET IMMENS tal-korografija ta' Vertigo ghax verament mill-aqwa!!! PROSET IMMENS lil kull min ghen fiha!!! PROSET IMMENS ukoll tmur ghall-backing vocals ghax verament bravi!!! WELLDONE!!!

Nigel Blundell