Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Meet the parents...

I was born on the 18th October, 1978. It was a Wednesday. They tell me I was quite a heavy baby. Nothing has changed as such.

My appetite was at its best from the very beginning. There again. Nothing has changed much. I cried a lot at night. My father could not sleep for the best part of six months. My mother used to sleep and care for me during the day.

My mum and dad are the single reason why I am now representing my country in the Eurovision Song Contest. They did so much for me when I was young. As soon as they realised I could sing, they pushed me and encouraged me to improve my voice. They enrolled me in countless children's competitions.

My first competitive festival was in 1986. I was eight years old. I can still remember my trembling feet going up the steps as if they were leading to a hangman's scaffold. As soon as my face appeared on stage I was met by a crowd of two hundred waiting for me to sing. 'You are strong will do it', I said to myself. I placed one before last.

The next years were spent participating in almost two hundred festivals. I won all of them.

My father is a tile layer by profession. His work is extremely sought after and I've never known him to be without a job. He is diligent and professional. He is also soft spoken and shy.

My mother is loud and outspoken. Maybe that's why she clicked on so well with my father. A bit on the heavy side of things she loves eating and making other people eat as much as she does. Most pets we've had at home actually died from cholesterol. But they died happy. And that's mum. She is so altruistic and caring. Mum would give anything to make other people happy. Even at her own expense.

My parents have always wanted one thing from life. That me and my sister do well in life. They spared no money on us. Even if it meant that they could not afford to live as good a life as they wished. I still like to stare at my graduation photo. Mum and dad look so proud! Even as I speak my eyes go wet. Maybe it's because I'm a bit tired.

Mum and dad are simple people. But they have given their life to us. And I will always remember that. For the rest of my life.

Thank you mum. Thank you dad. I love you.

Speak to you tomorrow.


Roderick said...

Respecting your parents is one of the best things you can Olivia. Usually we take our parents for-granted. A simple "thank you" takes them to heaven.

Nice blog entry!!!
I thank your parents as well for bringing up such a humble person like you are!!

Anonymous said...

Olivia you are just great!
you are showing the whole world how much caring and down to earth woman you are!!

keep it up Ol!

The truth said...

Simply Sweet!

You have the charm to attract the media in Helsinki! Is it your degree in psychology that makes your words so subtle?

After ESC, you should consider a new career (apart from that of a singer)...WRITER! (or song writer?) Your writings are flowing...and fun to read!

Keep it up!

P.S.: It seems that we are using a new term when it comes to the surprise element in the performance of Vertigo... we are calling it THE WOW FACTOR! (hope it's there after all...we are all insisting!)


Dear Olivia,

I can follow your thoughts about your parents much more than you could parents are kind of middle class too, and they gave and still give everything they have for me..they wanted me to get a very good education and then a very good job...the problem is that in the last years i saw this as a burden, ani this turned against myself and against their expectations...i came to berlin to study and get better educated as i had already done it in athens, but on the way i lost my interest and my orientation..well i dissapointed them very badly and i feel awfull about it..but life is strange..and things are happening without knowing why..the future will show..
Today i must have listenes to vertigo on my mp3 player more than 20 times..i tried to switch to another song, but that lasted only 3 songs and then i returned to vertigo...this song has such an affect on me..i love it and i love your is like a three minute trip to another world of deep i had also a vision of how it could be staged in always comes to me pictures of flamenco dancers, magicians and you in the middle singing with your wonderful voice..vertigo inspires and i am sure you and your collaborators will di ypur best to present it anyway..
To your thoughts now once more: what your parents have given to you, what my parents have given to me and what parents have given to others comes from the purest form of love: the uncoditional unselfish love. They give and they do not expect anything in return, they wish we would only get happy and a better life than the one they had had themselves..Thge same kind of love i hve been searching in vain withfriends and lovers, but i never got i am sad and depressed and i lost my way, but as a born dreamer i do not give up hope and i am still searching...your reflective mood has made me kind of troubled to, but reflexion is brings you further..greetings and xxx

Admet said...

Dear Olivia

I must confess... today you manage to let tears flow out of my eyes while reading this. You are such a wonderful person to write such lovely things about your parents. I came to my senses because of you... I'm taking my parents forgranted... I'm not giving them all the respect they diserve. Sometimes I hurt my mum with words I say then I will regret afterwords, and won't have enough guts to go up and say "I'm Sorry, I shouldn't have" Oh, Olivia... You can't imagine what an effect this article left on me... and I'm sure the same for many of other people around the globe. You're not just a singer my dear... you're an angel sent from the heavens. You're showing the whole world what a humble, down to earth person you are. I would like to thank you Olivia, from the bottom of my heart for writing in this blog. You can't imagine the impact you made in my life and the change I decided to make so I will be a better person. All thanks to your lovely words. Take care, and stay as you are.. always! Hugs xxxx

Roberta said...

Your blog has become a much awaited daily appointment for me as surely for many others. Never thought yu were so down to earth. Looking at your graduation photo I had a flashback of my own graduation photo, very similar to yours. I was a year ahead of you at sixth form and university. I remember you very well. My graduation day in november 1999 was a day I still remember very fondly. I graduated in nursing. On that day I didn't have any idea that 4 years later I would have had to pack up my personal belongings and leave my much beloved country and family to start my own family abroad. Now that I am a mum myself I can imagine how my parents feel for having me so far away from them. Being so far from them made me appreciate them even much more. Hope that you continue your blog even after the Eurovision song contest.
Good day !

Anonymous said...

What a nice blog Olivia! This year Malta has a fantastic song and a lovely performer. You also have a very good and experienced team and I am sure you will have a very good result.

I would like to tell you that I think you should not reveal your performance in Malta before actually arriving in Finland. I do not thik it is a good idea. Leave the surprise element.

Your parents look very nice, and I am sure they are very proud of you. We are very proud of you too.


Maruska A. said...

Dear Olivia,

I have to confess this to you and your readers... your song has already hooked me. I listen to Vertigo only, and to be honest I argued with my boyfriend about it because he got 'fed up' of listening to the same song he said but I had to listen to it once more!!!

Obviously, you don't remember me, but for two years I sat next to your sister at St.Theresa Junior Lyceum. From that time you already showed potential, and us kids were really disappointed when William Mangion won the Malta Song For Europe Festival with your help as a backing vocals and just because
you were not 16 yet you could not join his team. That was really unfair on you.

Today, I am running the Malta Labour Party Club in Zabbar and when there was the final for the Song for Europe everyone was glued to the Big Screen waiting, mobiles in hands to vote for you!! Everyone loves you so much!!

Remember, that we are all cheering for you, whatever the outcome, we will keep following you and your dreams. You are a natural on stage, that is why your performances are oh so beautiful!!!

Good Luck Ol...

These wishes come from my heart to you and from my patrons too!!!

Anonymous said...

Olivia - you are soooo sweet ! you are impressing us - each day ! I was present at the malta song for europe festival - and about 2 rows infront of me - i got to know - that there were your parents ! I didnt notice that - before they announced the results - and saw their seats empty - then looked up at the stage - and saw them there hugging you ! and we were all----olivia's parents were infront of us ???? ! They are so humble - just like you - they wren't sitting at a front row - they weren't anywhere - where everyone can see them - they never boasted or anything - not even - while hearing us - saying - fingers crossed for olivia - and parying for you to win - they never turned - and told us that they were your parents ! they also amazed me - that whenever you talked during the interview and sang during your performance - my friends and I - were all the times - shouting and clapping - and sometimes also on our feet! but your parents - didnt shout or anything - they stayed calm - waiting for the result ! they amazed me with their modesty! you have a treasure olivia - you have a lot of people loving you - all malta loves you ! and all malta loves you - the way you are - so make sure that you stay how you are !

to continue with all the rest of the reactors - I continue enphasizing the need for a WOW FACTOR (surprise element) in your performance - something we will remain speechless with ! lol - tnx !

thanks to olivia's mum and dad also ! thankyou thankyou !

Nigel Blundell said...

Hello Olivia!

Dan il-post verament huwa wiehed interessanti!!! Minjaf kemm huma kburin bik ommok u missierek u ma' tatihomx tort mhux hekk!!! U m'ghandniex xi nghidu: anke b'ohtok!!! Tajjeb hafna u AWGURI MMENS lilkom it-tnejn!!!

Naqbez issa dwar il-festivals li hadt sehem fihom!!! Li gejt ta' qabel ta' l-ahhar post u li kienet l-ewwel darba PROSET HAFNA minn qiegh qalbi xorta wahda ghax kienet l-ewwel esperjenza u fil-hajja l-importanti li tippartecipa u li tiehu gost!!! PROSET IMMENS minn qiegh qalbi Olivia ta' madwar -il mitejn festivals li gejt dejjem l-ewwel post!!! WOW!!! Ibqa' sejra dejjem hekk u taqta' qalbek qatt!!!

Ghalissa ser ikolli nhallik!!! Caw caw Olivia!!!

Nigel Blundell

Sha Zameen Razeek said...

Interesting.. my sister was born on the 17th of September 1978.. pretty close to your own b'day ha... :). So I guess it's safe to say that I know your kind... he he

Hat's off to your parents, Olivia. We owe them a big one. Thank you folks! You've raised a princess! or should I say a couple of princesses :)

And hey.. I can say that 'the truth' speaks the truth :)... You are a good writer too... perhaps you can start writing your autobiography some time later ha.. Now that's one book I can't wait to get my hands on..

Keep those sweet posts coming! All the best!

Your biggest fan outside of Europe :)

Amanda said...

Hi .. Olivia
Just visited your blog and it is really interesting ... I remember you from our old school days in Mriehel JL and I look back on those days with lots of nostalgia .. they were great days :) .. Recently I saw you at my hometown in Balzan too were you gave a great show as you may recall. I've always liked to hear you sing and even remember coming every week with my parents to see you singing in a restaurant in Mellieha too.. You have a great talent and you proved it since young age.
I am writing to send you all my love and best wishes .. 'You've got it OLIVIA .. so flaunt it !! :) '

Hugs & xxxxx Amanda

Anonymous said...

Dearest Olivia
Reading Your beautiful words made me tear, how sweet! I respect and adore anyone who respects their parents and love them despite who they are and what they are! from the pic i saw it looks that you have wonderful parents! and how could they not be, they raised such a charming girl like yourself. I congratulate them and i hope that finally their efforts will be rewarded seeing u do very well in Helsinki!!