Thursday, April 5, 2007

The 11th Year...

It has finally happened. After 11 long (and sometimes agonizing) years my Eurovision Single is out. And I must say it has been worth the wait.

My family and friends spent the whole of last night and today, all day long, packing cd's and dvd's into their cases.This is a tedious job which has to be done. We decided to pack everything ourselves in order to keep the costs down. The reason is simple: we wanted to sell the dvd and cd pack at the least possible price.
In fact the end price was set at Lm3 (the equivalent of 7 Euros). This price gets you a CD which includes the original Vertigo, the unplugged version and the remix, together with a DVD of the music video plus a very nice making of the video.

My mother managed to spend the whole morning sitting down and packing DVDs. It took us a great deal to get her up from her chair. She's getting old! :)

Catherine. my aunt, similarly spent the day packing. The night shift was made up of Angie, Pablo, Louise and David who happens to be my boyfriend's brother.

The design was done by a new guy whom I've just met. He calls himself Mattu...short for Matthew. His work is brilliant and I'm really happy at what he has managed to design.

All printing was managed by Stephen (who is also my boyfriend's brother). He managed to get the intricate designs printed in style, without actually charging for his work. Without Stephen's help we would never have made it.

Everything has now been packed. And as I lay in bed typing this blog, I can only say one thing. The 11th Year has been totally worth the wait. I even manage to smile as I think of all my previous second placings. And that says quite a lot! :)

Goodnight! Speak to you tomorrow!


The Truth said...

Wow there's a family effort behind you!!! Malta's participation in ESC would have been much different this year if it wasn't you representing us!!!

For d future blogs...can you tell us something more on the performance and the dress? Do you know anything on how the stage will look? And the lights that will be used? What colours? Any special effects? Hehe, I keep asking...I don't give up easily! I know another person who's like that! Her name is Olivia! I wonder if you know her! ;-) The title of the blog says it all!

Keep it up girl! I'm sure it was worth waiting! Already waiting 4 tomorrow! I am addicted to this blog!

Glenn said...


The packing is ((((((AMAZING))))))....Can't wait to see it in my hands...Proset olivia.... your making me PROUD to say that i'm Maltese....your working hand in hand with your helpers and its truly AMAZING....Id-Design veru bomba anki kacage u the price is very good lm3 only with 2 cds and all the design and package.....simply Woow....ur great olivia.....kompli ahdem u kun simpatika ma kulhadd u ohrog il karattru bomba li ghandek u zgur you placed well...ghax nofs il voti jinghataw bl-agir tal kantanta u kemm veru tahdem ....KEEP IT UP on bring the EUROVISION to Our Island Girl mwa keep it up ....

Shawn said...

Hi Olivia,
andek blog tal-genn.....xi kultant imma jiddispjacini nisma certu affarijiet ax donnu li l-affarijiet mijak m'humiex jimxu bil-fair bhal ma mxew ma kantanti ohra fil-passat....xi kultant qisni nifhem li kieku l-Where's Everybody m'humiex jahdmu all out mijak u li kieku mandekx il-familja tajnek inti kont tispicca b'hafna anffarijiet inqas mill-ohrajn....Pero dan ma jnaqqas xejn mill-fatt li int andek karattru tal-genn u mhux imbilli gieli ghidt li jahsbuk snob ax min jaqra dak li qed tikteb fuq dan il-blog jinduna kemm int tal-genn u kemm andek karattru sensittiv u jahseb f'kull hadd....Nispera li ma jdumx ma jasal il-pakket bic-cd u ekk u btw proset lit-tim kollu li andek mijak ax vera efficjenti....din il-dima battilkom email minhabba ic-cd u ekk u ftemp ta satejn kelli risposta lura minandkom...Minawn ninduna li l-vot li l-Maltin dawk intom tassew qed tahdmu bis shih biex issarfuh f'success....

....Imma jkolli naqbel ma xi whud ta li l-performance qiskom qed tiskansawha naqa u mhux tajdulna l-afffarijiet li jinteressawna....Il-libsa lesta? Se nivvutaw ahna jew le al libsa? Int se tkun parti mill-koreografija jew int se tkanta biss? U se jkun emm xi gimmick fin nofs?.....Ajdilna Ajd PLSSS.....ara tihomna bhala risposta bhala rigal ta l-easter tajjeb?.......

Insomma Good Luck Kbira.....Forsi ma tafx kif Philip izid number iehor mal-lucky 7 t'Ira.....issa jew ikun 11 jew 20 issa jara hu :P BTW il-glekk il-blu li jgiblu l-fortuna ajdlu jilbsu ta......

Happy Easter lilkom kollha

Alfred said...


is the outer cover included with the cds? cause ive bought the cds but they're only just 2 cds with a cd case without the pakage as shawn in the blogg.


The Moderator said...

Hello Alfred, the folder shown in the blog is the press pack which will be sent to members of the press across Europe. The CD & DVD Pack which is being sold does not include the folder. Hope you liked the pack.

Sha said...

Wow! The CD is cheap alright.. (I suppose we ought to thank you for that) and Mattu :) seems to have done real justice to your song (and looks!) with the cover too. Hope it sell a whole lot of copies. It deserves to go multi-platinum if you ask me..
You sure are a role model for all the young people today.. Eleven year's of persistance!...and it finally paid off. And now you're on the verge of transforming from a Maltese artist to a truly international one. One earth, one sun and only one Olivia!

Your biggest fan outside of Europe :)

Alfred said...

oh ok its a pitty though its so beautiful, i would payed more to have one. but its also a good improvement and it was really a good idea of the dvd included. i enjoyed watching the small mistakes during the filming hehe... but i was really surprised by the great effort i didnt know that filming a vidoe would be such a big work like that. its a good thing of this blog so we can live day by day "next" to olivia and express your feelings and thoughts with us. finally a great effort show and an excelent work is being done for the singer which is going to represent our country and surley Olivia will make us proud. Good luck and take care :P btw proset for the photoshoots cuase they're great and all the persons involved for every little thing. 30,000 votes were certainly worth it :)))) xxxxxxx

Emanuel said...

Hi Olivia

Just wanted to point out something. Today I went to buy the CD and DVD Pack from the GOMOBILE's HEAD OFFICE in Marsa. And it wasn't what I expected. The CD and DVD were just in a plastic cover. It wasn't in the nice folder as you showed here in your blog. And also, no postcard was given along with the pack as it is stated in

Why's this please? Is there some difference to those who buy it online and those who goes and buy it themselves?

Thank you


PS: All the rest is awesome, btw! :-) Good work