Friday, March 30, 2007

My one and only...

My one and only is black...solid black. Not more than 8 months of age. Her favourite treat is a sizeable bone which she gets every week if she behaves. Her name is Milly Lewis and she's my little lovely dog friend.

I've had Milly since she was just a little black cocker spaniel, the size of my hand. Her parents are English but she was born in Malta. When I visited George Cross, the owner of her parents, I had to choose my dog from a bunch of four little rascals, running around his little flat. Milly was the one hiding in the corner, almost subdued. For some reason or another I felt attached to her from the first minute my eyes met hers. 'That puppy looks nice' I said to myself, 'she seems quiet and composed'. So I took her.

I have now learnt that she is neither quiet nor composed!

The next day I woke up and as I walked towards the kitchen, I found the remains of what a hurricane would do to a room. The kitchen was a complete mess. She managed to eat my cable television remote control together with anything which came her way.

Notwithstanding her naughtiness, I do not regret a single second of having her in my life. Milly is as loving as any human being could be. She sleeps on my pillow and wakes me up in the morning with her kisses. When I'm sad she snuggles on my lap and comforts me as best as she can. When I'm happy, she scampers around and fills my home with joy. Her love is plentiful...and unconditional.

This is my kitchen. It is usually a big mess. But I had to make it look decent in order to show it around the world. The most important part of my kitchen is the fridge, which I try to keep as stocked as possible. I like having friends over, especially on Sunday.

I do not cook. The last time I cooked, not even Milly would taste it. She knows better. So I let others do the cooking while I do the washing up. Eventually.

I have to go as my one and only is barking her head off. She wants to go to sleep. And she never sleeps before I do. Goodnight darling Milly. :)

Speak to you tomorrow!


Adriel said...

How sweet!!! :-) Just like her mother! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey - today - you did two things - i was going to ask you to do!
1. show us some pictures of milly and 2. make your own hi5 profile! milly is so cute - i am sure she loves you very much - and she keeps you great company ! does she see you on tv? lol - and what did you tell her - the 1st time you entered home - after winning the malta song? .. and how are you preparing her - that you have to leave her - because you're going - to helsinki? hehe! by the way - your place is so cool - your kitchen is great - and your fridge looks well stocked! abiut yoour hi5 profile - if i were you - i will start adding alot of people - even foreigners - so that through hi5 - you will promote yourself - include also - a link to your website on hi5. There are some maltese artists - that are part of hi5 artists - i dont know - how you do that - but if i were you i will check - and do it - e.g. scar did it - and so did salt (another maltese group) .. they will have a different hi5 profile - than the rest! i am not sure if you are aware - but in hi5 - there is a group - just for you - it is called - 100% Support to olivia lewis - if you find it - try and join in it - (there are many people in it - including chiara - as just one example) ... keep blogging - good luck olivia xxxxxxxxx !

Roderick said...

What a lovely blog entry!!

I have a cat and he totally stole my I can understand you fully dear Olivia!!

Keep posting since I find this blog marvellous.

Claudio said...

How sweet is milly. She looks cute. I always wanted a dog.I have one but it dos not live with me it stays in the Garage! Good luck ol! Have fun(no worries):)

Anonymous said...

Hey Olivia... Milly is the cutest little thing... thanks for posting these blogs... I feel like I'm getting to know you better and I'm actually confirming what a sweet person you are... Good luck for Helsinki!! I'm 100% behind you :)

Alison xxx

GLENN said...

Hello olivia JIEN iddisinjajt 2 bil photoshop ic cd cover ta vertigo hope you like it :) Jien kont tghallimni PSD li iskola ta dun karm psaila haz'r great ...i wish to contact me plsss

nOaK said...

Cool that you write here Olivia :). We will write about your steps on our eurovision site in Poland:

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Can anonymous tell me Olivia's Hi5 URl as I couldn't find it?

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia ! :)

I think it was a good idea to make a blog so that all your fans and people who visit your site can get to know you better. Your writing is fluent and pleasurable to read . Well done ! ;)

I really admire you alot. You have a very nice character. Wish you all the best ! :). I love Milly ... she is so cute ! ;)

bye bye !

Sarah from Marsaxlokk.

Schlagerboys said...

What a fabulous little dog! When Eurovision is in Valetta next year, can we be your official dog-walkers??

The Schlagerboys xx

Sha Zameen Razeek said...

Hi Olivia,

A lot of people have spoken.. need I say more.
Milly is cute. You're gorgeous.. and your blog is great. And you're so down to earth. Keep those posts coming Olivia.. You truly deserve this year's Eurovision crown...

TC... God bless!

Your greatest fan outside of Europe

Roberta said...

Hi Olivia,
starting a blog was a very nice and original idea. I'm maltese but I've been living in Torino Italy for the past 4 yrs. My 3 yr old son permitting I visit your website and blog everyday to follow your steps towards Helsinki. All the maltese community in Torino will be following your performance in Helsinki. Imbocca al lupo!!! Keep it up!

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Dan il-post verament interessanti hafna!!! Hadt hafna gost naqra dwar Milly Lewis kif spiccat ghandek, x'taghmel u iktar affarijiet ohra!!! Imqarba xejn jew le??? hehe!!!

Nigel Blundell