Thursday, May 3, 2007 I come! :)

I am finally in Helsinki.

And what a relief. I left home at 8am this morning and stepped inside our hotel in Helsinki fourteen hours later at 10pm.

After a tearful goodbye at the airport to my family and to darling Milly who came to the airport wagging her tail and saying goodluck, I joined the rest of the Maltese delegation for the final Eurovision trip to Helsinki.

There are no direct flights from Malta to Finland. We had to travel through Frankfurt and needless to say, travelling tires you out. As you can see from this selection of photos, the Maltese contingent slept through most of the trip.

Joseph and Jes, the violinist and the dancer, are visibly
engrossed in deep slumber while they dream away their performance on stage.

Joseph Dalmas, a Maltasong member is also busy snoring and keeping the rest of us awake. Joseph is the kind of guy who glues the whole team together with his cheerful attitude and his jokes, more often than not aimed at Mike Spiteri, a member of Maltasong who participated in the ESC in 1995.

Philip and Gerard did not go to sleep.
They are too excited.

I did not manage to sleep as well. Maybe it's because I want to savour every moment of it all. It's been so long. Eleven years after my first try, and here I am, fulfilling a life long dream. It almost seems too good to be true. I'm afraid I might wake up and find that it was all a dream.

It's not a dream however. It's for real and it's
I will do my best to write a blog every day...just to say thank you to all of you who have been following me throughout the years.

I must go to sleep now. A very important rehearsal awaits me tomorrow. And I must do well.

Speak to you tomorrow! :) Olivia


Eternal said...

Aw olivia hi, kuragg u jigri x'jigri xorta ha tibqa l-aqwa wahda ok ?! relax, tippanikjax u ghandek is support malti kollu warajk 30,000 persuna mhux cajta hehe. goodluck we're proud of you !!

Franklyn said...

Hi. Olivia...

Good luck for tomorrow and the rest of your adventure in Helsinki. We have no doubt - you'll be great!

Malta kollha warajk!

Anonymous said...

Wish you luck olivia for tomorrow! I will be visiting every possible site to see what reactions will there be as soon as your performance is over! You did a good thing not to sleep - as you should live this experience to the full! don't feel any pressure olivia - relax- and enjoy the experience! we know you did your best - so whatever the result - you're already a winner! we know that you're gonna do your best for malta - and that is why malta is already SO proud of you!
You tocuhed Helsinki today
You will be touching the stage tomorrow
and You will touch Europe's Heart in a week's time !

Anonymous said...

Olivia!! Few Words from Malta! Mohhok Hemm, Ibqa li int, Ghamilna Kburin, And sing your heart out on the 10th and on the 12th (ax im sure you will be there on the 12th) forsi ma tafx kif din is sena nisimaw is song ta Malta tlett darbiet...darba fis semi finali u darbtejn fil finali...ifimni hehe!! Imma ma rridx nghidlek dan biex nghamillek pressure, naf li sa issa amilt l-almu tieghek u dak ghalina huwa bizzejjed...Viva Malta, Viva Olivia, Forza Vertigo!!!

P3Charm said...

thanks olivia for keeping us updated :D i really didn't expect u to blog today!! :D goodluck for the coming days and try to rest as much as possible hehe!! :)

The truth said...


This blog touched my emotion (like the blog you wrote on your parents). It's so touching seeing you LIVE your dream!

I must say that yes it is a DREAM...however it's a DREAM TURNED INTO REALITY!

Have fun and rock the hall in your rehearsal! I read that the Schlagerboys are following the rehersals and I have a gut feeling that they will give you all their support (and cheers)!

Have fun + break a leg (I hate to use this word, but I heard that it's unappropriate to use the usual 2 words when speaking to an artist!) :-)

Roderick said...

Good Luck Olivia!!! Just be yourself no matter what. And thanks for promising us that you'll keep this blog updated. Maked sure to read our comments especially after the rehearsal!!

Take Care!!

oriana said...

Hi Olivia,

jiena qeda infittex u naqra f'kull website possibli biex nara x'qieghed jintqal fuqek, fuq vertigo u fuq Malta. Niehu pjacir jekk ikollok cans tkelimna naqra ghalkem naf li ha tkun busy hafna.

Jiena looking foward ghal dak li se jintqal illum wara ir rehearsal tieghek. GOODLUCK KBIRA MINN MALTA X X X X X X X

Tracy said...

Hey Olivia, thank you for keeping us informed even from Helsinki. You'll surely make us proud on both nights. Enjoy every single minute of this wonderful experience. Your dream starts here!! Good luck OLIVIA!!

Grazielle said...

Ejj Olivia

I know first impressions are really important in something like this...but don't worry, 99.9% you're going to do well...a.k.a. extremely well! When you have some time please tell us how the rehearsals are going and what everyone is saying about Vertigo.
Thanks loads for keeping us up to date.
Make the most of it and always believe in yourself! Never let anybody make you think otherwise.
Another BIG GOODLUCK from me and take care! :D

Alison said...

Hey Olivia... good luck kbira min qiegh qalbi.. ikun x'ikun ir-rizultat, Malta xorta ha tibqa warajk... looking forward to see the reactions after your first rehearsal is over.. I'm sure you will do well :) xxx

Anonymous said...

god bless you olivia you and your team and to the beautiful people of malta, we wish you all the success you deserve.
all your aussie fans dont doubt for one second how amazing your act will have done everything to make the fans happy and now its your turn to be happy with the result you have worked so hard for.
you have been a wonderful maltese representative and i have a feeling the best ever.
our love and our thoughts are with you and your family.
congratulations for all you have achieved, you have shown us that hard work and patience and the will to succeed will get us to where we want to be.
i know here in sydney australia we are so so proud of you.
good luck and our hearts and prayers are with you.

aussie fan xxx

Anonymous said...

Hei Olivia,

Maltese national living in Helsinki. I had seen the video of the performance on stage of yesterday. It was ok but not as I taught it would be. Sorry to say there are too many people on stage and I do not agree having the female dancers and at times as backing vocals. The focus should be you not the rest of the dancers!! The guys should remain but the girls must go. The song did not sound strong enough but I am sure things will improve but let´s see how things turn out.

Good luck olivia and welcome to finland even taugh it´s still chilly but today it´s nice weather so enjoy and take care!

Anonymous said...

Hello olivia,

Jekk hemm xi cnas nehhu dawk il-female dancers min hemm u jekk jibqaw ahjar jibqaw halqhom maghluq ghax jistunaw mhux ftit. Imma kif dejjem malta iridu indahhlu lil barrani u nispiccaw li flok ghal ahjar immorru ghal ghar. Olivia halli lil Jes u lil Joseph fuq stage biss u il-focus jkun fuqek biss. Hemm wisq nies mieghek fuq l-stage. U il-gong pruvaw ghamluh li jkun gong vera mhux finta ghax ma deherx nice fuq il-video.
Il-bqija Olivia nawguralek li kollox imur sew u hu pjacir helsinki.
Good Luck!!

Josephine Ebejer Grech said...

Hi Olivia,
Thanks for updating your blog so often even though you are so busy. We truly appreciate this, that you are keeping us updated with what's happening, what you're feeling, with your emotions etc. You are a very considerate person. We love you.
Josephine Ebejer Grech and all family (Marsaxlokk)

r.b. said...

vera bomba olivia,rajtek tamila fuq il palk.vera tajba aqwa min ta malta ghamilta,kompli sejra hekk u taddi zgur al final.kollox perfett kellek..prosit u goodluck xxxxxxxxxxxx

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Kif inti? Nittama li tinsab tajba! Nixtieq nghidlek skuzani hafna li ma gejtx l-Airport meta kont sejra l-Finlandja imma ma stajtx u verament jiddispjacini!!! Imma m'hemmx x'taghmel!!!

Qed niehu hafna gost li qed thalli hafna Posts minn gewwa l-Finlandja u ta' dan GRAZZI MMENS minn qiegh qalbi!!! Verament inti persuna ok hafna Olivia u ibqa' dejjem hekk: ma' kulhadd!!!

Ha jkolli nhallik issa Olivia!!! Caw mela!!!

Nigel Blundell

Olivia Lewis - Vertigo said...

Olivia, you were amazing!! I voted A LOT but, Eastern europe have officially taken over eurovision

You are great!!!

Love from the UK!