Friday, May 11, 2007

At last, I found some strength...

The last envelope started with an 'M'. I hoped it would be Malta. But it wasn't.

I kept staring at the screen, oblivious of what was happening around me. All of a sudden I felt tears pouring from my eyes. All the pressure and worries of the past three months suddenly caved in on me. It felt like being hit by a huge block of stone falling over from a cliff.

All around me I could see my Maltese friends looking shocked and sad. Everyone who had dedicated so much time and work, saw it disintegrate in a matter of minutes.

Mark tried to keep his cool as best as he could. He collected my things and we rushed to the hotel, running away from it all as fast as we could. I went to bed fully clothed, make up and all. I must admit that I spent my first few hours in bed crying and languishing in sleeplessness.

Feelings of immense guilt began to seep in. Could I have done more? Wasn't I good enough? What will the Maltese say now that I have not managed to qualify for my country? These are just a few of the thoughts which kept haunting me throughout those painful moments.

Finally I slept. Soundly.

I woke up at the sound of the door knocking. Sleepily I came out of bed and opened the door.

It was mum and dad standing there with tears in their eyes. I knew they were heartbroken. But they tried to hide it as best as they could. Mum is a tower of strength, especially in the difficult times. I hugged her as I did when I was a little girl afraid of the dark.

She said 'Olivia, life goes on. You were wonderful and the Maltese loved you yesterday'. I thought she was saying all this to comfort me, to make me feel good.

Then I opened my blog, trembling at the thought of what I would find. 70 comments came up for me to read. I read the first one, then the next and the next.

Was I reading my own blog? How could it be that after I had failed to qualify, the Maltese were sending me all these messages of support. My eyes swelled with tears, this time tears of joy and gratitude to God for making me Maltese.

It was at this point that I found the strenght to write this blog. I want to thank all of you who have been sharing my life for the past few months. You have been great company to me especially when the chips were down. I am so grateful to all the Maltese people who have shown such love and support.

We did the best we could, but we didn't qualify. And I'm really sorry for this. But Eurovision is like that. You never know what you're going to get.

I look forward to coming back to Malta, and to hugging Milly again. I want to breathe Maltese air again. Hopefully I will be doing so again on Sunday. :)

I have to go as I'm slowly but surely starting to pack. And there's a lot to pack. Believe me.

See you in Malta. Lots of love, Olivia.


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Anonymous said...

HI Olivia, of course we will alwys be behind you. It would have been great to see you winnign but you know what? Deep down in your heart you know that you won and we all know that. As your mother said the world goes on and i tell you, you have the best parents in the world. You truly are a maltese hero. We still love you and still are so proud of you. xxx

Anonymous said...

hey olivia, il bierah vera dert sabiha u dehrt li tajt 100% tieghek u vera hrigt BOMBA, il eurovision ma tafx xser itik, kuragg u eja ha niltaqu mieghek swt! TAKE CARE!!! AND WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!

Anonymous said...




Clayton Brincat said...

WE ALL LOVE YOU OLIVIA... you made a very wonderful perfomance!! But ESC is like this... friends of friends and so on! Remember that all maltese where all watching your nice perfomance and we were all proud to be maltese!! xxxx

David said...

We still support you as if you had passed the semi finals and won the festival because we are sure you left no stone unturned to give a huge performance.

Ramy said...

We love you!! Gara x'gara ahan l-Maltin warajk u xorta nhobbuk! Ahna PROUD bik!!!!

Karen said...

Dear Olivia,
I was really disappointed yestreday, but not at the Maltese team but at the Eurovision contest organisers. You and all the team were simply fantastic and all Maltese are really proud of you ALL!!!!
For us, you have won the Eurovision song contest,!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,

I just want to tell you that you were awsome last night. You couldn't have done better and anyone who isn't narrow minded or biased will have to admit: the semi final results are just due to the ridiculous televoting patterns in Europe: Eastern Europeans voting for songs from Eastern Europe and the migrant communities in Western European countries voting for their Eastern European home countries as well. The results are simply a disgrace. Some of the best songs / performances qualified for the final: Serbia and Hungary, but the quality of your performance was equal to these two. The same applies to the songs from Andorra, Iceland, Cyprus, and the Netherlands. The ESC has become a farce, but you should just be proud of everything you have given to all objective ESC fans last night.
Please, don't be down in the mouth.
Love from Germany.

Karen said...

Dear Olovia, Yesterday you were simply fantastic,!!!!

And do not worry for all Maltese you were the winner!!! I suggest the Maltese contingent to protest on the voting system, and if needs be we shall not participate in the contest anymore- at least until the situation has improved. After all, Maltese singers go to develop their career, not to come back completely destroyed, especially when deserve to place in first few places - Like OLIVIA DID!!!!

Cilia said...

dearest Olivia!
don't bother about the assured that we loved your performance yesterday, and that every one of us is well aware of the various efforts you made in order to give the best possible interpretation. It was lovely watching you fulfill your dream...the smile on your face and the twinkle in your eye...Regardless of the result, you made us proud!
Best wishes and prayers :) God bless.

nicolette said...

hi olivia ,

Olivia, never lose your style not even for the Eurovision Song Contest. It's just not worth it

The grat majority of Eurovision songs are crap, each year So what's the use

Anyway, yesterday u looked great and your voice was amazing, as usual!!!
keep ur head high and keep making music that u love :)

Anonymous said...

Hei Olivia,

You are an unbelivable person. It is not your fault that you did not go to the final. Everyone saw what a great perfomance you gave.I myself was amazed with the performance. Here in Helsinki they loved your song and all my friends had voted for you last night. Also the Finns had taught that you will be one of the finalist, but the wheel had changed due to the fact that all ex-soviets countries had blocked the western countries for them to be in final.

Olivia all I can tell you thank you for everything and for the hard work YOU HAD DONE and although I did not get to see you while in Helsinki I want to wish a safe journey back home together with your parents and delegation. One last thing in Finnish language which is:




Christy said...


Anonymous said...

hi olivia! ilbierah ma stajtx taghti aktar milli tajt. kellek performance mill-aqwa anzi nazzarda nghid perfetta - vuci mill-sibah, korjgrafija mill-isbah, dehra sabiha izda ma kellux ikun li nghaddu ghall-finali ta din is-sena. ahna l-maltin se nibqghu kburin bik u taqtax qalbek ghax li kieku kulhadd jaqta qalbu, kieku kulhadd joqghod b'idu fuq zaqqu. li f'malta rbaht b' il fuq minn 31 000 vot diga huwa bizzejjed ghalik. u vera ammirajtek tal-kuragg li urejt llum wara d-dizappunt tal-bierah. pero' ftakar li mhux wahdek biss ma ghaddejtx, kien hemm kanzunetti ohra sbieh u m'ghaddewx ukoll. vertigo tibqa' l-isbah kanzunetta Maltija li ghaddiet ghall-Eurovision u min jaf..fors nergghu narawk olivia fuq il-palk tal-eurovision 'il quddiem. awguri ghall-futur tieghek u mill-gdid prosit tal-gmiel ta performance li tajt il-bierah. grazzi talli ghamiltna kburin li ahna maltin!!

Anonymous said...

u didnt are my hero and i love you and your music you never let us maltease down and im glad to say your the kindest the sweetest the bst

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

olivia,il bierah kont bomba int u it-team gara xejn.opportunitajiet ohra jkun hemm u jien cert li int tithol alijhom b'serjeta kbira kif fil-fatt amilt fdan il-eurovision.ahna il-maltin dejjem warajk jigri xjigri.


DAN.. said...

Hey Olivia, bhalissa qeda xoghol u konna kollha qed nistennewk tikteb u kollha mohhna fik emmini. Kuragg, hajja mhux se tieqaf hawn, ghad fadalek karriera quddiemek, u bhal dejjem ahna warajk konna u warajk ha nibqaw.
Li gara ilbierah mhux tort tieghek, anzi vera amiltna kburin fuq dak palk, tajt performance eccelenti u l-importanti li inti hadt gost.

See you on sunday, ha nergaw nilqawk lura Malta.....:-)))
Take care.....u PROUD HAFNA HAFNA BIK!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,

Yesterday, you gave a clear proof of what we Maltese people are capable to do!! Your performance was marvellous!!! And i really mean it!! All of you couldn't do better than you did. BUT, the result for someway or another did not show the same thing...However, it's not the end of the world. You still remain the same Olivia that you were 3 months ago. Reading your blog today made me feel really emotional. We still believe in the song Vertigo, and if we had to choose another song from this year's Malta Song 4 Europe, we still choose Vertigo, cuz it has got it all!!!!! Good Luck for your future. You're already a winner, and you already succeeded, so don't worry. The Eurovision will NEVER condition your carreer.

Take Care and Lots and Lots of Love
Darrell xxx

RaNdEe said...

Hi Olivia, you gave a wonderful performance yesterday and it's all that counts. We were all proud of being maltese. :) :)

It was obvious that the televoting was highly unfair ......

KEep up the excellent work

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
Reading ur blog 2day made me cry, X'ghamiltli! Olivia I am sure that the Maltese are going to great u back to Malta numerously. Don't worry about coming back to Malta, because here in Malta no one is blaming u or ur team as we can't blame u, tour performance was amazing Olivia, u had a g8 show and ur voice was g8.

All western Europe is complaining about the voting way, not just Malta. It was evident there there was a blog vote form the East! The website of only comented positively about u and u won the Big Poll in that Ol, in that poll ppl from different countries voted for u.

Stephanie XxX

Anonymous said...

im happy that im maltese coz we have a beutiful singer whitch is you some pepole might say your bad those pepole are stupid like my make my heart smile when i hear you sing and i thank you for all you tghought me and showed me how to be a more loveing and jenerous didnt faill and you will never faill us please make other concerts i love you your my hero when im older i want to be just like you from:antonia

Well Done said...

fl ahhar irnexxilek tbikkini! allerwih nhossni ahjar issa! kont adni ma nistax innizila! istra veru tac cajt dar rizultat ax ma haqniex ek pero int xorta andek lil malta kollha warajk ax kont perfetta istra. all of u were! u just made us all at home proud that we are maltese! nhobbok hafna u veru prosit! nifem li thossok mdejjqa imma u did all u could. istra qadt noqod nejd wara dan z zmien kollu haq l-istra xtaqtek titla sal final almenu! imma adek zejra u tista terga titla. adek fic cans jekk trid!

qalbi xejn hlief PROSIT lilek u lit team kollu ax kontu l aqwa team alija.

love u with all my heart,

Anonymous said...

You know what OLIVA, you still are the best that there is and you will always be. And i would look at it from this point of view - the worst songs got chosen so in a way its good that you didnt make it to the final because it shows that they thought that your song was really good! Also to all maltese out there, on saturday vote for non eastern europeans - lets show them what they are going to miss without vertigo and Olivia!!!

Anonymous said...


You did your best and you gave your 110%!!! I enjoyed your performance, and I absolutely loved the smile and the twinkle in your eye when you finished. :) The Maltese people still love you because it is obvious that it is not your fault. It is all the fault of the disgusting neighbour voting patterns which are occurring in this goddamn contest. Do not focus just on Eurovision, let this be a new chapter! The Maltese love you and look forward to hear more music from you.

Lots of love and take care xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh for fuck's sake. Give me a break from the neighbourhood bullspoo. This is
the sourest grape since a fox thought to himself, "Can't reach the vine, so
might as well go down in history..."

I'm glad Olivia didn't go through. This has nothing to do with her, her song
or her performance. I honestly feel sorry for her, and don't even want to
think about how she's feeling, let alone actually feel it. But the local
attitude towards the eurovision is pathetic. Everybody seems to feel we
deserve to win it. Not only participate, but win it, if possible EVERY DAMN
YEAR. And then when nothing goes as hoped, the conspiracy theories of
nations using their fingers to spite us become the national passtime.

I have no doubt in my mind that should Italy participate, they'd get tons of
votes from Malta. Why? Because it's natural. Does anybody in their right
mind, or even a semi decent one, seriously think that we (and I mean that
very very loosely as i couldn't give a toss about it) would be happy that
Italy wins the Eurovision rather than Ukraine? Does it really make a

Culturally we're close to the Italians, we can name scores of Italian
singers, can understand the language and watch their tv. How many Ukranian
singers does anybody know? Or Latvian? Come on. The so called bloc voting is
a natural process of cultural affinity. There is no conspiracy to fuel the
fire of our despair. So deal with it. Or don't participate.

And so, to come to my point, I am enjoying. In the words of a shameless
multinational corporation, that coincidentally bought out another of our
eurovision singers: I'm loving it. And how. This sombre mood across the
nation gives me joy. Am I a sadist? Maybe. I'd like to think of it as
getting back to all the fuss i had to suffer throughout the years. I think I
deserve a break. I find the irony that it had to be Olivia (who had been
trying to get there for years) to suffer the 'tragic' incident mildly

I feel sorry for Olivia, but not for all those who had to cancel their
saturday get together indulging in pizzas and silly sausages. To them I say:
go for a walk, you probably can do with some exercise.

Anonymous said...

ok now i think im bugin you but
im behind you every step of the way
my biggest dream(whitch will never come true)is to be a good friend of yours witch will never happen:(

love from:antonia

RO said...

Hey Olivia! Im at work and we were all thinking about you all day and how you doing. So happy to read what you wrote! You was great last night on the stage! You made us proud that we maltese! It was not fair what happened but life is like that and im sure that you will have more opportunities in the future, even better ones than just the eurovision you know. And this is not the end of the world, but just the end FOR NOW for the eurovision because im sure that maltese will want you on that stage again one day! We waiting on you to come back to Malta! We proud of you! You was a diva last nite!! Hugs and lots of love!! Ro :)

kiki said...

Hi Olivia,
No matter what life must go on, Although the shocking result everyone will still support you & is proud of your performance. I have been following you for these months & I must say that I really changed my opinion on you & think that you are a great person with character. You deserved much better. Tc xxxx

Nicolas said...

Dear Olivia!
I am from Switzerland and I must say that your song was my favourite one yesterday evening! I call to give Malta my vote but am so sorry it was not enough. You made such an amazing performance and you really deserved to go on. I am so disappointed.

deo DEBONO said...

olivia ejja lura hi u toqghodx tiftakar. kien mument ikrah bilfors. insa kollox u ejja lura ha thossok home! hawn kulhadd mohhu saru jhobbuk immens! sellilna ghal board tal-maltasong u ghidilhom li lanqas ghalihom ma ahna rrabjati...nafu li ghamiltu dak kollu possibbli u li inthom l-iktar board serju li qatt kellna! is-sena l-ohra morna zorba imma dis-sena hrigna telliefa bl-unuri ghax kulhadd l-istess kelma qal....haqqna ahjar! hadd ma gerger u kulhadd kien kuntent. heq....qabadna l-vertigo lbierah!!! hehehe u ha nghidlek..vera solo is the way to go. insa kollox u hallih warajk. millum int olivia gdida...stilla kbira fix xena lokali u kulhadd ha jibqa jafulek! ejja lura maghna!

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia, I'm terribly sorry that you didn't make the final. I just want to say how much I've enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple of weeks. You must be proud of your performance in the semi final as it was without doubt, one of the best. Maybe you can try again in 2009 (hopefully). Best wishes from Edinburgh, Scotland xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
Don't give up! Yesterday you looked great everything was good the show was spectacular! We really believed in the song and continue to believe in it because it is a very wonderful and musical song with alot of music that makes us want to dance with it! We really wish you all the best of luck today and in the future! You was, are and stay a very great maltese singer that make us proud of you : ) We don't want to see you disappointed about yesterday. The past should not influence you career. Just keep on smiling and believing in youself as you always did!
Family Cole

Anonymous said...



kirstie said...

Helloo princess,
ghamiltna vera kburin li kellna lilek tipprezzentalna, jien bajt iccasata... pero mhux tortt tieghek u mhux ghax ma amiltx hiltek u did your best u ir-rizultat deher.. jien u ommi ghamilna lista ta dawk li ha jaddu u haga ta liskantament (sarkastikament) ghaddew tnejn biss minnhom jigifieri glax lets say li forsi a vutawx ghax bezaw li nistghu immoru tajjeb hafna...
Olivia ahna dejjem warajk u iddisappuntati mhux ghax inti ma ghamiltx your best anzi ghax hdimt wisq biex kellek tieqaf hawn... mhux fair... hehe naqra il-blog u nibki illum ghax vera il-kliem edtu mill-qalb...



Jonathan said...

Olivia Yesterday you was great, perfect and beautiful! FOR THE MALTESE YESTERDAY YOU WAS A WINNER!:) looking fowered to see you once again in Malta

Anonymous said...

hey olivia ahna l maltin nafu li il bierah int tajt il 100% tieghek u min hawn nixtieq nghidlek thanks hafna! we love you babe!!! we are proud of you!
xxxxxxx love priscilla

Chris said...

Ibqa certa li ma ddizappuntajt lil hadd... anzi kulhadd jammirak u kuntenti hafna bik. Kburin li gejna rapprezentati minn kantanta tal-kalibru tieghek!! Zomm soda u ibqa tina aktar diski sbieh!!! Inhobbuk Olivia!

Anonymous said...

Dear olivia - you did your best - that's all we asked for ! i am so proud of you ! if there was the malta song for europe 2007 again - i would still vote for you again - because you were a great ambassador - and you made Malta proud ! i prayed for you to have a great performance - and you did ! for me - that was enough - to pass to the final it would have been a bonus - and to pass it with all the unfair voting - it would have been a miracle ! you are a great person olivia - malta is behind you ! yesterday i felt sorry for you - personally - but now its not time to feel sorry anymore - now its time to move on - and continue your career - which have been so succesful already ! So again .. you were amazing yesterday - i had many foreign friends - who were supporting you aswell - all my maltese friends - eventhough not all of them supported vertigo at the MSFE - were all amazed at the great show you did yesterday ! in malta the news is - that we are proud of you ! and nearly all of my MSN contacts have nicknames with prosit olivia - all out ! BRAVA OLIVIA !!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep your head up high Olivia as you have nothing to be ashamed of!! The best songs that were competing in the semi-finals didn't make it...just because they were not from the eastern countries I guess!!! That's was clearly how the voting was done.....for nieghbours!!! I won't be surprised if tomorrow's winner will be from one of those countries!!!

Qas haqq il-flus u hela ta hin li nahlu biex nippartecipaw fih jahasra!!!

Insomma, a big well done goes to you Olivia and also to Jes, Joseph and the backing vocals. Everything was just great :)


pol said...

Hey Dearest Olivia, i have been opening & closing all day to see any news from you. My worries where all for you since the horrendous result. It is true that you are feeling down, but do not have the sense of guilt as you did your very very utmost to have a magnificent show and a wonderful performance! thumbs up! Only IF we had neighbours you would have maybe done it to pass the semi, as the one who passed where all like that. For us you are still our
I want to thankyou for sharing with us your daily busy schedule through your blog. You made us (fans) feel so close to you through this. We all know what you can offer. Infact we are not going to see the final on Sat as now we lost interest. Qalbi, keep on your nice character do not let anything in life get you down and if there is anything that will help you improve in your musical career, go for it!!! We will be waiting for you at the airport and we love you alot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey olivia, i didn't like d song, i didn't like how it was presented on stage and i never thought u'd make it to d final. but i don't care, u seem a nice person and u deserve better. keep in mind that ending no.2 for 3 consecutive years makes u one of the only persons on this island who can go to sleep at night and say "i did a great job". u r a performer and as such ur job is to entertain ppl, and ur doin this greatly. keep it up

Anonymous said...

Olivia Yesterday you was great, perfect and beautiful! FOR THE MALTESE YESTERDAY YOU WAS A WINNER

All the world now's that the eurovision is not being fair neighbor counteys will lead the eurovision:)

now enjoy your day in estonia keep calm dont wry see you in malta
i'm sure that behind you you have the support of 36,000 maltese people and you family loves you> :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, hadt pjacir li l-Maltin kollha ta' l-istess fehma li int ma stajtx mort ahjar; kellek show impekkabbli! Meta tara min m'ghaddiex bhalna tghid li int ma kellekx tort. Kif kanzunetta bhal ta' l-Isvizzera kellha tibqa' barra? U tghaddi Shake It????? Hafna kanzunetti sbieh baqghu barra. Barra minn hekk kellek kompetizzjoni qawwija. Jien nissugerixxi li jekk il-Eurovision irid jibqa' kredibbli iridu jnehhu x-xows u jhallu l-kanzunetti kif suppost!!!! Prosit Olivia u qaltlek it-tifla thobbok hafna u nistennewk lura ha nuruk kemm inhobbuk!!!!

Alison said...

Olivia... this blog made me cry again..:(.. but no matter what we still love you Olivia.. you looked really beautiful out there Ol and you were the best jewel of the evening :).. For us, your wonderful performance truly stole the show.. You and your music are far too good for the Eurovision farce.. We love you Olivia :) xxx

Roberta Abela said...

Hi Olivia, I can imagine your feelings about yesterday's results....I strongly believed in your talent and song but something deep in my heart told me that we would not qualify.....was very disappointed also for denmark, cyprus, norway and the netherlands....I don't have a lot to comment but we should exclude our partecipation in this festival cause it is always the same old story...neighbours, neighbours, neighbours....don't had the courage to partecipate this year when you knew you had to face the was more easy for you should you opted not to partecipate in this year's Malta song for Europe but you had the guts to partecipate even though you knew that the task was a nearly impossible one.....
I hope that you do not recall this experience with a bad taste but I hope that still it had been a great experience for you....and WE WANT YOU BACK IN EUROVISION IN THE FUTURE YEARS - NEVER GIVE UP CAUSE YOU KNOW THE MALTESE LOVE YOU XXXXXX


Anonymous said...

hi ol!!!

dont wry about yesterdy!! u were so confident and beautiful!! when u started to sing, my heart was running very fast!!! i always said to u should be d one to win. but wiat, u're already r a winner1!!! u won here in malta with more than 30,000 votes. the ppl loves u, malta loves u. ur blog made me cry!!

dont stop singing!! ur voice is like d calling from angels!!!

it's all fault of fabrizio faniello illi kellek taddi mis semi fainals, u kollu torq tal linjuranti europens!!

ma iridx nikkritikak jew ek, ima kin em xi ftit noti olijin il birah, ma kantajtomx sew!!

i will always be behind u and support u!!! good luck for ur future!! keep up ur wonderful work and charm!!


kristianne xx

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Olivia, don't get the wrong impression :o) I think I speak on behalf of most when I say that we are not with you because you are Maltese (ok, maybe a teenie tiny bit), but we're with you because you are you.

You're a great singer, you had a great song... all well and good... but above all, you are humble and sweet... and that for me is what makes a champion(ess)

Well done, issa come back home imma because this floating crumb is inundated with people who want to show you how much you mean to them :o)

p.s. I think it might be a good idea to find some steel armour before you land here, għax so many people are going to want to hug you and all, that it might get a bit tight ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Olivia,
You were simply amazing matter what the biased results were.When i was present in the malta eurovision festival i got all tingly hearing your unique powerful voice...and so was yesterday...insomma to cut things short YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST MALTESE SINGER!!!we are proud of you xxx

oriana said...

Hi Olivia,

Qabadtni il biki naqra il blog tieghek illum bis serjeta. Jiena, ghalkemm ma niehux sehem huwa importanti ghalija dan il festival, bhala hobby insejahlu jiena.

Kont ili gurnata illum nistennik biex tikteb ghax bhal hafna bdejt ninkwieta, u naf li ghalik kienet difficli hafna il bierah........ghax nahseb jiena bil karatru tieghi kont nibki ghal granet shah.

Emozjonajt ruhi ghax stajt inhoss min dak li aghdejt minu inti u li vera jidispjacini. JIDISPJACINI LI KONT INTI LI GHADEJT MINN DAN KOLLHU AX JITHOQLOK IL GID KOLLHU TAD DINJA.

Ghada il festival mhux ha jkun l -istess, ghalkm xorta se narah. Ha tkun l ewwel darba ghalija li ha narah minghajr pajjizi......pero ma taqaz id dinja. Li jinteressani bhal issa ...kien dak kif thossok inti

Ahna ha nilqawk f'idejn miftuhin kif tigi lura


Anonymous said...

I think olivia did her utmost but please chairman and all the committee you better resign cause you have brought only 1 point to malta not like Grace Borg and others before .

Olivia i am so sorry that after all these years trying you had to miss the final but all maltese loved you and we will never forget this song.

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia, well done for yesterday's performance. Don't worry life goes on. People will speculate a bit but until they find something else to talk about. Don't worry. Everyone on stage looked great, but as you said, you never know what to expect at the eurovision. You are all heroes to face all those people on stage and knowing that there are millions watching. We still love you and are still proud of you.

Vertigooooooo said...

Olivia .. you should not feel guilty at all .. you were spectacular yesterday .. I mean totally divine .. a true and a proper diva .. you couldn't have looked or performed any better... No other female representative for Malta had looked any better .. you gave us an ocean of emotions during your performance ... wow so sexy and breathtaking! It was evidently clear a case of block voting for East Europe .. and I'm not saying this to rationalize the result .. it is just how it was!

Again .. proset .. you mesmerized us yesterday with your heavenly appearence! Thanks dear xxxx

Clio said...

hi olivia,
nispera li tinsab tajba u li issa nizlitlek il hasda. Ma gara xejn b daqshekk, nghidlek il verita jiean ma rajtikx ghax jiena noqod l awstralja, pero xorta ha narak is sibt ghax ha jghamluh is sibt hawn is semifinal u il hadd il final, pero ma nafx narahx il hadd ghax la ma hemmx malta ma ghandix ghalfejn.
Jiena rajt il video u id diska smajtha kemm il darba, u ghogbitni. Heqq kompetizzjoni hi, u dan bhal kull kompetizzjoni ma tistax tirbah dejjem. Kieku taf kemm niehu sehem f kompetizzjonijit jiena biex forsi nirbah xi haga!!!! mhux kanta ta ghax stunata wahda nobis.
forsi kieku kont jiena kienu jivvutawli ghax ghandijkun kollox kontra il kanzunetti u kantanti tajbin jwarrbuhom, basta jrebbhu grupp bhal tas sena l ohra gharukaza.
ha nieqaf hawn ghax nibqa sejra nidher li nieqsa minn diskors bil malti ghax ga la darba nibda ma nieqafx.
hallejtek, nispera li terga tipprova is sena id diehla.

Karl said...

Hey olivia!! i want to assure you that yesterday you gave an astounding performance full of climaxes and dynamics which simply left me speechless!! for us maltese YOU are the winner!! believe me its a pity that such a wonderful voice and great personality competed in
an 'absurd' Eurovision song contest...take care!!!

Anonymous said...

eeekkkkkkkk melaaaaaa - iktbilna fl ahhar ha naraw naqra kif int ! taf kemm konna nkwetati alik ???!!! issa dont worry ta - you should be proud of yourself ! u ahna kollha proud bik ! ilallu kemm ili ninkwieta alik ! issa i feel much better - after reading this emotional blog ! olivia well done - lots of love from all the maltese ppl ! ilallu - taf li nahseb in nies iktar qed isiru jhobbuk - iktar minn qatt abel ? - jekk jista jkun dan - ax in nies ga kienu jhobbuk hafna ! prosit prosit prosit !

Anonymous said...

hi olivia...kellek performance mill aqwa tajt il 100% tijak.....ahna kburin li int kont lambaxxatrici maltija li rraprezentajt lil malta u lil maltin kolla...we are very proud of you.....keep it up u take care eh...byebye cya sunday...

Anonymous said...


you have the charecter of a hero thats why you are my hero you think of other pepole first and dats what makes malta loves you im soo lucky im maltese love you lotz:antonia

Anonymous said...

HEllo Olivia - prosit xorta. your song was very nice and one of the best in the semifinals but i had a feeling it wouldnt pass because i know how votes work there. friends of friends etc. you have nothing to recriminate yourself for. Dont worry if any maltese say anything against you they are just plain stupid. You deserved to pass the semi finals and no one can deny that. so cheer up and dont give up! Take Care

Roderick said...

Hallik mill-bierah issa. Ma kienx jiddependi minnek it-televoting. Ejja, qum qawma fuq tieghek issa, hallik mill-biki. Ahna certi li inti ghamilt il-1000000000000000000000000000000000% li stajt taghmel.!!! J'Alla jkollok opportunita ohra. U ftakar li l-karriera min hawn tibda. Dil-competition mhi xejn specjali mill-competitions lohra. Ahna natuha fuss kbir...imma issa hadniha mghadux ta lewropa kollha. Biex mghaddejniex ahna u cipru xi messagg hemm between the lines.

Haga wahda...nispera li dil-website u dan il-blog ikomplu jigu updated. Il-hajja ta kantant mhux il-eurovision. Il-eurovision jista jkun ta pass zghir ghallkantant mhux bil-kontra!!!

Ejja halli tohrog xi album bellezza ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia! Im Maltese recently moved to London. I watched the show with a bunch of English friends which by the way all individually felt you were one of the best 3 last night! I was reading a local magazine earlier this week and you were voted the best entry for 2007. You, along with Joseph and Jes, did a wonderful performance and despite the result, I have to admit that I never felt as proud of being Maltese as I did yesterday - thanks to you!! Well done!!!! You didnt win the Eurovision but you definately won our heart!!! David

Anonymous said...

Great Performance Yesterday !!! you looked great, as always!!!

maltin xorta kburin bik. goodluck for the future, cause you're a great and a special person for all of us!!!!!!!

Krista XD said...

Heyy Olivia,

Prosit 4 everything u looked gr8.. We will always b behind u no matter what... Even i had tears in my eyes... I went to bed crying 2... I really wanted u to win... But as ur mum said life has to go on...
Prosit once again... Dont Give up..
Cya Soon XD Tc XxXx

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia....

Watching you perform Yesterday, i felt proud to be Maltese... rest assured we are proud of you - what happened was not your or anyone of the team's fault... we're all disgusted at how Eastern Europe's voting (maybe Eurovision should change its name to East Eurovision)... don't let this crush you coz for us all in Malta u deserved to win, and you've got your whole future ahead.

Anonymous said...

hey olivia :) proset tas show belleza lil tajt inti u team tieghek :) cu soon gol griza taghna :)

pls tinsiex tikteb fix hin tkun gejja ghax ghawn hafna bhali lil ikun u iridu jigu jilqawk gol airport :)cu soon xxx

Anonymous said...


You had a good song, and you sang great. Nothing to feel ashamed of at all. It is just the Eastern block vote and everyone knows that. All my favourites did not qualify, including yours!

Madeleine said...

KURAGG OLIVIA!! If your song was not chosen, it does not mean that you are not the best. There were other songs apart from yours that deserved to be chosen but were not. It's not the end of the world. We love you.

dora said...

Simply amazing performance Olivia , we are all behind you !!...Just do wry life must go on, it is just a competition. We are all proud of you !! Just simply the best, keep up the strong character and be always you !!;)

.... Take Care !!

dani said...

Hi olivia, yesterday you were and looked great....all of you where great!!! malta loves you, no matter what! This year's ESC sucked...the televoting sucks...and well now that's life! The world goes on as your mother said! We're still proud of you!!!! :D xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey olivia, yesterday you were simply great watching you made me feel proud I was maltese =)
We are still very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

proset oliva, kien haqqek tghaddi ghal finals ! kellek kollox pjanat tajjeb, imma fid-dinja kollox fottamenti hi, u sfortunatament il-fottamenti rebhu u kwalifikaw. ghamilt li stajt u ma tkessahtx qatt attenta, u ta dan ghandek unur !!!!! KEEP IT UP DUDA...someday you'll go again and you win this bloody festival !! but until now, it's a comedy ! THANKS OLIVIA YOU MADE US PROUD :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lots of love !!!

Sharon said...

hey olivia! il bierah kont tal- genn emmini! ma stajtx taghmel ahjar! ma jimpurtax habba rizultat. il- Maltin kollha jafu li int ghamilt hiltek u dhert :)

Taqtax qalbek u kompli ahdem halli tibqa tohrog dak it talent sabih li ghandek :))

PROSIT! take care u keep it up!

Ryan said...

Olivia, kellek xi dubju li ahna se nibqghu warajk? insomma, jekk kellek missek nehhejtu ax ahna warakj konna, adna u nibqghu anke minn ikkritikak. fuq kollox, ahna lkoll maltin. missna ninghaqdu anke galadarba intellghu l-ghar song li jista jkun ahseb wara meta tellajna song bhall ma kellek int. Jina ktibt, fuq li kellna pakkett perfett u kien hemm min ikkritikani. Pero' li kellna pakkett perfett mhux jin ettu imma qaluh hafna u hafna maltin (fosthom dawk it-33,000 li ivvutawlek). Kont perswaz li se tghaddi u tigi minn ta quddiem. jien ma nara l-ebda raguni ghalfejn anna nergghu nithlu fdan il contest darb'ohra. Ejja nirtiraw u daqsekk. Wara l-birah, misna indunajna li dan sar eurovision tal-"hbieb tal-hbieb" (kelli nuza frazi politika imma insomma...) Allura ejja nuru li ahna sodi... ghada tivvutawx ha nibbojkotjaw lil ewropa kolla l-aktar il pajjizi tal-lvant u l-Ex-USSR. Dawk maghquda u ahna, pajjiz ta 400,000 ruh mahniex. mela ejja nibbojkotjaw! Insomma, olivia, well done u inhobbuk hafna. U're simply d best.xxxxxxxxxxxx

Schlagerboys said...

We still love you Olivia!!!

Malta was robbed and we should be going to Valtta next year!!!

Dylan said...

Prosit Olivia spettaklu mill-aqwa,kuragg ejja ha nergghu narawk tkanta hawn u ma ghandiex dubju li ha jkollok kuntatti zgur barra xtutna wara din l esperjenza.BRAVA,TAL-GENN x'nista nghid iktar.For us you are the winner

Francesca said...

Dear Olivia, it is so nice of you to write your honest feelings in your blog today. I find it very professional too. Life is full of positive and negative things and often it is easy to run away when something goes wrong. But you show that you are full of stamina and you are professional too. Your fans adore you. Everyone here is Malta honestly believes that your performance yesterday was EXCELLENT and I am sure it is not just us Maltese who think so. I was so proud of you during your performance. Such a difficult song and you've done it to perfection. Do not look at the ESC as a negative thing. It remains a competition after all and it does not mean that each year it is the best song which wins. Take this experience as another one up your sleeve. I am sure there are things that you've learned as I am sure there are moments you've enjoyed. The result is not important. You gave your utmost and more. We all love you and are proud of you. Hey we're looking forward to have you back. Keep up your good work and do not change your character. There is a whole world of opportunities out there and we all want you to reach for them. Olivia I am sure that your future is a bright one because you are a highly talented girl and your performance yesterday prooved it all. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Kulhadd kelma wahda li l-Eurovision bla sinsla, bla sens etc u nibqghu nibghatu lil kantanti taghna biex jahasra ghax jarawhom tajbin iwarbuhom ghax jibzghu minnhom!!!!!

Justine said...

ahna xorta ha nibqaw inhobbuk u nisaportjawx olivia int kantanta brava u gburin bik ahna il Maltin
Love you Olivia God bless you u keep it up tal vuci tijak xxxx

Anonymous said...

hi olivia, i just wanted to say that u gave a lovely performance yesterday and when you came on i just thought it was a dream, and i went all cold on the inside. Dont worry you are still the same in our eyes although you didnt qualify for the finals. i dont think it will be ever possible for the Maltese to qualify to the finals due to the way the voting is done. Judges should be present and not televoting.

sharing your emations with us through this blog was a very good idea, and i think it helped the maltese understand what you where going through in these past few months.

im sure you will get a very big kiss or shall i say lick from milly..:) :)

love and take care from

Dylan said...

Prosit Olivia spettaklu mill-aqwa,kuragg ejja ha nergghu narawk hawn fostna,m'ghandiex dubju li ha jkollok kuntatti min barra xtutna wara din l-esperjenza ghax deher li kien hemm hafna interess fik.Nerga nghidlek prosit u kburin hafna bik, jien u nara dal-farsa show hekk bdejt nghid bejni u bejn ruhi li ghat talent li ghandek laqas jixraqlek tkun mahom.BRAVA,TAL-GENN x'nista nghid iktar,keep it up

Anonymous said...

Olivia M'ghandekx ghalfejn taqta qalbek amilt record awn malta(30977). Jien iddispjecini hafna li ma ghaddejtx bhal kull malti. Imma il eurovision maghadux kif kien qabel, sejjer lejn in naha ta l-east kull sena qisu qed jahrab minna. Olivia your the best Malta is proud of u.XxX

Gabriel said...

Hi Ms Olivia

Tiftakarni lili? Gabriel Cassar li kontu tghallmuni nkanta int u Marvic. Billi m'ghaddejtx ghall-final, xorta rebbieha!! {jien hu Grazielle li thallilek hafna messages fuq il-blog :))

Anonymous said...

hi Olivia

You were really great yesterday. and you've done an excellent performance. Well done!! We are all proud of you!! Take care

Nico said...

Hey Olivia!

Proset hafna tal performance ghax vera kont bomba u tal genn!My personal opinion is that deep down inside my heart you had won it for Malta and for me!As everyone knows,the eurovision is a place were neighbours vote for each other AS USUAL!!!Imsoma jien warajk ghal dejjem!Good luck for the near future. Love you loads.

P.S:Keep the singing up because your voice is beautiful.
See You!

Anonymous said...

Olivia, you are healthy.. your parents are healthy... that is what matters most in life.

Eurovision is not what it used to be.. people constantly make fun of it... so dont lose sleep over it.

Anonymous said...

Ol,Il bierah kont qisek diva- kollox sabih u mill aqwa. Rajt x'qal fuq l esc today wara l performance tieghek.Qed nghidlek dawn l kumplimenti mhux biex naghmillek kuragg imma dik hi l VERITA.Msomma hadt pjacir narak performance mzewwqa b'kollox u pruvajt tikkuntenta lil kulhadd-inkredibbli tajt kas ta kullhadd u tista tghid ghamilt ftit minn kollox li ssugerejna ahna l Maltin.
Tinsiex d diski t tajbin l ohra li bhalna m'ghaddewx u inti taf iktar minni ghala u dawn sahansitra kienu listed bhala l favoriti.
Msomma z zmien jghaddi u d dwejjaq jonqsu tibzax u ma fadalli xejn x nghidlek hlief- Viva l exotic Olivia kont belezza pupa u thankyou hafna xxx

Anonymous said...


This is what sabrina from portugal had to say - after yesterday she didnt qualify : “I loved what all the press referred about our song and performance, everybody was so kind with Portugal in the rehearsals, the press conferences and the parties and meetings that I would like to keep all this good sensations in my mind”. I posted this to tell you - that even you hade such positive feedback from the press ! all eurovision sites were praising you - so i also hope - that you like sabrina - dont look at this experience as a nightmare - but keep all these good sensations in your mind !!

leanne lewis said...

hey cuz... mela lewwel nett nixtieq najdlek proset hafna tal performance li tajt.. kienet bomba!!!.. ahna kburin bik u proset hafna!!! gl 4 d future.. keep it up!! well done!! xxx :)

Elaine said...

Hi Oliva

so sry we didnt go through to the final :( ..cant understand why, it was such
a great performance.i know it's not your fault so don't you dare blame yourself
you did an awesome job =).
we all still love you
bye bye

ecb said...

The Island that so long has been taking Eurovision seriously (including myslef LOL as tmy friedns call em a Eurovision Maniac) realised thanks to what happened to you unfortunately taht this festival has become a joke!!

Olivia you should now look beyond this festival!! you had an amazing performance and u really looked like u were enjoying ur performance and believe I saw that only in three of the performers last night!! Persoanlly I think this was one fo the best songs my country has ever sent and certainly the most interesting show EVER in our 20 years of participation!!

Olivia you made every Maltese proud to be Maltese!! You showed them what Maltese are made of!! When we didn't do well in Eurovision before it was becuase there was something wrong and that's why their might have been lack of support for the singer lathough bith Lynn and Fabrizio continued their career onlky the Times 3 didn't! But to the contrary of the Mlatese acts that didn't do well as they had something wrong you had nothing wrong!! Everythinmg was grt and into place!!

Eventhough u didn't make the finals believe me u united the Maltese together and that is the only thing that was good along with your perfromance in this years Eurovision for Malta!!!

Malta is in total shock why Europe left us out but well know how the votes where!! I'm not sure on whether u should comeback to thsi festival but fi u belive u have the right song and u can win do go for it becuase u were the best Maltese representative ever!! Listening to all the fans who wnat the best for Malta!!! :D:D:D

Hope u'll keep blogging and keeping us updated with ur career :) Thanks 4 everything Olivia! :D

Malta loves Ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Prosit Olivia! Ilbierah vera kont BOMBA u dehert li kont verament hdimt flimkien ma shabek l-ohra! Ghalija kienet wahda mill-isbah performances li qatt tat Malta! Take care u taqta qalbek qatt ax ahna xorta kburin bik!

Anonymous said...

well done olivia and all maltese contingent you sure deserved better.

Oni1983 said...

Hello Olivia!!! Ilbirah vera kellek performance bomba! nghid proset lit team kollu ax fuq il palk hrigtu bellezza! Vera li tkun imdejjqa li ma ghaddejnix ghal final imma wara kollox dan mhux tort tieghek. Mill-pajjizi li ghaddew kienet cara li l-Eastern European countries bdew jivvutaw lil xulxin.

Issa tara kemm il-Maltin vera ihobbuk ghax kulhadd ser jibqa warajk u kulhadd kburi bik. Nispera li dan ir risultat ma jaqtalekx qalbek u li tkompli tikseb iktar successi u sodisfazzjoni fil karriera tieghek!!!!

Matthew said...

Well done Olivia. You had a really wonderful performance. You really impressed me seeing you with your great song, emotions and performance. Those eyes during the performance and the wonderful smile you had on your cheeks when your show was over transmited a lot of happiness and serenity. Thanks a lot for the great effort you did to give us that wonderful show. We truly are looking forward to see you back with us Maltese.

And always remember that over 30,000 maltese people voted for you during Maltasong. Those people are the ones who believed and still believe in you together with the rest of the Maltese and also most of the Europeans.

Keep Strong! Malta is always supporting you!

roseanne said...

hi olivia;nibda biex najdlek li vera kelek performance tajba u vuci mil aqwa bhal ma qalulek hafna ohrajn.jiena u qeda niktiblek hiereg id dmugh ghax ghadni kem qrajt il blog tieghek u li ktibt int vera gabli qalbi zghira!! jiena u ragel kif kienu waslu lahhar 2 u ma ajtulnix vera hasejtni ha naqa ma lart ghax vera kelna pakett tajjeb.insomma int xorta ghadek laqwa wahda!!! u ghamel kuragg.maltin nafu li l eurovision ta neighbours kien ghadu u jibqa!!.int kantanta brava!!! kuragg mil qalb!!! roseanne


Dearest Olivia,
i am so happy that you found the time and the strength to write can be sure yesterday you were not crying alone....i felt also like crying after the results and the first shock, and although i was in a club with friends, i paid for my drinks and i left right away and nobody said to me anything, because they knew how much i believed in Vertigo and you..i left without saying goodbye and i was wandering all alone through the city..and i am sure so sad were many fans of yours and Vertigo..and please, it hurts a bit when you only thank the Maltese people, but there were also other people from whole Europe who have supported vertigo..i think they should also get a small thanks, don't you think so? i can understand that you love the maltese people, it is your personal and very beloved country, but not to be maltese and support vertigo has also some important meaning...
anyway i can understand that you must be emotionally upside down in these moments...we all share your disappointment and sorrow...but believe me you gave a very good performance yesterday...objectively Vertigo should easily qualify...what excactly happened i do not know...there are many scenarios..but look you have been very succesfull in this effort anyway: you promoted Malta the best way possible...some months ago before you and Vertigo i had no idea what kind of language you are speaking after english...i had no idea how warm and loving people you maltese are and how much you love your promoted Malta very well, you managed to show a bit of your culture, you got us interested in it...of course it is a big pitty that this journey had to stop yesterday...we would all luv to watch vertigo and you at least once more....never mind, you have been very successful in this project and that counts...and today on every ESC internet site there are comments about people who can not believe that Malte did not i think, i suppose what happened is, that people had seen you as a sure qualifier, so although they liked the song, they did not vote for it, because they thought others will do it and they voted for something else instead..but our thoughts you are the winner of yesterday, you gave the most astonishing and memorable performance of all participants and that is what the majority of people believe(and not only the maltese!) take your time now to get well over it, i am sure you are in the best hands, love and care from our closest persons makes all clouds seem less grey....

marilue20 said...

hello Olivia, u don't have to worry what the Maltese think of u. It was the Maltese who sent u there in the first place because they love u. Eurovision is always full of surprises. Unfortunatly that's what makes it addictive, u always want to see what the outcome will be even if u know that u will be shocked and even upset. I always have sleepless nights when the Maltese entry gets pushed aside by the "neighbour voters" but that never means we are not capable of good music. We have the stuff to make us proud. As for your performance yesterday, it was perfet! Your voice, movements, makeup and the whole package left nothing to be desired. U should feel good knowing that u and the team gave a great show and not guilty. It was not your fault that Malta did not pass through to the final, it was just the usual Eurovision voting tactics. Be sure to get a warm welcome back in Malta because the Maltese people love u!!!

Jurgen.M. said...

Olivia nahseb thares biss lejn dawk in nies illi kitbulek dawn il comments kolla fil blog ukoll tinduna kemm hawn maltin illu VERU jhobbuk u jixtiqulek liktar gid possibli li qatt jista jkollok f'hajtek.
Herqanin hafna ghan nhar il hadd biex narawk hawn malta fostna ghal darbohra.
Prosit tal performance impekkabli illi tajtna. ghamilna kburin bik illi ahna maltin bhalek.
bhal ma jajdu..laqwa li tipartecipa mux li tirbah,pero OVJA kulhadd jihu gost jek jirbah.
ahna erbahna iva.. imma fil qalb tijak u tana flimkien.
b'vuci wahda : viva OLIVIA viva MALTA!!!
Inhobbuk dejjem..
u Thx for making us proud once again =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,
It must have been very disappointing, but I am sure you were the best, and all Malta is still supporting you. Looking forward to see you back.


Jawn said...

You did very well. It was very competitive and the result does not reflect badly on you at all.

Elrick said...

Your performance last night was full of drama and you sang beautifully. You also looked amazing especially when the wind machine kicked in. You and your team did everything you could but it is just so difficult to qualify from the final with the voting as it is now.

Here in the UK I voted for you 10 times and I hope that is reflected when the voting results are revealed tomorrow.

I hope you look back on the eurovision experience with good memories and that you will take part again


Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia, As always you gave a brilliant performance. For this you showed what a true professional entertainer you are. You conquered the stage and for 3 minutes the audience were mesmerized by your great stage presence and faboulous voice. It makes no difference if you qualified or not, what matters is that Malta stood proud by showing everyone that we don't need neighbours to give us points. We were able to give a great 3 minute show even if our resources are not like the other big countries. Just keep your chin up wherever you go. You were lucky enough to make it there and may God open many doors for your career in the future. One last thing, i really really enjoyed reading your blog. You have a very nice sense of humour and i think it would be a shame if you had to stop. Have you ever thought of writing a book? You have quite a talent by keeping the reader entertained! Take care and hurry home, everyone is waiting for you to give you a welcome only a superstar like you deserves.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ol, taf x'qed ilaqqmuh il-final ta' nhar is-Sibt??? Balcanovision!!!! AQRA DIN ISSA : Thomas Mundt @ 11-05-2007 01:18
Hi Everyone, I have to say that I am really becoming annoyed with the voting at the ESC! Tonight one of the best performances along with Serbia was Cyprus, why did it not qaulify? Denmark, Switzerland, Malta, what happened? 10 Eastern European countries going through, what is happening? There were a lot of good songs tonight that did not get through, I'm now wondering if I should watch the contest on Saturday as it is becoming a joke! So sorry for Cyprus, great performance! Now I would say Serbia to win, great singer, great song. Well an Eastern European country will probably win so I hope for Serbia! Thomas. Din qeghda fuq Idhol u tara kemm semmewna u qed jghidu sew!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia!

You were simply AMAZING yday.. don't be sad though, you did your best and all the maltese believe that! I personally don't think that eurovision in 100% fair.. You DEFINITELY deserved to be chosen!

You are of inspiration to meand many others. You teach me never to give up :) Plus you've got an amazing voice! Very nice stage performance btw yday! I loved the fans! :)

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

It's not just the Maltese who loved you! We were watching in Britain and thought you were amazing. It was a fantastic performance and I'm really sad you didn't get through.

Anonymous said...

Whilst reading u're blog I felt tears in my eyes coz I'm not saying that I understand but its prolly what anyone feels, but olivia, we've loved u in kalamita, in each MSFE and yday we loved u for ure performance. Sure all malta wanted to pass but the most important thing for us was for u to give us a great performance .. coz WE where the once glued to the TV praying and hopeing for u. Finally I am obviously sorry that we didn't pass but I'm mostly sorry that YOU had to pass through this, u're a great person and a WONDERFUL singer:) just put this in u're baggage of experience and lets all move on. Though in every cloud THERE IS a silver lining .. coz although u didn't pass most of the GREAT songs didn't pass so its obvious that u had one of the best songs there :) The voters didn't vote for malta just because they were afraid of us being in the final and actually WINNING! For us u're still our star hi! ..u mhux dak l-aqwa? :P take care hi and make sure u keep u're great laugh!! hope to see u tonight in xarabank :):):) We're PROUD OF U hi :)
lots of love
PS: Be thankful that u have such great ppl around u like mark and u're parents :)

Alfred said...

can you tell the time pls olivia youllbe in malta 10x !!!

Anonymous said...

dear olivia,

you made us proud with that fantastic performance and esc means eurovision shame contest. you didn,t qualify because no one wants to vote for a song that could win the eurovision instead of them. come back in malta with your head up high and be proud for the fantastic job you've done cause we maltese are all proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Whilst reading u're blog I felt tears in my eyes coz I'm not saying that I understand but its prolly what anyone feels, but olivia, we've loved u in kalamita, in each MSFE and yday we loved u for ure performance. Sure all malta wanted to pass but the most important thing for us was for u to give us a great performance .. coz WE where the once glued to the TV praying and hopeing for u. Finally I am obviously sorry that we didn't pass but I'm mostly sorry that YOU had to pass through this, u're a great person and a WONDERFUL singer:) just put this in u're baggage of experience and lets all move on. Though in every cloud THERE IS a silver lining .. coz although u didn't pass most of the GREAT songs didn't pass so its obvious that u had one of the best songs there :) The voters didn't vote for malta just because they were afraid of us being in the final and actually WINNING! For us u're still our star hi! ..u mhux dak l-aqwa? :P take care hi and make sure u keep u're great laugh!! hope to see u tonight in xarabank :):):) We're PROUD OF U hi :)
lots of love
PS: Be thankful that u have such great ppl around u like mark and u're parents :)

Anonymous said...

Olivia, your song was really the best from all. i'm from Lithuania, not from Malta, and still i support you

Adriel said...


With tears in my eyes, I'm writing this message. Your words struck me, you are such a wonderful person. I promise you that all of us lived this with you. In the good and bad moments.

Last night, when the last envelope was to be opened, we all were hoping it would be MALTA, but instead it was MALdova... At the “MAL” we all thought it was MALTA and our hopes came back but then like Eva Lange of snow, we all broke out crying and crying… couldn’t believe what just happened… We had so much faith in you to the very last moment. You were excellent. You are superb. And we were sure you’ll make it… but… :’( No… MALTA didn’t…

Obviously this wasn’t your fault dearest Olivia, and I want you to promise me, that you’ll NEVER blame it on yourself. You did all you could, you gave your 200%, not 100% and I feel so thankful for that. But we have to face it, Eurovision voting system sucks… pity a song like ours, who was so good didn’t make it because of the stupid neighbour voting!! I’m so angry at the system, because you disserved sooooo much to have a ticket to the final. :’( You disserved it… you disserved it… :’(

Olivia, I promise you… that family and I will keep you close to our hearts for the rest of our days. In this BLOG you showed us the true you… you gave us a better understanding of your character… you are wonderful, honest, most down to earth person ever… you are and still be the best of the best for us… no matter what… no matter what… :’(

Olivia, dearest of all… your days doesn’t end here … there’s a road ahead of you… never give up on your talent!! NEVER!! You are the best artist we know… and we want you to keep hangin’ on… keep going… we’ll be there to pick you up in your downfalls… because YOU disserve only the best… you disserve it… for all you’ve done for us… you disserve every inch of our respect…

Hope you’ll keep this BLOG going now… because we found a friend in you… you’re so different from the rest… you’re the greatest… you’re the best!!


Loads of love,



Anonymous said...

keep it up xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Kont ghadni u nibqa' nemmen fik Olivia. Minn kemm ilna niehdu sehem fil-eurovision is-show li kellek int kien l-aqwa. Int ma tahti xejn, jekk dan il-kuntest sar iktar politiku. Il-Maltin ghadhom u jibqghu jhobbuh. Jien ghaddejt minn mumenti koroh fil-hajja pero' haga tghallimt li wara tohorog aktar b' sahhtek. Ahseb biss f' dan u tahsibx li ahna l-Maltin irrabjati ghalik altru li le. Kollha nemmnu li int ghamilt hiltek kollha.


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia a very well done to you because u gave your best and u really deserve a warm welcome kif nafu naghmlu ahna insomma!!!!!Come on chee up there r other sad things happening in d world.We r proud of you .Proud 2 b Maltese and I have an idea... we shouldn't vote tomorrow who cares let the East vote now it's there Eastvision voting contest!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ghaziza Olivia ..Grazzi tali irraprezentajt il pajjizi ..kien haqqek ferm ahjar imma dal contest mimli sorprizi !! ..ghalija ma stajtx tajt performance ahjar kemm int u kemm l-ohrajn.taqtax qalbek,xorta nibqa nhobb il-muzika tieghek.Narawk lura ma ndumux.Grazzi mil qalb.

lea said...

hi ilivia, as i read your blog tohrog qalbi ghalik and tears sting my eyes not cause we didnt make but for d fact that u did so well and worked so hard these last few months. its like having a birthday cake but suddenly someone mean ruins its. the cake is gone but the birthday not. well what im trying to say is. no eurovision BUT ur still our lovely great olivia. dont let this put u done and fight it back with ur grt personality. gud luk princess.

Anonymous said...

to be honest...i thought that last night was one of your best for that tiny bit of flatness... u were simply great. u had great features and nothing was over-the-top as i was fearing...simply just perfect. wouldn't it be stupid of us to blame you for other's ignorance in voting on political rather than musical grounds?

now a break...then a couple of gigs...a cd and aloha eurovision!

Anonymous said...

Lets make pressure on the ESC to change the televoting system... we all know that it sucks. We should make an official protest, gathering as many other countries as possible - the more the merrier. I'm a singer and I prefer not mentioning my name. Yesterday's performance was one of the best performances ever done by maltese artists (together with Chiara's and Ira's). I'll think it twice before taking part next year... I have a career to safeguard!

Anonymous said...

hi olivia,
you and your team did great! well done for a terrific performance! however and as usual the voting wasnt done in a fair way as we dont have any neighbours!!! dont be let down cause of this issue even though i truly understand your disappiontment after all these years waiting for your turn to represent our country. but pls do not give up we wanna see you competing again cause you are meant to be in the finals and make us feel proud of you once again!!

warmest good luck and a safe journey back home.

we ll be waiting for you!!!

we love you and vertigo xxx

nic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

James Abela said...


As Norman Hamilton confirmed, the fault belongs to ex-communist countries. Clearly, if communism was never strong, it was yesterday. They managed to kick us out cowardly.

Malta will ALWAYS be behind you. we know how much resources you dedicated to Eurovision, and we'll never forget THAT.

You're the best.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

hey olivia come on fil eurovision ma tafx x ser jigri. so what ma tkunx din id darba tkun darba ohra. amel kuragg u l maltin xorta adom warajk u jibqaw ax kulhadd jaf li kantajt mil qalb u li tajt kull ma stajt. prosit kbiraaa hafna u taqtax qalbek!!! u r still my number 1 taaa !!!!!! xxx

AlisonDee said...

Olivia, you did great. obviously i wish we passed to the final both as a nation and also coz you have been trying so much for this. Dont give up and i HOPE that youll try again someday :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia. There were tears in Denmark too - not because we didn't get through - but because of the fact that Malta didn't. Not only should U have gotten through (I voted 16 times), but also win the whole thing on Saturday. No point in me watching the (Eastern) Eurovision "song" Contest on Saturday - cos the winning song (Vertigo) is not gonna be there. That the best written song, best production and best performance didn't make it through - only suggests that this is infact not a song contest anymore. All the best to U, Olivia - U didn't just do well - U did perfection! Don't feel bad that U can't sing as poorly as the guys from Latvia, don't feel bad that U can't make an embarrassingly bad performance as Slovenia, don't feel bad that U can't "play" the drums like Bulgaria (still don't know what happened there??) - don't feel bad that U are a true original who came to Finland and presented quality! Hopefully, this can put a smile on your face - cos if U look at which "songs" went through.... it really speaks for itself!

Love U and keep smiling!

Marc Adam, DK

Anonymous said...

....another thing...Im the same one who left the comment to refrain from participating to the eurovision...

Next year I would probably try to compete in an ex soviet competition.. I guess I got more chance to place in the eurovision if i win their contest. (this might be a hint to our composers - send songs to soviet countries: their songs suck)

Anyway - Olivia we are proud of did your utmost and even if we want to try to find critics in your interpratation, it would be difficult.

So well done once again and we'll see you at the airport


Anonymous said...


All Malta was and will still be behind you. What happened yesterday has happened before and will happen even in future if this televoting system remains as is.
We feel proud of you. Its a pity that you worked so hard for the past years and then it vanishes all in some few minutes.
It is pretty clear that what happened yesterday will repeat itself tommorow and in forthcoming song contests should this televoting system not change. Anyways i will not loose more time talking on.....well done for yesterday, you did your utmost and im sure that all maltese will be proud of you.

Take care and see you at the airport

Anonymous said...


Fabian said...

Dear Olivia

I am Fabian Galea from Gozo...and I must tell you that you were awesome yesterday. For me your song was like a breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the others.

I agree with ur very wise goes on. God gave you a wonderful voice to sing in Eurovision and beyond. So don't be too hard on yourself cos YOU made us PROUD!!!!

Really with Eurovision its the same old story...neighbour voting neighbour and with all the new countries in east europe now its becoming ridiculous. THE MALTESE PACKAGE THIS YEAR WAS EXCELLENT. Trust me we are all proud of YOU and your team. Ara qed nghidlek konna 7 narawk il flat spiccajna kollha nibku...minn naha ghax m addejnix imma most of all we know how much dedication and hard work you have given in this contest and how much it meant to you. We Maltese unfortunately give too much importance to this festival and the singer is constantly under pressure.

So Olivia, thanks for the big effort you did for us Maltese..oh yes and Gozitans lol!! Never give up and keep up your determination and marvellous voice!!! Have a safe trip back home...we will be right here waiting for you.

bye bye



P.S. I love your dog...We have one exactly like her....he's nuts!!!

Anonymous said...

Prior to the semi-final, ppl on ur blog, including me, have commented that regardless of the result, they will still be backing you all the way!And it's true...We didn't say that just for the sake of saying it but because we felt that way!
Yesterday's performance was literally PERFECT! I've never seen u looking so radiant and happy on stage with a beautiful twinkle in your eye!
Whatever everyone says, we all know it wasn't ur fault but merely the absurdly nasty neighbourly voting which seem to have become a trend as time goes by.
I honestly hope(and encourage) that countries from Western Europe(or whoever objects)speak for their rights and maybe things we'll change. If no one speaks, the money we spend on eurovision will prove futile.

Anyway, I hope u'll be back happier than ever. U r still our Maltese winner and if we had to go bac again, I'm sure we would stillhave chosen 'Vertigo' to represent our country.

We love u and don't worry, u still give us Vertigo everytime we listen to ur AMAZINGLY remarkable voice:-)

Claudia said...

Hi Olivia,
I'm a maltese person living in Scotland and I was really shocked yesterday when i saw you didn't do it. But sure it's not your fault, we all know how the eurovision works. Your song is great and the video too. I cannot stop listening to it. I managed to get it from my family in malta and all i keep listening to and singing to is your song VERTIGO. it's such a nice song, no matter what anyone says and no matter what the results show. You were great and don't let yourself down cause of the results.

Anonymous said...

proset tal- performance li tajt il bierah:-)))))

Edmund said...

Prosit Olivia lilek u team li kellek warajk.M'hemmx taghmel il-luck ma dahaqlikx. Il Bierah kont perfetta. Dan il festival mhux Song Festival imma neighbourhood Festival. L-opinjoni tiji hi li ma nidhlux iktar dimend li votazjoni tibqa 100% televoting. Tiduli mela chiara mhux 100% kien. Imma l chiara dahqitila l furtuna u dak iz zmien ma kienx hemm hafna pajizi ex koministi.

Good Luck for your future

Clara said...

Dear Olivia.....

Int ghamilt li stajt biex tajt performance bomba bhal tal-bierah.U vera kontu sbieh int specjalment.U toqghodx tinkwita ghax Malta kollha warajk.Prosit tal-bierah.
Dejjem Tieghek,

Anonymous said...

Proset tal performence li tajt il birah

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
Ahna xorta warajk. Ma kienx tort tieghek. Inti ghamilt l-ahjar li stajt. Konnha ,ghadna u nibqghu nhobbuk.
Marion xxx

Yasmine said...

Hellowwww oliviaaaa proset tal bierah!!!!!!! alavolja ma addejtax illum kulhadd ifahhrek aw malta! amilt li stajt u kulhadd jaf kif hu il eurovision tibzax kkulhadd jaf...ima inti vera amilt lahjar li stajt YOU ARE THE GREATEST!! jina xorta fan kbira tijak bqajt u hafna maltin bhali. proset jiena u nahseb il bqija tal maltin kolla dizappuntati bdak li rajna il birah li hafna mid diski li mumix sbih addew imbad tana li flopinjoni tijaj kinet wahda mit tajbin ma dahlitx ima toqodx tinkiwita mux it tort tijak narawk nar il hadd l airport kulhadd 'looking foward' lav yuww xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You were at your very best Olivia and we're all proud of you!
The truth is that the fabulous songs just didn't pass but I'm sure that singing in the final or in the semi-final you've done as much as you could!
Hugs and kisses from Family White

Antonella said...

Hi olivia, ilbirah kinet performance tajba hafna hafna!u ma seta jkollok xejn aktar ahjar milli kellek! Fil-fehma tieghi ileurovision ta din is-sena kellu toqol fis semifinal u kiku is sena lohra morna tajjeb zgur li din is sena bid diska vertigo konna nigu ma lewwel axra! Ghalkemm ma kontx helsinki xorta wahda naf li hdimtu tajjeb hafna bix tellajtu wahda millisbah performance li tellghu ilbirah! Jien naf certa li ser igib unuri kbar lil malta! It-tort kollu talbnidem li tefa lil Malta flahhar post ghax flebda sena ma kin emm diski tqal bhal ta din is-sena fis semi final u li Malta kella tikompeti maghhom! tc & we are all proud of you

Butterfly said...


Unfortunaterly the Eurovision is what it is :(. You were all great. You gave you 101% and you should not have obtained that result. You are really a hero as you where always close to the public through the blog.
Wish you luck in your career and do not let this stumbling block discourage you. As your Mum said the world goes on. We are proud of you. YOu have such a wonderful voice. See you later on Xarabank. Tc XXX

Andre` said...

Dear Olivia!
I can imagine how hard it is for you!I'm really sorry you didint make it!But courage!We are still so proud of you!and that u was our ambassador!This festival is always loosing it's class..and it's meaning-that is of having Good voices that sing good songs!AS YOU WAS!Don't be did your best..even if i'm sure you had people,that dont'n even know what singing is, giving you orders!When will we maltese, stop trying to do something we know nothing about!!(you know for who i mean!!)
Anyways...You deserved to go to songs made it..and good songs didn't..that shows it was unfair over all!

sending you a big hug and thank u from all my family!
Lots and lots of love!!xxx:)

marija said...

ahna konna adna warajk, you are the best olivia mwamwamwa

Roana said...

Hi Ol! Your performance yesterday was outstanding! Shame on the European countries who did not give you their support. Believe me, all Malta could have died yesterday as they opened the last envelope. You and other good songs were left out -God only knows why... I'm sure we'll find out soon. In the meantime, I am sending you a virtual hug. You were soo good and beautiful yesterday. Keep on writing. We love you and are sooo proud of you. Take it as some 'cruel' fate - but hopefully bigger things lie ahead. xxxx Roana

zejtuni said...


Alfred said...


kevin said...

hey olivia , well done u & the team did a gr8 job,keep it up , zgur is song kella tghaddi mal finali imma , qed nindunaw li fis semi finals mumiex jghaddu is song it tajbin , biex dawk tal finali ma jkollomx kompetizjoni kbira, dik hi l opinjoni tieghi imma nahseb li vera hekk qed issir, never give up , nahseb il karriera tieghak ma spiccacx hawn imma nahseb ada ha tibda gd luck ol, and keep smiling xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
Yesterday you were simply great!!
Please don't let this stupid contest, or better still I prefer calling it a farce, ruin your career!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the sacrifices that you have done. And thanks alot also to all the team: dancers, backing vocals, Sasha (makeup artist) and hairstylers.

LOUISE said...

oliva *****YOU WERE AMAZING*****
and regarding your performance, the cheoriography, your make up artist and all the team did a very good job. it showed that this year the maltese contangent was like a big family. every thing turned out fine both on stage and visualy. i would like to say a big well done to the comatee especilly robert that this year they did there upmost to support you and you gave a wonderful show that we saw yesterday and i'm sure that no matlese person is to blame. oliva don't worry the reactions here in malta were the same. oliva we all love you and if someone will critisice you is because they don't know nothing about music:)
take care and and we are proud of you XXXXXXXXX

Charelle said...

no need to cry and have bad feelings oli, u did great and we all know it. just be strong now and come back here to please us with ur lovely voice. let all the political stuff for eurovision and forget the guilt. ul always be olivia lewis for us no matter what. see you :)

Owen Bonnici said...

Olivia, Inti kellek performance tal-genn, diska tal-genn u bla dubju wahda mill-ahjar ghaxar diski! Hu skandlu kif id-diska m'ghaddietx u ghaddew diski ohrajn bil-qabda inferjuri! Jiena kburi bik u nawguralek biex wara li tieqaf tirrifletti ftit "you bounce back in style". Ahna warajk! Owen Bonnici (Marsaskala)

Mediterranean star said... have done a great job and don't take it seriously...i must admit that I was shocked and upset that Malta failed to secure a place for saturday's's not your fault...dan kien eurovision 'ghall-hbieb tal-hbieb' re east european countries...maybe we should do a mediterranean festival and forget about this take care u keep it up x

Anonymous said...

Never give up your dreams..Life is not about Eurovision! You have a powerful voice and such a nice personality..

The result is not important.. put everything behind you and remember that Malta loves you


miriam said...

Hi dear Olivia,
You don't know me,but 20 years ago I was present together with my husband in a local hotel,in Qawra,during entertainment when Joe Cutajar,introduced a little girl to sing Frank Sinatra's "My Way".He called "Olivia Lewis" and I remember after hearing you singing the song, my husband told me "We're sure going to hear more of this little singer...just you wait and see!!" We came up to you and talked to you and I remember you were very shy:)We wrote your name on a piece of paper and kept it in a drawer. As time went by we did hear more of you and you sure are doing a very good job with your voice and your talent!Like your mum said "Life goes on" You have great parents and sister and all the Maltese love you. I know that it must be hard to see a negative result but you are already a sucess and there is no need of festivals to prove it!!
So keep going and don't let this small thing interrupt your dreams and remember that we Maltese are proud of you!!
Miriam and family x x

J said...

Olivia you nearly made me cry now when i read the blog that you posted this morning.... Beleive me.... YOU DID AMAZINGLY GREAT!!! You can't even imagine how proud we felt, all here at home, that you were representing us on stage those few minutes that you were singing, together with the rest of the crew! But it doesnt have be to be a contest like the Eurovision to know all this because we knew that you were the bomb since many years back.... i still remember trying to sing like you when i was young and used to see you at different occasions since i am approximately your age! So dear, this event doesnt count a thing to all the Maltese that have always wished you well!
You were great and i am so sure that you will have an even brighter future than you already had before!
Hugs xxx
Il-Maltin Kburin BIK!

J said...

Olivia you nearly made me cry now when i read the blog that you posted this morning.... Beleive me.... YOU DID AMAZINGLY GREAT!!! You can't even imagine how proud we felt, all here at home, that you were representing us on stage those few minutes that you were singing, together with the rest of the crew! But it doesnt have be to be a contest like the Eurovision to know all this because we knew that you were the bomb since many years back.... i still remember trying to sing like you when i was young and used to see you at different occasions since i am approximately your age! So dear, this event doesnt count a thing to all the Maltese that have always wished you well!
You were great and i am so sure that you will have an even brighter future than you already had before!
Hugs xxx
Il-Maltin Kburin BIK!

CheRRy BLoSSom said...

Hello Olivia!!

I only wanted to say that u were sooo great yesterday!!!! Never give up... :D

take care

The truth said...

Hey Ol!

Ahna irridu nirringgrazzjaw lilek! Ghexna din l-esperjenza mieghek! Kont haga wahda maghna! Qatt ma konna qrib tal-kantant daqs din is-sena! Ma stajniex nghidu li ma hdimtx ghax urejtna pass pass x'kont qeda taghmel!

Ir-rizultat ma kienx jiddependi minnek. Fuq tal-linja u l-Universita` kulhadd qabel li kien haqqek tghaddi!

Insomma... Vertigo tibqa l-aqwa prezentazzjoni li kellna fl-ESC s'issa!

Enjoy d holiday 2morrow! You deserve it!

mandy said...

olivia u were the best one that sang in the eurovision i love the song i wished that we make it to the finals but that doesnt matter coz for me you won the eurovision i wish i could be your friend i know it wont happen but its a wish

love mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps ur the best and and ur my fav singer

Anonymous said...

hello olivia.
you did a great performance last night and we were really proud of you.. you looked absolutely stunning and sang really well!

lots of love xxxx

Lara said...

Olivia..u were simply amazing! u made me proud that I'm Maltese..qabbadtni il-bard hemm fuq :). Taqtax qalbek, be strong, u fuq kollox ibqa b'dik id-dahka sabiha fuq wiccek. Dont worry gara li gara nafu li mhux tort tijak, we dont doubt ur talent. Prosit inti u it-team kollu u THANKS ta kollox. X X X mwa X X X tc

Mark...your cousin said...

Hi Olivia,
Ater reading your letter tears shed in our eyes. You definetly did not deserve this. You deserved to be one of the top finalists next saturday. For us you are still one of them. You made us feel proud of you as you did your best. Be strong and have courage although it is very hard, life does go on. Always keep in mind that for us you were the best. Take care! your cus Mark and my girlfriend Amanda

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet,

thank you!!!! the nicest three minutes of the semi final. you really did all one could do. i am extremely sorry but it's better like this, we didn't have anyone to vote for us in the semi final let alone in the final!

i am sorry that the eurovision is not more about music ! and personally i think that we should not partecipate any more, to avoid dissapointments like this.

we love you and we are waiting for you.

thank you for making us proud.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia. Prosit hafna il-bierah tajt performance vera tajba li fil-pajjiz ta` Malta ilna ma naraw wahda bhala fil-Eurovision. Imma l-hajja tkompli, ghadek zghira u quddiemek ghandek futur sabih u mimli successi. Posit and we will always love you ;)

Anonymous said...

hi this is a fan from a gozo. God Helps you through this rough time and u did great!!!!! Till now you were a strong person and try to keep this strength...

You make Malta and Gozo proud of U!!!
Gozitan Fans

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Olivia,
As we read your letter, tears shed in our eyes. we are very sorry about what happened. You definetely deserved to be one of the TOP finalists next Saturday but as you said in the Eurovision everything can happen. For us you are still the best. Do not lose hope and have strength becuase as your mother said life goes on. We love you and watching you on tv made us feel soooooo proud!!
Take care,
your cousin Mark and my girlfriend Amanda...Cu next Sunday!

marita said...

hi Oli,i remember you when you use to sing at Bellview in Mellieha, you were still young as i m too, cause you r my age. i watch the Eurovision every year very eargerly and wish that one day i will represent the maltese people like you PROUDLY did too.
life is like that Ol,this thing that happened will make you stronger and stronger. we do not understand why but God surely does cause he always give us the BEST, for us. all maltese girls should look at you and learn that in life even if you do not succeed materially or phisically(like when we try to do diets:)) internally we get stronger to face the world that is made up of ipocrecy and sincerity too. thank God for your parents, they have raised a GOOD GIRl in all senses. kuragg u take care. marita.

Neil said...

Hi Olivia. I'm writing this message during the Xarabank programme... I think you did very well, even better than all the other ones competing!! The televoting is a **** up, if you know what I mean- we have no neighbours and the competitors had LOADS!!! I think they gave the hosts the wrong envelopes- the ones with the losers not the passers!!! I mean not even Norway passed (to tell you the truth we were unlucky to be after her!) I just think that you were the only good one- the dancers were hopeless!! Courage Olivia, don't feel sad because you were by far better than all competitors! I think you should have passed and won with the same ratio you beat Trilogy!!! no offence to trilogy! lol

JW! said...

Dear Olivia,
The only word I can use to describe how I felt for you last night is 'gutted'. I'm not Maltese (I'm from the UK) but I really warmed to you through your wonderful song and reading this blog; your warmth, enthusiasm and perseverance at making it to Eurovision really shone through. I even had your single shipped to me from Malta, and put it in the window of my CD cabinet for anyone who might care to see it.
I was over the moon with your performance on the night, you looked absolutely beautiful too, and of all the countries I hoped against hope would go through I hoped for Malta.
Anyway I hope you can take comfort from all our support and that you did Malta and all your fans proud with your performance. You're still a star in our eyes, that deserved to be there in the final. It would be great to see you again on the Eurovision stage, but if not, I'm sure you have a bright future in singing ahead of you. Chin up sweetheart, we're so proud of you! xxxxx
Love John :-)

Anonymous said...


Dont lose faith. You were just perfect and in fact too good for the rest of Europe and they were scared of the competition. You were not given the opportunity that you so deserve and this will happen for you one day. Carry on singing and bringing joy to all the Maltese and others around Europe.
Regards . M Jones, Wales UK

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,
I hope you have got over the shock!!! But now what occurs to me are two things: i)it was a valid result because you deserve better than the Eurovision trash: your package was of a much higher standard than any of the winners, ii) you achieved the exposure anyhow,SO the future is yours, the world is at your feet. GOOD LUCK


Sergey said...

Greetings from Ukraine!

The fact that you didn't make it into the finale was a great shock to us here. A lot of people here think that your song was the best in the semifinals - or even in this year's contest! The song itself, your voice,the choreography, the show - it was brilliant. Just keep up the good work - I'm sure you'll get your first places in contests, where quality is the actual criteria.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi olivia!
Il-birah tajt performance tal-genn!
Imbilli ma ghadejjnijx ma waqatx id-dinja!! int konna vera bomba!
Insomma Life goes on!
cu :)

Ganni x-XeJn SeW said...

Aw Ol! Ha niktiblek bil-MALTI, ghax ahna lkoll kbuin li ahna MALTIN. Nifhem li thoss il-pressure jghaffgek, imma int m'intix responsabbli ghall-irresponsabbilta' tat-televoting. Il-bierah int kont S-T-U-P-E-N-D-A, u dak hu li jghodd. Billi ma kwalifikajniex dan ma naqqaslek XEJN mit-talent formidabbli tieghek. Hares 'il quddiem ras, u jalla l-Mulej itik il-qawwa biex ma thallix din l-esperjenza tibdlek. (U ftakar - il-Eurovision mhux kollox, there's more to life than that... :0) Kuragg! (P.S. il-blog twaqqfux ta!)

well done again said...

yep i am crying the moment i am seeing u on xarabank and u r simply wonderful pupa! after seeing the performance i can see how excellent u were. just keep it up..just wished you to take part in d final...better luck next you sweety...

ABi zarb

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic show and performance you had, and you got my votes from the UK last night! You deserved to be at ESC and should feel proud of what you have achieved, you had agreat song and act and no one can take that away from you!

Please let us know what you do next! :)

GrAz said...

Hi Olivia, Just wanna say Thank you for representing us in the Eurovision last night. Unfortunetly we didn't make it...but we still believe in you and think you are one of the best singers Malta could have.
Keep up the good work and please don't ever give up...we're here for you! we're are PROUD of u!

Clive Barbara said...

136 comments already olivia so i have to be short. MALTA did not qualify not olivia lewis.. we maltese "used" ur voice to represent us.. of course we are dissapointed but not at all its ur fualt. u were simply amazing. and behind it all we all know that eurovision is never fair! take care xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia, I remember you when you were a student like me taking part in the school choir. i remember you telling me that in order to project my voice better i had to open my mouth, and i also remember looking up at you as someone with potential. I was in form 1 and u a fifth former. You surely wouldnt remember me but even then you had given me the impression that you were tough, ambitious and surely better than me at singing ;) You proved to be all this and i hope we will see you back in Malta with the same determination you've always had. Every experience makes you a stronger person. Good Luck :) XXXXX

Anonymous said...

hi Olivia
I felt really sad because of it!=(
I voted for you! But life goes on. You did your best, but eurovision is it. It needs to have luck.
Now, continue doing music because your voice it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

olivia kont tal genn.. peformanze vera sabiha... lehnek u lehen il backing vocals f daqqa vera hareg tal genn.. zfin sabih. proset hfn kulhadd! u dont give up.. bhal ma dejjem ghamilt! dejjm warajkk. sarah

Anonymous said...

hey olivia!!

Ilbirerah x'hin rajt dik il performance stupenda qabadni il-bard! Vera proset u please do not be sad, ghax l-ebda Malti m'ghandu ghalfejn jghatik tort. Ma ghaddejnix, mhux ghax int ma kontx perfetta, imma ghax is-soltu storja tal-pajjizi jivvutaw in-neighbours! :( Dak il-hin on stage dert naturali u kellek vuci impekkabli! Proset olivia u tinsiex, taqta qalbek qatt :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia. I've been following your blog over the past days but never thought of writing my comment ...until now.
YOU have been a true professional throughout your preparations up to final delivery on Thursday. Its unfortunate that you are suffering the consequences of someone else's mistakes.
Your perseverance over the years has been examplary to anyone who has a goal. We admired you, we suffered with you, we enjoyed your triumph and now .. yes why not..we cried with you.
Nevertheless I am positive that you will know how to use this experience in the best way possible to make yourself better and stronger.
I sure hope that you do keep your promise given tonight on Xarabank - that when you feel its the right time you will return to the SFE stage and let us enjoy more of 'you'.
All the very best.

JOSIANNE said...

hi olivia,nispera li gejt fuq tieghek. kellek performance ECCELENTI u mil aqwa .hawn kulhadd warajk .ghamel kuragg u kun kburija bli ghamilt nispera li terga tiprova ghal darba ohra ghal festival .WE STILL LOVE YOU AND PROUD OF YOU XXXX JOJO MARSAXLOKK

Anonymous said...

you got almost 31,000 votes here in Malta and i'm sure that not only those people who voted for you to go to Helsinki but all the Maltese are proud of you. You gave a great interpretation of the song and the performance was excellent. You deserved surely a place in the final but for the Maltese people you are surely a winner. Goodluck for your future.

Anonymous said...

Youre still number one in our hearts Olivia <3

Kat said...

Hi Olivia,

Out of all the songs of the semi & final your song was definately in my top 5. Honestly. You are such a great person and i dont even know you but from what i see on tv you are such an honest and gentle person who also has a sense of humour and not stuck up.

This was one of the best entries we have ever had and i honestly didnt think you were going to have SUCH a nice & great performance but i knew you wouldnt let us down and you had an EVEN better performance than i thought. The best of the night i can guarantee it. Most of the songs that did qualify to me, arent eurovision songs. Actually its become too commercial and they dont know what a eurovision song is anymore.

I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your career and hoping to meet you some day too!!!

Give a kiss to Milly too!!!

Kat ;)

Patrick said...

Hi Olivia, your performance was great. Well done. You made Malta proud. We all know the reasons why Malta did not make it to the final... it's the faulty voting system. I have started a petition for Malta to Submit Mock Song for Eurovision 08, click here.

Anonymous said...

Olivia, you and all the team were fantastic! That's what we saw on TV and you've made us all proud of being Maltese! You should not be ashamed of anything! Who should be ashamed are those who have simply voted - AND UNDESERVEDLY I MUST SAY - for entries coming from their neighbouring countries no matter the level of that particular entry. Their aim was not to reward the best entries but to make their closest 'friends' get to the finals on Saturday! It was all that clear for one and all around the world. It is they and the EBU organizers who should be ashamed of this result and not you or any of us Maltese. You and some other very good entries did not qualify not because you weren't good enough to make it to the finals but because you were so cheekily cheated!! As everybody is saying around the globe, the Eurovision Song Contest is becoming more and more of a farce than anything else since it is only the very few who are voting genuinely and justly. You should have been in the finals with full force!!! We all love you and appreciate your honest efforts to make us proud. You deserved much much more than this crap result!!!

Anonymous said...

Oliva , you were fantastic. I would like to thank you so much. I wish you all the very best this world can hold. May God bless you always.

Tonio Galea said...

Hi Olivia!
you did your best last thursday and you were excellent, Excellent Voice and excellent performance! You shouldn't be guilty at all because the semifinal depended on the televoting and for some reason the countries that went into the final are all in the east and the finalist that voted , voted for the worst songs so that they could win the final , so don't worry your song was the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ol

At this point in time, everyone knows what to expect from the ESC. Its all this block viting thing. I really, but really enjoyed watching you on stage, you were super AMAZING.

My heart is with you Olivia, il-vuci hargitlek vera vera nice on Thursday. i watched the rehersals and it wasn't that good, imma il hamis bellahtni. I guess in the rehersals u were holding back your energy, and you were right. Issa igri tasal Malta, anna temp bomba aw. Xemx taqli ta veru.

Be strong and we r still Proud of you! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi oli,int kont l ewwel kantanta li qsamt pass wara pass l esperjenza tieghek mil bidunett tal festival li beda malta sa anki tajtna l opportunita nazlulek il libsa komplejt bil blogs li ktibt u anki qsamt maghna u involvejtna fl affarijiet li kont qed taghmel u ta dan nirringrazzjak,issa l easternfestival spicca u ghadda kollox ghalhekk nghidlek ibqa kif int ibqa sabiha kif int min gewwa u min barra u thalli xejn u lil hadt ifixklek,prosit hafna u nawguralek gid u sahha u hafna imhabba bhal ma diga ghandek
prosit hafna xxxxxxx

carmen said...

well done you made a great performance one of the best in my opinion but as we all know we have no neighbours thanks for the good work from bahrija hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey olivia. We all love you and we are proud that you represented our country. you looked amazing, everything was great. The songs that past, in my opinion, wasnt as great as yours, but eurovision is full of surprises. we love you and we thank you for giving a lovely and great preformances. we are proud of the maltese delication. tc in life and keep singing. im sure that good things are coming your way :) xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi olivia, you were great yesterday and yes you should be proud you are maltese because you were amazing up there..! when you were singing it made me feel like "wow....she's maltese" and even though you were'nt 1 of that 10....for me you weren't the 1 of that 10 but you were THE ONE.., you were great olivia, i hope 2 see you again in the malta song for europe, continue on making us proud..!! :-)

Charlene said...

hey olivia.. U WERE GREAT Thursday!!!! its not your fault that Malta's place in the final was stolen. You did your best, you gave a gr8 performance and that's what counts for us. we are proud of you and we love you very much. thank you for representing us this year.. you truly gave us vertigo last Thursday. love you very much
Charlene xxx

Roderick said...

There's an email going round to boycott tonights televoting olivia...i agree with it and urge all of the surfers visiting your website to do so!

Joe Ta Xbiex said...

Nahseb li kont qed nghamel xi haga hazina ghax il kummenti tieghi ma rajthomx. Hadt pjacir nisma li int tinsab tajba wara nhar il Hamis ghax Malta kollha kienet u ghada warajk. Nispera li illum hadd ma jcempel ghal Eurovision bhala protesta tghana habba li ghamlu. Jekk ma jbiddlux il gurija qatt ma jmissna nidhlu Ciaw Joe

KEVIN said...

Hi Olivia...i love music just like you. Music is art and like art it is very subjective..everyone appreciates it from his/her own perspective. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors which bias a result...people's opinions, taste, culture, language, age, race, and... politics. Dont have to be a top critic to observe the way you managed to perform outstandingly, handling all the pressure and excitement professionaly. You are one of the most talented local musicians. With just a lil more work (general fine tuning) you will hit international level with a bang!! Olivia, even though you dont know me, please consent me to suggest this thing...keep away from politics! Personally, i think you suffered under the poltical sheath in Malta, and consequently Malta suffered poltically at the Eurovision polls on thursday night. As stated before, politics is one of the main factors in this whole Eurovision equation...unfortunately! Dont give a hack about it...THE SHOW MUST GO ON...and you are there in the limelight, under the spot...people with 'clean' ears and good taste are waiting for your comeback...not just koz you represented us ALL, as a nation, but koz you are one of US!!

Anonymous said...

You had the most empowering song and performance from all the other countries!! ESC hasnt seen the last of Olivia Lewis ;)

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