Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I don't hate airports...anymore!

It feels good to feel my own bed at last...

It feels even better to reach out my hand and feel 'Milly', my lovely dog, sound asleep beside met, probably dreaming of meeting the love of her life in doggie land.

I had a rather subdued flight back to Malta on Sunday. The whole Maltese contingent was sad. There's no denying that. We had got to know that only 3 countries had voted for us. It felt bad, especially after all the pain we'd been through these past months.

The Lufthansa plane landed and as soon as we felt the soft thud of the wheels touching the runway, a good feeling seeped into all the group. That sort of good feeling that one feels when he's heading back home. Almost a relief really.

As I was getting out of the plane, my eyes settled on a sizeable crowd of airport staff waiting at the bottom of the stairs together with my family and Minister Francis Zammit Dimech. Everybody was clapping and cheering. I was led into the terminal building, my head already in a whirpool of thoughts.

As I reached the escalator which takes you to the luggage reclaim, I caught a glimpse of the arrivals area of the terminal. It was jam packed with people, most of them holding banners and cheering. They must have seen me as the cheering increased.

Once again I felt so proud to be Maltese. We Maltese have such a warm and loving heart. Even though we had not managed to make it through to the final, people still came to the airport to welcome us back. And I really appreciate this...a lot. It took away any sour after taste which the Eurovision might have left me. Those few minutes at the airport made it all worth it. And I don't really feel like hating airports anymore! :)

The sound of my typing is disturbing Milly, who is looking at me with protesting sleep filled eyes. So I'm going to stop for now!

Speak to you soon! Olivia :)


Charelle said...

Aw Oli :) Kulhadd jaf l-isforz li ghamilt f'dawn l-ahhar xhur u ghalhekk m'ghandekx ghalxix tahseb li n-nies ma hadux gost bik. Mieghek innifsek taf li ghamilt minn kollox. Ir-rizultat gie kif gie ghax kellu jkun hekk. Qas li kieku hadna l-ilma jizfen ma kienu jivvutawlna, ghal ragunijiet ovvji. Iddejaqt nisma li ftit hafna ivvutawlna, u dik li tinkwetani daqsxejn, imma xorta ghamel kuragg ha tkompli kif int. Jiddispjacini wisq meta niftakar li wara li provajt ghal 11 il sena shah, kellu jispicca kollox hekk..... hafna jiddispjacini ghax vera nammirak! KURAGG OLI!

curniena said...

aw olivia, ktibt ergajt, jiena kont qed nahseb li mhux ha terga tikteb, u ghadu hadd ma kkumetha fuq l ahhar blog. forsi ghax bhalissa malta kulhadd reiqed peress li bhalissa 1.12am! imma jiena hawn ghadni kif bdejt il gurnata 9.12am hawn, melbourne. ha nghidu hekk ilni hafna nixtieq u nittama kull meta jkun zmien il eurovision li malta tigi l ewwel, imma sena wara l ohra qed naraw li ma nahsibx li dak ser ikun il kaz.
kemm intik naqra x tahseb, forsi jekk tghamel mini concerts hawn go melbourne u forsi sydney ukoll, ha nghidlek il maltin bi hgarhom jigu jekk ikollok promotion tajba. ghax l emigranti jkunu mixtieqin ghal xi haga hekk. Jiena ma ilnix noqod hawn hafna, hames snin biss, u kont hawn sena qabel gejt holiday l ewwel. dak iz zmien keinet rebhet claudette pace, u hi keinet giet hawn, ghax niftakar kont iltqajt maghhom ghax mal kontingent kein hemm habiba tieghi u konna iltqajna u anke hrigna flimkein u morna nieklu ukoll u sa fejn naf jeina wiehed mill concerts lirajt kein mimli.
insomma malta laqawk wara li gejt lura ovvjament, u naf certa li hawn ikun hawn hafna jistennew li jarawk tkanta.
sahha olivia u kun af li jiena lesta nghin jekk tigi hawn.

Maria F said...

Yay! You wrote again! Welcome back Diva ;)

I was at the airport Sunday. People started coming from around 10.30 - 11.

At 12.45 we couldn’t wait any longer, we had to see our ambassador!!

Hope that you’ll keep letting us updated on your future plans 
Proset Oli! (I never get fed up of telling you ‘well done’, but you really deserve it!).


Roberta Vella (Torino) said...

Hello Olivia!
Ghandek ragun ...ahna l-Maltin m'hawnx bhalna u min joqghod il boghod iktar japprezza! Toqghodx tahseb fuq min ivvutalek u min le Ol! Issa l hajja tkompli ghaddejja! Kull Malti u Ghawdxi jaf li ghamilt hiltek kollha u dik hija l-importanti.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, its great to hear from you again because i thought that you wont be writing your blog anymore. Hope you are feeling better now that you are in malta. Take care. Ps keep us informed!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Olivia,
You shouldn't have had any doubts that the Maltese would welcome you!!Of course we will.Despite the fact that we didn't make it through the final, a lot of ppl includng me, will still follow ur singing career and support u all d ay even if u want to go to ESC again9which is a gd idea). Ur determination and singing capabilities stand out prominently among other talented Maltese singers.
I hope you will keep this blog!For me, it has been a source of comfort to read your blog especially when life was tough. I would enter the world of Olivia Lewis and forget all my problems temporarily. Thank you!!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
There's nothing lovelier and more rewarding than being appreciated and loved by your co-citizens. That should fill your heart with joy and erase any bitterness left from the Eurovision experience. Treat it as one of the many experiences life is made of.
Take care xx

Anonymous said...

hi ol!
It's so nice to read again u're blog! I couldn't come to the airport but i wwas there in spirit!!! :) I will keep on cheering for u and we will keep on pressuring the eurovision site for some improvements coz they should be ashamed of themselves for not voting for u!! u r just wonderful hi :) keep on writing in your .. could u write on which programmes u will be going this week? coz i thought u would be on bondi+yday but u weren't:) hope to see u again!!! :):) keep on giving us great song with ure wonderful voice!

Andre` said...

Dear olivia...

The crowd @ the arrivals, showed ur much loved by the maltese..and that a lot of people r happy with what u did!Unfortunately, those people that are against you are trying to give a lot of bad reasons, only now that the results came out!!That show they are perfect COWARDS AND NONSENSE!!..And that they know nothing about music!
Anyways..don't stop here!keep going!noone knows what's planned for u!So look ahead and smile!

P.S if there are any things that u were Pissed off with from the Board, make them public!It's fair that everyone knows,Mostly if some people are SKARPANA!(no need to tell u who:D)

Warmest of Hugz!

Alfred said...

Welcome Back :) jien kont l airport u biex hrigt ghamilt weghda. Sinjal wiehed li nies arfet li ghamiltu li stajtu u kemm flahtu u ta dan ahna grati, wara kollox wara is song, kantant u team hemm malta, ghalhekk ahna li konna hemm orejniek u ghidnielek grazzi ta kollox :) ahna dejjem nissaportjawk!!! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rene' A Cilia said...

it's so good to hear from you! i was under the impression you'd stop writing altogether. keep your high spirits up oliva...and may you keep using your talents for the good of the people around you, particularly d needy ;) God bless

kohlcass said...

hey Olivia,

Lucky for you that you are probably the best equipped to deal with the defeat! You certainly did us proud, looked liked you enjoyed yourself on stage and never faltered while singing. In fact, save for the Oriental theme, (who's idea was that, anyway?) I was very proud to be watching you with my international friends here in Germany.

I only hope you savoured those good on-stage endorphins long enough and that the silliness that ensued afterwards will not take away that memory from you.

You rocked, you're a rock, and these little rocks in the Med thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Olivia .. well done for posting yet another blog - it shows that your aim was not just promoting your vertigo - but to have direct contact with your fans ! I appreciate this alot! It is obvious that without criticising the ones that went before you to eurovision - you were the best ambassador malta evra had! so i wish that who will represent malta after you - will follow your footstep - because this blog was your own initiave - and it was great! to see what was going on with previous participant - we only had 5 mins slot on TV - but you kept us updated and informed throughout! thanks for ahring your dream / experience with us olivia - thanks alot alot ! you deserved that crowd at the airport you really did! I hope that you continue blogging sometimes - when you have free time - you became a friend to us .. and the posts you already received - show that people are still looking at you blog :) ! Olivia you did your best - you kept us updated with whatever you were doing - you love Malta - and you love the maltese people - your hard work was dedicated to the maltese and gozitans - So.....how can we not love you in return ? ! you remain my favourite artist olivia - and PLEASE - if in the coming years - you are presented with a very strong song - Take the opportunity - and try the malta song again ! - you deserve another chance ! ... and by the way a Malta sog without you - is gonna look strange hehe ! good luck best ambassador ever !

Jordan said...

You are and ALWAYS will be a winner! You have the voice of an angel. I would one day love to re-sing vertigo in on honor of your amazing peformance and yourself at eurovision.

It's a song that will always make me want to appreciate it more! Whenever you have the chance, I would like to hear back from you, I know you must be busy!

But the world should know who Olivia Lewis is and after Eurovision I think they know who that girl in that satin outfit was! The Maltese Diva! A voice with many hearts!

I'm real glad to see you back
safely! I hope your career will
be as successful as ever!

take care!
god bless!

Peace Out!

Anonymous said...

thank god u wrote again.i was gettin worried .y wouldnt d maltease go to see you at the airport your the best singer in malta and trust me i wouldnt b saying dat if i ddnt mean it coz my teacher is a singer i tink u know her andreana spiteri anywayz lov u lotz

The truth said...

Yay! Another blog!

And what a title! How original to use a title of a previous blog but in an opposite sense! :-)

Yeah really, MSFE is going to be different without you. You've been there more than any singer and even more than any chairman! lol! Anyway, probably nxt year we will see cos u will be a special guest.

I have another suggestion regarding future participation in MSFE! Why don't you consider to write some lyrics? Your writings here are very original! Moreover, (if I'm not mistaken) Mark is a composer, isn't he? Or else what about writing a song with Philip Vella?

Maruska1980 said...

Hey, welcome back Oli!!!

Don't bother with the Eurovision!! They do not deserve you!! You are still great whatever the outcome!! We all love you so much! I am sure that even though the outcome was not successful you still will have many contacts after your entry. Your song was good, your performance excellent!!!

You will always be in our hearts and I hope you will keep writing on this blog because I really like reading your entries. Keep it up girl!!!

Anonymous said...

hey olivia! it's nice to read from you again! don't you dare stop writing in this bloh.. yeah I am joking but it would be a pity to stop reading a blog from a person like you!!

a huge fan of yours

Elaine said...

yey blog ohra ! =D hsibt li muxx se terga tikteb..
ill kemm kien hemm nies l airport bilkemm stajt narak lol
anywayz welcome back
take care

Anonymous said...

Good to see you have returned well to your native island of Malta! You have not a single reason to be ashamed or embarassed. Europe has to think very hard how to prevent the best song ever performed on a E.S. not getting to the final and win.
It is Europe that should feel ashamed and totally embarassed and not you at all.

Anonymous said...

yaaay u kept on writing yr blog that proves that you love your fans and your fans love you
love antonia xxx

Anonymous said...

I think that with your absolute brilliant song Vertigo, winners like Vicky Leandros, Dana, Abba, Teach In and other big names in E.S. history look like amateurs after your power and qualities came along there. I want to express my deep gratitude towards you for giving me the best 3 minutes of E.S. ever. And I send my warmest greetings and respect to you from Belgium. I hope to see you on a TV show here soon!

da_count said...

Hey olivia!!! Hard luck in eurovision, regardless of what the points say you truly were fantastic, an amazing voice and a powerful performance which gave me shivers! Try to look past the points and politics of eurovision, the passion and positive energy of your performance touched people through out europe. I can only apologise that Ireland didn't give you any points, but believe me I voted many times for you and felt so sad when you didn't get through it was almost like my country didn't come out of that envelope!!!

But hey Ireland didnt do that well either this year, only 5 points in the final, but unlike you, we deserved it! I hope you won't let the result stop you from singing as passionately as you did at eurovision, and hey, maybe one day you'll even return and bring the eurovision crown back to a deserving malta!!! All my love from Ireland!

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia !

Hehe kemm qed niehu gost nara post gol- blog tieghek ghax hsibtek mintix se tikteb aktar ! Kwazi kuljum niccekja l- website tieghek qeghda ! Niehdu gost nisimghu aktar minn ghandek u dwar il- futur tal- karriera tieghek ! Ninsab zgurha li ha ssib hafna bibien godda miftuhin u minjaf forsi xi darba jerga jkun il- eurovision ! ;).

Take care & keep your head high ! Well done for everything !! :)

Sarah from Marsaxlokk.

Anonymous said...

hi pupina,nixtieq naghdlek grazzi mil-qalb ta l-oportunita li tajtni nuwri il-kapacita tighie fil-qasam tal- make/up madwar l-ewropa kolla.stajt najdlek face to face,imma le xaqt li kullhad jara dan.kont inti li hemmint fija mil-lewwel darba,kont inti li mexxejtni fit-triq lejn it-televizjoni,kont inti li hallejtni nuri fuqek dak li naf minajr qatt ma agumentajt.grazzi pupina sabiha ,grazzi ta kemm kont hemm meta kelli bzon lil xi had li jismani.fijk sipt dijk l-oht li manghdiex.

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia! Sounds like you are feeling better after what must have been a huge disappointment. There is no doubt that you deserved to go though, your song was fabulous and the performance spectacular! You couldn't have done any more. The semi final is horrendously difficult and unfair at the moment, so I hope that you are able to feel proud of what you achieved and can remember your time in Helsinki with pleasure. You were certainly one of the highlights for me. Best wishes for the future.

Anonymous said...

dearest olivia
i cant tell you how pleased we are that you have continued your blog. we here have truley enjoyed keeping up with you this way. we are still a little cut about the way things transpired in hell-sinki.however this is certainly no reflection on you or your fabulous act. it was enjoyed very much down here in sydney australia. would love to see you in concert here....we saw you here when you were just a little girl. we will be in malta next year and hopefully we will get to enjoy your talents there.
with all our love and best wishes for your future
aussie fan xxxx

Anonymous said...

dear olivia,
i was as journalist in helsinki and i loved every moment of your performance. of course it would have been nice to see you in the final, but don't worry, 18 other countries also didn't manage it. it's a game, and what counts is that you did a great job. hope to hear more songs from you in the future. all the best

harald, austria

Anonymous said...

Heyy Oli :) Prosit Ta kollox E ;)U wer d gd luck 4 me da l ahhar :D Kull meta jkolli xi test Nkanta naqra vertigo {ma tridx tismani imma :P} U nikkalma... Kuljum kont nicekja is site tieghek nara ktibtx xi blog... U fl-ahhar ktibt :D
Tc Kuragg u Prosit...

Anonymous said...

..and she wrote!! --> insert big grin here <-- :o)

Yep, I'm sure arriving to such a crowd made you feel great! I would have come, were it not for the rassa that I knew would be there... and that fact that I'm just lazy :o) (I was there in spirit..does that help? :oP)

Anyhow... welcome home... issa jmissna nagħmlu vertigo party at 22 in Portomaso... that would be slick.

Emrah said...

To my part, it can be my consolation to see that Malta received its highest point from my country, Turkey. It just seems to be a matter of cultural taste. Slavic people tend to dislike the Mediterranean sound whereas we do enjoy such tunes a lot. Together with the Lithuanian entry, I think Vertigo will find a decent place in the ESC history and be warmly remembered. Let us see what will happen to the voting procedure for future contest.

Anonymous said...

prosit ta kollox

Tonio Galea said...

Hi Olivia!
il hadd hemmek kont hehe nahseb rajtni kont b'mobile blue nigbed ir ritratti hehe. qabel ma dhalt fl-ariport u kont f'dik il bicca taf uq li tider min hemmek bdew jajtu hemm ara u kullhadd Olivia , Olivia , Olivia!!u kullhadd jiprova jigi il quddiem ghax bdejt inhossni maffegg hehe lol l-airport kien iffulat! Ibqa sejra hekk Olivia u qadd taqta qablbek!, ha jkolli immur issa hehe ghax ghandi il kelba hdeja u ila tiddendel mieghi hehe cawcaw cu tc !

Anonymous said...

Maltese people are so warm so friendly and beautiful of heart I really must come with my daughter to visit your Island.
As I have said before we really admire you here in UK Olivia and care about what happens to you.Your song from ESC we listen to and watch and love.

Take care and God Bless

Rod and Erin (U.K) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

y u make me cry write another blog im gonna die idf i dont read a new blog (jokin) but vera keep on writing regularly

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Greece. Just to let you know...I loved it all. So 3 countries voting for you doesnt mean that people in the rest of the countries didnt also pick up the phone too! We liked the Maltese song and performance best. Keep up the good work and try again next year!

Anonymous said...

Dear Olivia,

I write you from Spain. I loved your song and you have to be very proud of having been the image of Malta in the ESC 2007.

Write me a message please in my fotolog. I would like it very much.