Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A waste of space...

You know what I did today?

In a nutshell: nothing.

Today was my off day and I decided to rest as much as I could in preparation for the coming two days' of total chaos! :)

Nothing is actually a bit of an exaggeration. I had some interviews scheduled which I did dutifully. One of them was a phone call from a BBC Radio station. The guys from the beeb seemed very interested in my dog Milly, now I've learnt she has Scottish roots. I wonder what she's doing right now. She is alone at home with my sister. Now that both Mum and Dad have left home for Helsinki, she must be thinking that end of days must be drawing near. I really wish for this to be over at the very least to be with her again.

Today, as part of the treat yourself programme, instead of having a shower, I decided to fill in my bath to the full with hot water and took an hour long bath full of soothing oils and stuff. The foam was coming up to my face, when suddenly Shasha (my make-up artist) popped in, as boisterous as ever.

'Toni Sant wants to say hello' she said. I love Toni Sant. He actually was the guy who indirectly gave me the idea to start my own blog. I have had numerous occasions to speak to him, but today's was a first. I didn't really want to get out of the bath...it was feeling so good. I looked at myself...all I could see was white foam. So I asked Toni to come in the bathroom.

He was a bit wary and red faced until he realised that the foam was masking everything. I steered clear of asking him which country would win in his opinion. Toni has a god-sent knack of guessing the winning act. He did so spectacularly last year in naming Lordi.

He volunteered this information himself. 'There is no clear winner this year' he said matter of factly. 'However I believe that Malta has never had a better entry', he concluded.

I could not resist it: 'So who will win in your opinion'.

As diplomatic as ever Toni said: 'Olivia, I know I'm biased but I believe that Malta has as good a chance as any other country doing its best in Helsinki of winning this year's contest.'

That's good to hear. I looked down at the foam and realised that it was disappearing steadily. 'You had better leave Ton...I don't want to shock you or anything' :) Toni left gracefully. I love this guy. Anyway, anyone wanting to read Toni Sant's blog can do so by clicking here.

I am now dressed and ready to go to today's choice of parties. In the meantime I continue to read the hundreds of emails and comments that are coming. Most comments have now shifted on me using the catwalk. I'm afraid that this is not possible as the catwalk is not for the performer's use. There is no easy way to access it and the sound monitors stop exactly at the spot where I'm standing. So the platform cannot be used by anyone.

The other sticking point seems to be the white drapes used by Jes and Joseph. I don't really know what to say. We've had quite a number of positive reactions regarding the stage performance here and I really think that we should not do any drastic changes. I strongly believe that on the night all will look well. Of course, this is just an opinion, but believe me that as a whole I really feel comfortable with all that we have on stage.

Tomorrow is a very big day for me. I know most of you would love to help out. A short prayer for the Maltese contingent would be appreciated.

Speak to you again tomorrow...hopefully I wouldn't have been such a waste of space as today. :)

Love, Olivia. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia. Good to hear that you cannot use the catwalk so ppl would stop telling you to use it. However regarding the drapes i do agree with them but hopefully on teh night all will look. Still wondering...what are you wearing??? Please give us a hint!!!

Roderick said...

THANKS FOR YOUR BLOG!!!! It's so full of emotions...don't worry on your performance. We trust you are doing a professional thing. As long as the voice is excellent (as always) you should put your mind at rest! Just improve on the backing vocals. The rest is all wonderful!!!

GOOD LUCK!!!! And keep yr mind at rest for the prayers as well ;) TAKE CAREEEEEEEEE!!!!

Francesca said...

Hello Olivia. Your blog is so good. It is a fantastic idea. Thumbs up Toni for encouraging Olivia to do this. As for the show Olivia I think it is good. My honest verdict is that I do not like Jes and Joe much. Joe is a violin player and I would have left him at that. From Jes I expected something more. But the whole set up is good and the most important things are your voice and your song and both are simply fantastic. You stand out and that is good. I would not change a lot. It is better if you concentrate on what you've done so far and improve on it. Last minute changes could disrupt you...remember last year!!! But you do not have to worry about last year...you are a fantastic singer with a fantastic voice and that makes all the difference. Good luck dear olivia. I hope to write back after your performance to congratulate you and encourage you again for the final show. You are such a lovely and honest girl. You deserve the best.

ManD said...

Olivia, it's so sweet of you to take everyone's comments into consideration. A heartfelt Good Luck, and may God keep his powerful hands upon you.

Anonymous said...

what if we make it to the finals? Will you be wearing a different dress? I hope so! Something dramatic tipo Deja Vu! I loved the Deja Vu dress!

Anonymous said...

A small thing regarding the drapes, I know it might be late, but you can always try to remove them from your first rehersal tomorrow. People will react to that positevely or negatively. You would have given people the opportunity to see the performance without them, and get their comments. Personally, I feel they create some effect.
Whatever you do, we still love your performance and we will all be supporting you next Thursday,.... and Saturday too..lol.

A big GOOD LUCK from Malta.

Joe said...

Hi Olivia dont take any notice of the ordinary people like me who doesnt know much abt shows. Be yourself and we pray for U 2 succeed. Yur doing yur utmost. As for the waving drapes I suggest one white another Red I hope u got the message. Keep it cool as yur doing God be with U

kevin said...

we will pry 4 u , Just be your self kif diga int, GOd bless u and the team
cya xxx

kevin said...

you will do greet ol , and we will pray 4 u , God Bless u and the team xxx

Anonymous said...

OH NO PLEASE NOT A DRESS LIKE THE DEJA VU ONE IT DOESNT SUIT YOU AT ALL. Take care and get Jes and joe to remove those bed sheets. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia...Your performance and the show is looking SOOOOOO GOOD. I really do believe that this could be Malta's year in the ESC. My fingers (and everything else!) are crossed for Thursday and Saturday (Cos you WILL be in the final!). Take care and god bless...Stuart UK x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi OLI we love you. Ps gets those half naked men (by the way they are FAB) to use something else other than drapes. Swedish Fan.
xxx Pete

Alison said...

Hi Olivia!! Thank you so much for reading the comments :)... We feel so close to you!! I'm praying for you everyday don't you worry!! You go have your deserved rest, Ol and enjoy this experience... you really deserve it :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Glory Glory Man Utd, Glory Glory Man Utd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olivia I hope you have as much luck as they have had in the Barclay's Premiership

Anonymous said...


The truth said...


It's gr8 2 hear that you had a day of relaxation!

Re: the streamers/cloths/sheets.... If you are happy with them...just keep them! However, since they are so plain...can you consider adding some patterns in gold on them? they would still match the boys' "costume"!

Enjoy d rest of d day! looking 4ward 4 your surprise @ d big4 party!

Tomorrow...give VERTIGO 2d whole arena!!! and that would be just a malTEASER for thursday!

Anonymous said...

hi olivia im very happy with your performance. your look beautiful in that dress and even sexy with that slit. are we going to have pyro?? can jes and joseph have fire balls like the video of verigo and they make them go round behind you that would be realy great.

Chuy said...

Hi Olivia, I really love your blog, it helps people to see that beyond a great artist there is also a funny and inteligent woman with a great sense of humour. I think your show is pretty good the way it is. Some people said that there are too much things happening behind you but I really think that the overall efect is very nice so I really wish you the best of lucks on thursday. I hope that you will get some points from us (Spain). I will vote for you anyway:) Enjoy these days

davie said...

I agree with the drapes but the colour white does not convince me. Why don't you use gold to match your dress? And some fireworks or effects would do a great effect in my opinion. the rest is great

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, the performance of the song is very original. The Maltese and Gozitians this year have the chance to win the eurovision after 20 years of participation. The song, the singer, the dancers, and the perfermonace are pefect. And i think that this is the only suitable dress for you, it is asiatic but also teenage look. I hope that you wear it also for the final show. Good luck OLIVIA, PHILIP, GJB, JOSEPH, JES and also the Svedizi artists. The idea that the drapes become white and red is good and make sense. GOOOOD LUUUCK

davie said...

Hello there, If I may express my opinion I think the drapes idea is not bad, what i didnt like is the type of drapes. Why don't you use a gold satin fabric which doesnt look like a bed sheet? And some fireworks or other effects would make the performace even better. The rest is great. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

hi olivia. i am very happy with you performance and voice. that dress is simply irresistable. and you look so sxy. are we going to have pyros? i have an idea. can jes and joseph have fire balls like the ones you had on the video that creat a great effect better than those clothes but i know that now it is late. good luck. we r all supporting you. the most important is that you feel comfortable

Anonymous said...

I like the suggestion of having one red drape - but it might be a bit too much for the eyes. There's already a lot going on.

The most important thing is that you OLIVIA are really confident about this product - because drapes or no drapes, your smile, your confidence, your performance and your energy is what will make you or break you. So make sure you give a stunning performance like Ira and Chiara have given us - do not be unsure of yourself.

You are a star. And yes there's loads of competition this year and your song is not really standing out in ratings and stuff, but it's the 3 minutes that count. So just belt it out - give us a killer smile and enjoy this moment of a life time!!!

Yey i'm getting excited now hehehe

go for it!!!!!!

Neil said...

Hi Olivia... YOUR DRESS IS WONDERFUL!!! i hope you try to arrange something about the men behind you.. ha najdielek bil-malti, tihux alik imma qisom hasselin! :-( imma int gejt tajba hafna.. i did a website about you: www.freewebs.com/vertigolivia Hope you like it!!

Karl said...

hey oliviaaa..first of all i would like to congratulate you for your wonderful performance in the past rehearsals! believe me you looked amazing on stage with that silky yellow dress and golden fans behind you! your voice and overall performance made Malta's entry this year stand out from other countries!! i wish you the best of luck for thursday evening and i'm sure that whatever the result would be you will make us feel proud that we are Maltese!! you truly deserve every praise for your hard work and determination;) take care!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,

one person mentioned that jes and joseph should have fire balls instead of the sheets. GREAT IDEA! If they can work the fire balls it will look much much better and nicer.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia. First of all I would like to wish you Good luck! Secondly I would like to tell you well done for that amazing dress.

Is it possible to add glitter to the fans when they are opened?

In one of your earlier blogs you mentioned a surprise. Have we seen it yet?

Anonymous said...

Admittedly, reading your blog seems to be getting addictive by the entry... and I have this nagging 'desire' to read the past entries, though I'll contain myself for the time-being.

This is one amus-info blog (I know that word doesn't exist :oP) and I hope you'll keep up something of the sort once this is all over.

Anyhow, enjoy the parties, and the foam, but don't mix the two :oP since it's not really recommendable :o)

As Toni Sant correctly said, many of the songs (bar a few) are good, but your now famous 'key-change' should do the trick to keep you on top... then come what may :o)

p.s. rhetorically speaking, have you discovered when you last were indigo? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia & All
The idea of the blog was wonderful!! It keeps us informed about what is happening and your thoughts of the day.
As regards the performance, I think the best is that you feel happy and confident with the product so that you can give out your 100%.

GOOD LUCK for tomorrow. I am confident you will make it true but whatever happens we are still behind you.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia !

Kif se nkun fuq ix- xwiek il- gurnata kollha nhar il- hamis !! :P.

Jien ninsab certa li se mmorru tajjeb hafna ! Il- performance li tajt vera kienet eccelenti ! :) Personalment ghogbuni hafna l- white sheets ta' Joseph u Jes u l- backing vocalist insteghmet ahjar fit- tieni rehersal ukoll !

Hawn Malta kollha warajk u ninsab certa li qabel titla' fuq il- palk se tahseb ftit fina kollha li se nkunu mkahhlin fuq is- sufanijiet insegwuk ! :P. Nitlob ghalik ukoll dak il- hin tal- performance ! ;)

Take care you r the best ! :)

Sarah from Marsaxlokk.

Shawn said...

Hi Olivia,

Just be yourself on stage and give us a wonderful performance like you always did....of which thing i'm sure. What I thought of that could give an extra touch to both Jes and Joseph's Costumes and the sheet effect is that maybe Shasha can use golden glitters to draw very simple patterns on the drapes that they use to creat flames....Maybe some red glitters can also be used. I think it's a beautiful idea.....I also thought that you should have something spectaular at the end of the show when the whole team gathers in the centre....so the solution....some fireworks that explode just at the end of the song......also I think that while there you're flirting with the camera there should me some gimmick...although today I heard that you still have some surprise......Is that true?

And btw the same effect of glitters can be applied on the dresses of the backing vocals....I found the colour too harsh and some glitters would soften things up.....maybe I'm late but I'm sure Shasha together with the whole team can manage to do something if you like my idea....

Thanks love for reading all our comments...we really do appreciate al you effort to keep contact with us....Btw the red dress you wore yesterday evening looks stunning on you hun.....so i think you dress sense is starting to improve pups :) mwa mwa and good luck for tomorrow....You're gonna rock the stage...i'm sure......12 points especially for you.....

Btw before going on stage pray to Dun Gorg.....he'll help you for sure....I'm doing so in my exams and I'm satisfied...He's helping me I thin.....I'm sure he helps you to place in the first places.....

Anonymous said...

Olivia, is there going to be any surprises please? hope so.. example some gliters that get out of those fans while they are opened etc..
good luck for Thursday.

Jean Paul said...

Hey Oli

Il-hanina kif qieghda thallina fuq ix xwiek kull darba, allahares kont imbati b'qalbi! :P Insomma jien ma nista nghid xej hlief li tider bomba lajf! Ogobtni mill A sa Zeta. Andek Backing vocals bomba, specjalment il bjonda it twila, bellezza! Olivia, min qiegh qalbi nawguralek li 1) nirbhuh(min fommi ghal Alla) 2) thossok komda tkanta ax nemmen li jekk tkun komda ha tkanta hafna iktar bil qalb.

Nixtieqlek il gid kollu tad dinja, ax int tfajla vera bis sens, cajtiera u karizmatika al ahhar.

Ahna warajk Oli. Thumbs up!

Andre` said...

hey olivia!
Pamper yourself as much as u can!It's your moment!so have it all!...reguard clair massa coaching you!..When i used to take lessons with antoinett miggiani i've learnt that noone can sing pop and lyrics in the same time!so oqghod ftit attenta!its good to warm up!but reguarding how u reach high pitches, think u know much more than her!...there is no need to walk on catwalk..but PLEASE open up a bit!toqodux marsusa!

Tc pupa!whatever happens, i'm happy u managed to win with your great voice!

Clayton said...

Hello olivia! nice red dress btw!! cos i saw it on tv and on photos! about the drapes, if that part is gonna be performed, i think if they are red they will resemble a fire element and will be like the background. i think that maybe many people and I do not like them cos they seem like pillow covers! Its not such a drastic change to use red drapes but i think they will be wonderful! please consider it! someone else also mentioned it! weelll donneee for evrything ur doing and enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Just a note...

fireballs, satin/gold/red drapes... all very nice things...

...so nice people would spend more time looking at them rather than you... other than the fact that it would look very... mmm... let's say chaotic in design ;o)

I think the plain drapes create a good contrast, you need it to balance the otherwise dim ambiance... plus, it's already enough that you have a topless lawyer-cum-violinist-cum-presenter dancing at the back :o) (no offence intended... Joe's a great guy... I guess the next thing is for him to sing heq hum)

Enjoy partying... which you're probably doing just now... whilst we await Thursday with relative anticipation.

Grazielle said...

10x loads Olly ta for your blogs. They're always so great! I read the last one after I returned from my english o'level and it cracked me up lol :)Don't worry about the prayers. All Malta will be praying for you I'm sure![especially all us people from Citta Pinto ;)] As I've already mentioned, I'm doing my o'levels at the moment. They're really really really boring and tedious, but all this ESC excitement is keeping my life spiced up! 10x again and tc of yourself Ol. We'll always love you no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia! In my opinion, the show has a perfect routine - which shows a great deal of hard work from the whole team. You should be proud of yourself!

Regards the may comments passed on the white drapes, I think it is a bit too late to change things now - however through changing them to GLITTERY GOLD RATHER THAN WHITE - would just make a huge difference!!!!! this would help eliminate their contrast with the blend of the other colour, and could help the attention be focused much more on you, overall u are the diva:)

Anonymous said...

Hi OL, as others have said, if the material that Jos and Jes are waving around have to remain there i think that you should change the colour. ONE COLOUR - there is already a lot going on. Or else maybe they can eliminate the bed sheets completly and use fire balls? PLS PLS THINK ABOUT THIS. WE WANT THE BEST FOR YOU. xxxxx

Roberta Vella (Torino) said...

Good Luck to all the team for tomorrow! All the maltese people all over the world are surely proud of you! Imbocca al lupo!

butterfly said...

pleaseeeeeee tell Jes not to wink when he's standing right behind you!! it looks awful!!! the rest is simply wonderful :)
break a leg xxx

Anonymous said...

Oliviaaaaa leave everything as it is..The drapes give a nice effect since they show energy & add more passion to the song.
The whole package is simply wonderful & i am dying to see what the body painting will be like !
Good Luck! all of us here in Malta are behind you no matter what happens.

marilyn said...

hi Olivia, here is some feedback from a gozitan fan...I honestly wish you all the best for the contest...you are really good...i really liked the combined effect of the yellow dress with the orange-red lights...it is just marvellous and the song is really good; it makes me tremble...good luck Olivia...take care!!

marilyn said...

hi olivia...here is some feedback from a Gozitan fan. I honestly wish you all the best for the contest. I really liked the combined effect of the yellow dress with the orange-red lights...and the song is superb; it makes me tremble...gd luck oli..take care!

Anonymous said...

Please olivia, we need to feel the passion of the song with you.. in the last few days while you were doing the rehersals, your voice was REALLY soft.i hope that you did this as to save your voice for tomorrow's semi-final.
Please Please... be strong in your voice as it was in Malta..but stay in tune like you're doing it now.
Malta is ALL after you..
Good luck u ha nitolbu ghalik ZGUR.

Tecitax ruhek izejjed habba il vuci inkella tinstema li ecitata hafna.
You're all great =)

Charlene said...

Hi Olivia....
We are all praying for you...Jigri x'jigri Malta kollha warajk se tibqa ghax nafu kemm qed tahdem biex taghti l-aqwa performance...Can't wait for thursday to watch your wonderful performance....
Lots of love..xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Good morning Olivia. one last wish for you and the whole crew. Good Luck. I am sure that you will be doing your best. Keep in mind that whatever the end result is.... ignore all the nasty comments that will come up. Also big hello to the Chairman..... ittihx hard time please. Also its mother's day on Sunday. So amongst your excitment don't forget her.

Anonymous said...

Just got to know that Jes and Joseph will be wearing crystal masks. I hope that on the night all will come together for Olivia and it will look as a WHOLE performance and not bits and pieces. Go Olivia. xxx

Anonymous said...

oh my god not the dejavu dress, don't even joke about it anonymous!!! at the final keep eveything as it is, wonderful show and wonderful voice :) just give it your all and think of the maltese at home watching u and cheering u on a 100%!!! I'll be shouting at the voters if they don't give us the 12 points ;P
lol take care olivia
lots of love and positive energy sent ure way :)

AnnMarie Chetcuti said...

Hi Olivia,

I think everything's looking so good, but get rid of Joseph's and Jes' drapes. I am Joseph's twin sister, and I usually tell him (order would be more appropriate) what to wear.... in my opinion, the drapes do not look too good, but that's my two cents' worth. Was at the airport yesterday, met your mum and dad, and most of your family. Had a lovely conversation with your nanna Wenza, who told me about her daughter who passed over at three years. She even showed me her picture, beautiful child. I really felt sorry for her. But she is so full of energy and excitement for you, she says she won't be missing her every mass too!

At the airport, the maltese'contingent' if I may use the word were all wearing your t-shirts, your mum was not very pleased because she thinks they should have made your picture loads bigger!

Anyway, Good luck Olivia, you really do us proud. Please take good care of my twin, he does tend to party hard!!! And give him a big sloppy (if you can manage it) kiss from me, shit at 33 years of age both of us are too close, and I miss him!


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,

Good luck for tomorrow. Of course the whole performance has to sound and look great but the pain focal point is your voice and your performance. I think there is already lots going on on stage. You are the star of the night and not the rest of the happenings on stage.


Anonymous said...

Hi Oli & all the crew
Ol just brainwash yourself that you are the diva & that all the stage is yours on the night. Beleive 100% in yourself & at this stage leave everything as it is, concentrate & keep calm, & most importantly do not complicate things- simplicity is the best- thats why everyone is so in favour of your dress its simple & stunning.
I really appreciate you consider everyone's comments.We wanted a great show for this great song and this is what you are going to give us- I really enjoyed your 2nd rehersal- wonderful!.Nevertheless enjoy yourself to the full & all we want to see is 100% confidence on stage- if you'll be so you will have even a great satisfaction for yourself after the performance & after all that is what most counts as people always find something to complain about.
We beleive in you enjoy it!

Bjorn Blundell said...

Hey Olivia,

L-ewwel nett nixtieq nghidlek li nispera li tinsab tajba bhal ma ninsab jiena. Nixtieq nghidlek Proset hafna tal-libsa Italian/Pink li lbist ilbierah tlula waqt wiehed mill-parties li kellek. Il-vera xerqitlek eh u vera kont Sexy biha. Jiena mill-ewwel kienet oghgbitni u x'hin rajtek biha fuq l-Internet komplejt nghid kemm xerqitlek. U mid-dehra kulhadd ha grazzja mal-libsa ghax jiena smajt li anke l-gurnalisti mistaghgbin kemm daru mieghek. Proset eh :)

Nixtieq nghidlek ukoll issa li ghaddiet l-ewwel rehearsal li ghandek illum nispera li mort tajba avolja jiena konvint li mort tajba ghax inti kantanta brava u kapaci wkoll. J'alla kellek kollox kif ridt int. Nghidlek Grazzi talli toqghod taqra l-kummenti kollha li jkollok. Ahna l-Fans tieghek napprezzaw hafna hafna u ta' dan nghidulek Grazzi mill-qalb.

Nixtieq nghidlek li mieghek vera ghandek tim mill-aqwa. Jes u Joseph vera persuni simpatici wisq u ghandhom talent kbir u anke l-backing vocalists vera huma helwin u ghandhom lehinhom BOMBA! Ghadni kemm sirt naf li Jes u Joseph se jkollhom xi maskli u x'hin smajt b'din l-ahbar vera hadt gost u fraht fl-istess hin ghax hija sorpriza ghalija! Jiena cert li se jkollok show tajjeb hafna li bhalu qatt ma rajna. Kuntent ukoll li ghandek lil Shasha u lil Tony & Guy mieghek ghax naf kemm huma nies kapaci.

Se jkolli nhallik Olivia...

Caw caw ghalissa.

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell :)xxx


a big and warm hallo and smile to you....i want to express my final opinion on the staging of Vertigo in a nutshell: EVERYTHING LOOKS FINE, ALL COMES TOGETHER AND IT DOES CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE....i am happy about this, i have watched the second rehearsal many times again and again and i think it is very fine....my heart got back at its place, because the first rehearsal as you know stroke me a bit negatively...now i am again in Vertigo fever, perhaps more than ever :-)) do not worry about anything: you have the best song from all, you can sing it in the best way and the staging is pretty ok, not dull, the colours are very nice, i love this white-red rings right after the intro of the song and the overall perspective of the camera.....Olivia, everybody is ready for Vertigo: you are ready, the stage is ready(i think by the way that this stage is one of the worst ever...and that made also things difficult, but this apply to all the participants, anyway....) and most of all your fans and the vertigo fans around europe are ready!!!!!! and of course the whole Maltese people, who must be very nice persons, as i discovered thanks to Vertigo and you.....i am right now kind of sad only out of one reason: becuase i can not be in Helsinki, i can not wave the flag for you and support you with my presence in all the rehearsals and tommorrow on the big night....but i think the schlagerboys and other friend and fans will do this good anyway....you know already, barbarino is out of stupid reasons almost broke and can not afford a trip to Helsinki...but as i promised i and all my friends here are gonna be tomorrow with you with our senses, our eyes and ears, our mind our soul and passion for Vertigo and with our mobiles as the only weapon :-) i can not wait to see you tomorrow on stage, be sure these three minutes my heart will beat on the vertigo waves :-)...Olivia please be confident, go on stage with the knowledge that your entry is the best, sing for you, for us, for Malta but relaxed....whatever happens after should not worry you these 3 minutes....please show that you love vertigo, that you believe in this song and you will charm the whole europe then, i know it......it is important though to show that you are relaxed, confident and that you enjoy and love this song.....then everything will work perfectly.......i wish you from my deepest heart space all the luck for tomorrow and do not forget, berlin will be with you.....ALL THE BEST.......xxxxxx


.............i would like to make only one small suggestion, which i saw that many others did it also: it would be a great idea to change the drapes with red or golden ones or white-gold, this very very white somehow disturbs a bit..of course fireballs would be great, but i think last minute changes could spoil something....these wold be minor changes that maight intensify the whole stage efeecr, BUT EVEN SO, THE SHOW IS VERY GOOD, IT DOES CREATE A MEMORABLE EFFECT...I BELIEVE IN VERTIGO AND YOU, NOW MORE THAN EVER :-)

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...




Lara said...

prosit olivia the performance is amazing :) . u're gonna make Malta proud. ifqalna sala nhar il hamis !!!

Anonymous said...

Moi Olivia,





Josephine Ebejer Grech said...

Hi Olivia,
Glad to hear that you used your day off to relax as much as possible. I laughed when I read that you allowed Toni Sant to enter your bathroom when you were covered with foam. . .

Yesterday, was 8th May, and that's Marsaxlokk Madonna tar-Ruzarju feast. I went and I prayed for you amongst other things. Mum and I've been praying all week for you, so tomorrow will not be less.

Curiosity: Did Robert keep his promise (the one he did on Bla Agenda last Saturday) of having professional people to give you head to toes message - as a special treat, to relax? He should. I hope he did. You deserve some pampering. You are our ambassador ! ! ! ! :-)

Caw for today.
You always make us proud.
Josephine Ebejer Grech

Anonymous said...

Hi Oilvia,

finally the moment of truth is soon here! I wish you the best of luck so you and us with you make it through the semi-finals.

Malta is behind you!!! Make us proud

Btw the dress is lovely, hope that you will have curly hair though cause it suits you much more!

One last thing, i only saw your first reherseal unfortunately and i didn't like the baking vocals that much, hope som ething was done!

Take care sweet! We will be waiting for you

Anonymous said...

heyy oliviaaaaa
i'm really happy for you!! you're the best...i really like your show, and your voice..amazing!. your dress...omg its wonderful!!!
hope you'll make your hair the same you did it for the MSFE...it was really nice and you looked gorgeous int it ;)

btw...i like the way jes and jos dance..the drapes make the effect of flames..and its wonderful! keep it up

you're going to look great that night....just relax, believe in yourself, you know Malta is supporting you in every way. just go up there and make the best of it..remember you've been fighting for 7 years and now you did it ;) just don't forget to MAKE THE STUDIO GOES VERTIGO!

anndddd i want to thank shasha for making you more beautiful than ever...good luck and take care.

Malta-12 points!

Anonymous said...





Alfred said...

her leg it isnt gold! or am i colour blind? and for the first comment she is gonna wear the yellow dress, are you living on planet earth? lol :P

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Olivia.
You're great singer.

Jennifer said...

Dear Olivia,

I am sure that all the Maltese will be praying for you tomorow especially now that we have Dun Gorg on the verge of being proclaimed saint surley he will give us a helping hand. May be this is the year for the Maltese it is always a bit of extra help with a maltese saint :)
Anyway you are looking great and I am sure that you have what it takes to makes us proud just be yourself and results will follow

all the best
Jennifer XX

Anonymous said...

thank your for being so honest through your blog - keep grounded as you are. I believe that you have every chance of giving it your utmost on Thursday - and remember like with your MTV spot, the aim of promotion is not being the winner,

be confident on the whole act and smile and keep relaxed!

good luck olivia!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Olivia for tonight ... hope you can do yourself and our country proud! :-)

All the best xxx

Jenny said...

goodluck for tonight.don't worry you are fantastic!! loads of love from our beloved MALTA

Tarcisio Azzopardi said...

Whether red whether blue all
Malta is behind you.
Control your nerves during those fantastic three minutes and God will see you through.
I am sure you are going to do it and make malta proud again.
In the meantime have a nice afternoon nap to wake up strong again.

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Ah x'gost m'ghamilt xejn!!! hehe!!! Tajjeb hafna :)!!! Ghal dan il-Post nista' nghidlek li verament interessanti!!!

Nigel Blundell

GoNzAlEz said...

Hi Olivia!!!
Don't worry about yesterday just keep in mind that you and yor voice are both fantastic. And remember that you are surely going to be great!!! The rest is in the hands of God! The performance is also wonderful no matter what prople can say. Remember that no matter what happens tonight your Wonderful and also your Song and voice. All the Maltese people are going to be supporting you tonight, cause we all believe in you GOOD LUCK Olivia :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Olivia

Many best wishes come to your way and to all the team.

Good Luck and keep it up xxx

Anonymous said...

Well Done Olivia You put on a great show. Unless they changed the format of voting the Eurovision will be the laughing stock of Europe. Hope this event although a very disappointing will not deter you from continuing with your singing life. Keep it up. All Malta still behind you. Good luck for the future