Saturday, May 5, 2007

Practice makes perfect...

I woke up earlier than I had planned.

After yesterday's rehearsal, I literally fell into bed at around 8pm, and slept all night long without ever waking up till this morning at around 7am. I woke up feeling refreshed and well rested. It's important to rest. I've learnt that your voice varies a lot with exhaustion. And after all these years, I want to do the best I can over here.

It's been quite a lazy day today. Robert (the Maltasong boss) managed to book a gym studio for a 2 hour training session for our performance. I've been watching the rehearsal on my laptop, taking notes of my mistakes and enjoying the gradual improvement we did with each take.

Now that yesterday's excitement has been consumed, I can dissect yesterday's performance with an open mind.

There will be huge improvements. That's for sure. First of all I think the choreography needs to be more spaced out so as to avoid it looking clustered. The stage was smaller than we had expected. And the Director asked us to move the gong forward in order to have space for the steadycam shot in the beginning. Mark told me that lights will be improving a lot. Since we changed all their lighting setup, they couldn't programme certain effects in time. We would obviously be expecting these changes for tomorrow's rehearsal. I'm told all in all everything will look much more spectacular.

And...I know most of you will love this...I will be wearing the dress. I must say that the Roberto Cavalli material is enticing to say the least. We will see how it will blend in with the stage and decide accordingly. There are obviously other options, which we are keeping in the closet for now.

In the meantime, today I got to meet most of the Maltese press who are covering the event. I feel that I must personally thank Norman Hamilton who has been sponsoring Maltese journalists for quite some time. Were it not for him, many Maltese journalists would find it quite difficult to cover the event.

Ariadne Massa from the Times has been convering Eurovision for quite some time. She loves Eurovision and her writing is excellent. Reporting Eurovision is a full time job. There are no two ways about it.

Jason Busuttil and Pierre Cachia from Super 1 have been joined by Deo Grech this year. Jason is the big guy in the photo. He is a good friend who has helped me a lot throughout my career. He was personally responsible for the Qormi Farewell Concert. Deo is responsible for the OGAE Malta website. He is extremely dedicated and his site is updated a lot.

Today I didn't get to meet Frederick from NET and Cyrus from ESCMALTA. The two of them are very professional people who are eurovision addicted.

The Xarabank team is simply wonderful. They have a crew of seven covering the event. PJ, Peter, Mandy, Angie, Olwyn, Charles Ahar and Pablo are all working round the clock for next Friday's programme. I am told that it will be broadcast live. It's a first for Maltese television and I wish them well.

Well...there are bound to be others, but I have to go.

Tomorrow is another big day. Second rehearsal and all that. And practice makes perfect...I hope you will like it better. And I appreciate all your comments. Have read them all! :)

Speak to you tomorrow! Olivia


Schlagerboys said...

Hi Olivia!

Look out for us tomorrow in our Olivia Lewis red and white t-shirts and giant Maltese flags!!!

Neil said...

PROSIT!!! WELL DONE OLIVIA!!! INT L-AHJAR, Jien dak li ltqajt mieghek fuq il- vapur t'Ghawdex meta mort in- Nadur u ffirmajtli!! Neil jisimni... Dejjem nibqa' fan tieghek.

Roderick said...

Olivia....THANK YOU for reading our suggestions! THANK YOU!!!


Dearest Olivia!

your biggest supporter outside Europe, the lonesome barbarino from berlin is back :-)..... i am glad that you arrived safely and productive at the ESC contest...i had promised you that i will follow your journey from my head quarters somewhere in Berlin with the internet as my only weapon :-) yesyerday i had been waiting all day long to see some of your first rehearsal... Olivia, you know i loved Vertigo from the very first second i heard it and i was very curious and anticipating about the staging of the be very direct and frank i got a bit disappointed with the way vertigo is presented on stage: i had expected a much stronger suprise element than 3 half naked boys waving their clothes behind you...whose idea was this anyway? and the girls from the backing vocals they seem totally passionless and they sound out of tune...i am sorry that i am pointing out on this parts of the show, but somehow i got the impression vertigo and you miss somehow a part pf ypur power by this staging....i really hope i am the only one who sees this this way, i really hope....i do not know what to say...i hope you will make even on the last minute some improvements....good luck to all your efforts

Tonio Galea said...

Hi Olivia!

Hello Olivia kif int? nispera li tinsab tajba! Thank you hafna hafna talli qrajt is suggerimenti taghna ,jiena nahseb li inti lahjar ambaxxatrici ghal malta li tiela ghal eurovision , ma nistax nistenna ghal hamis hehe igri jigi! GOOD LUCK kbira ghal hamies jiena zgur li se nkunu gburien hafna bik! cu u tc .Tonio

Anonymous said...

Olivia you are a wonderful person. You deserve being there & you surely deserve to finally win it for Malta.
The performance is more than just fantastic & your determination to improve it will help to achieve a good result.
We Love you here in Malta
Well done to all the team behind

Anonymous said...

hey olivia..

how wonderful that you are finding time to read your fans comments. i know that there is only so much you can do to improve the act as it was already 99% perfect but its nice that you value the fans input. you deserve to do very well, you have done everything possible to make us all proud and most of us happy.
olivia you deserve your win and with all our hearts we pray for your success next week.
you are the best of maltese representative to date.
keep reaching for the stars because you are a star in your own right.

my love always...aussie fan xxx

Anonymous said...

Olivia there is no need for me to tell you - how much the maltese love you - but i have to tell you this - today Bla Agenda was aired on One tv - and i can tell you - that the amount of SMS's - wishing you good luck - was enormous ! they didnt stop at all - they kept coming all the time ! all malta is behind you olivia ! I am very glad that you read all our posts - and i hope that your team took some notes - on what things we'd like to see change ! because the enphaises many people made - about the camerawork - and lighting effects during the key change and at the FINALE of the song - are to be taken seriously - because they are all coming from the heart - and all coming for Malta's best! Keep up the good effort olivia ! you are really working hard - and you definitely merit a place in the final! Lots and Lots of love to you our - ambassador!

Please Note:
1) Israel havent got the adjustments they wanted in the 2nd rehearsel - hope that this wont happen to malta - and if it does - be strict with them ! lol!

2) There is a singer i guess the montenegrin one - who is using the cat walk stage! why dont you use it olivia - during the final part of the song - i guess it will be great ! - discuss this with Anna!

3) Andorra and Switzerland to mention just a few - have many interesting changes in their backdrops and lights - so please do make effort for better lighting in the vertigo song - because they did so for other songs ! its not nice to have the same bacground all the time - even during the key change - during the key change - there should be an explosion of light!

thanks xxxxxxxxxx love you olivia !

The truth said...

Inti ghalhekk specjali...ghax taqra il-kummenti taghna! Keep it up. I'm looking forward for tomorrow. Can't wait 2 see d dress and the improved performance!

A word to the Schlagerboys...

10x for your constant supposrt to our embassador!

Anonymous said...

we are VERY grateful that u r reading our comments, we only wish the best for Vertigo, and although most of us may not be so qualified, the ppl that have to vote for malta aren't all qualified .. anzi piutost bil kontra hehe :) just be ureself (which is wonderful:P) and the most important thing THOSE BACKING VOCALISTS they really sound AWFUL .. just shake philip and tell him to really listen to the performance through a TV you sound like 4 different ppl singing not 1 singer and 3(which should sound like 1!!)
pls pls pls pls pls for the sake of the performance.
PS: loved ure voice and Joseph (violinist) really impressive dancer hehe :)
Bernice :)

ALAN said...

Proset hafna qed niehu gost li qet taqraw il kummenti. Dawk huma kollha kummenti li johorgu mil qalb. Ghatu kashom. Proset.

1. il Backing vocals gieli gew jinstemhaw hafna.

2. Olivia tibzax kun iktar kunfidenti (By the way dawn kollha kantanti bhalek urijhom x'taf)
3. Long shots
4. Wisq kompatti tidru go xulxin wisq
5. F'ahhar trid tispica b'iktar grinta xi haga li thallik impresjonat.

Sorry for writing this know.

Good luck wel don u prosit hafna hafna.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Olivia and Malta on a fantastic song, I've loved it since the first time I heard it!!! Hope you qualify for the final, you'll have my televote! 12 points from Ireland!!!

Louise said...

hi olivia l-ewwel haga ibqa sejra hekk ax qed tidher kunfidenti hafna kemm on stage kif ukol fil press conferance. jekk ma jimpurtax nixtieq nghaddi sugeriment ax bhala shots il korjografija mhux qed tidher cara hafna specjalment meta fl'ahhar joseph u jess juzaw dak id drapp l'abjad. jien nahseb jekk jintuza aktar il palk nahseb viswalment tidher aktar cara u spjegata. keep it up u j'alla li bl'arangamenti kollha li jkun hemm bzonn thossok komda u jirnexilek taghti performance tajba bhal ma naf certa li int kapaci taghti. tc and good luck xxx

P3Charm said...

Looking forqward for today rehersal!! You seemed to consider our suggestions :D!! Thanks for doing that :D With improved lightning, camera work, and better spacing it will look perfect!!

The ending should be similar to teh Maltese final --> bigger impact and Philip should see taht the backing are at the right sound :)

Goodluck for today Olivia!! :) MLATA IS BEHIND U AND LIVING EVERY MOMENT WITH U!!!

Marc said...

Grt to see some changes in order to make it look better!!

You colour me blue
Turn my passion to red
It's feeling like I've become indigo

Mayeb using these three colours would help throughout teh song!! We won't be using only red and also dark aspects and putting red when the song reaches a climax should be grt!!

Regarding Clare Massa who is Olivia Lewis voice coach she is certainly in good hands :)

Anonymous said...

Hei Olivia,

Hyvää huomenta ( good morning )

Olivia, pls speak to philip and Anna so they will see what to do regarding the female backing vocalist, they are totally out of tune and regarding Jes and Joseph I do not agree at all that they will wave pieces of material behind you.
It does not look nice at all and I am afraid that if these matters will stay Malta will end up doing bad when it comes to points.
In my opinion keep it simple and it´s you who have to be powerful, your voice is great and I do not think there is a need of soooo many people on stage. Keep only 1 male dancer and that´s it.
I am sorry for pointing out these things and hope things will be dealt with accordingly. I am sure you will look great with the dress and hope it does not clash with the color background of the stage.

Olivia,I end by telling you good luck which is ( Onnea ) in Finnish and hope the maltese delegation will take into consideration the matters I had pointed out. It seems that more people had noticed the same things I noticed myself on stage.

Hyvää päivää ( Good Day )

Maltese living in Finland, Helsinki

The truth said...

Ergajt jien! :-)

Din il-gimgha gietni idea (mhux wahdi propjament) imma ma kellix idea kif nistghu nikkuntatja lil Valerie il-PRO tal-Maltasong.

Bazikament, jekk hu possibli, nixtieqek tghaddi dan il-hsieb lil-Valerie. Huwa possibli li l-kummentatur finlandiz ikun jaf li wahda mill-backings hija Finlandiza? U l-kummentatur Svediz ikun jaf li 2 mill-backings huma Svedizi? U l-kummentatur ikun jaf li l-koreografija hija ta' ciprijotta li inti intqajt maghha gewwa n-national final ta cipru?

Forsi ma taf kif, jimmotivawlin-nies ta pajjizom ituna naqa voti zejda! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia

A personal view about the choreography (albeit probably an unexpert one). The gong is memorable, and the fans are working really well, sometimes even creating a wow factor in screen. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the frantic movements with the bed sheets, at least from the poor quality vid I saw on you tube.

One other thing ... I think you should FLIRT with the camera more. I've watched previous Chiara and Ira performances and I believe that part of the reason for their success is their ability to connect with the audience at home via the television screen. Whilst the audience at home will appreciate a slick choreography, it would also be nice if you let that beautiful personality of yours come across the screen as well.

I may not be an expert in choreography and stuff, but it is ordinary people like me who will decide whether to vote for you or not, judging by your performance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,

bongu l-ewwel net. Ghadni kif rajt l-performance. Ifhem xtaqt nara xi haga aktar energetika li jistghu ikunu xi affarijiet zghar imma jaghmlu differenza kbira. Nghidu ahna kieku ma tkunux daqshekk f'xulxin nahseb s-shots tal camera jidhru ahjar. Ghogbitni hafna meta bdew itajjru l-bicciet bojod, pero' tipo' xtaqt nara aktar ftuh fiha dik anke jekk ezempju ma joqghodux daqshekk f'xulxin. Bhala background naqbel hafna li jinbidel l-kulur jew ikun hemm colour explotion meta jkun change of tone halli tipo lil udjenza tahsadhom u they will get note of your voice. Affarijiet zghar ifhem hemm ta imma tajjeb li forsi wiehed jaghti kashom. Forsi jekk narawha bil-kostumi naraw xi haga aktar cara... boqq ma nafx nistennew u naraw....

I wish you all the best - Il-Hamis ser tkahhalna mat-TV u s-Sibt certa li x'ser taghmlilna ... suppost qed nistudjaw ghall-ezamijiet tal-finals... :)

Good Luck

Bjorn Blundell said...

Hey Olivia,

L-ewwel nett Bongu u j'alla jkollok gurnata sabiha llum. Nghidlek Grazzi talli toqghod taqra l-kummenti kollha li nhallulek ahna l-Fans tieghek. Jiena wkoll nahseb li inti l-aqwa ambaxxatrici ta' Malta ghax inti bniedma ta' qalbek tajba. Inti dejjem smajt is-suggerimenti taghna, tajtna wkoll l-opinjoni biex naghzlulek il-libsa li kont lbist fil-MSFE '07 eccetra. Inti ghalija kantanta unika! Proset Olivia u Awguri ghal-lum ghar-Rehearsal. U btw vera herqan biex nara l-libsa li ser tilbes!

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell :)xxx

Charlene said...

Hi Olivia....We must all thank you for keeping us updated with your experience in Helsinki...we are all after you. you gave an impeccable show....Love you....xxxxxxxxx

Alison said...

Hey Olivia, I just love your honesty. I really liked the performance you did on Friday but as you said it was subject to improvement. Well done... I'm sure you and your team are working very hard and I'm double sure you're going to make Malta proud next Thursday :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia, i personally think that you are the only Maltese celeb that really cares about what her fans are telling her. If anything i think you should win the eurovision on the merit. Anyway, looking forward to tomorrows performance and cannot wait to see it on your blog. xxx

Joseph said...

a big good luck for today olivia xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia !

Vera qeghda niehu gost li qeghda taqra is- suggerimenti taghna ! :). Aktar ma joqrob il- Hamis, aktar qeghed jizdied l- ecitament fost il- Maltin !! M' ghandi l- ebda dubju li se tmur tajjeb hafna ! Ghandek lehnek sabih u l- performance tajtha tajjeb hafna.

Kif ghidt fl- ahhar post tieghi u kif qalu xi whud qabli, jien il- backing vocalists hassejthom mhux qeghed idoqquli mal- bqija tad- diska u ma' lehnek !

Inti ghamilt performance tajba u l- ahhar ftit final touches jonqos u tkunu perfetti ! ;). Nawgurawlek jien u l- familja tieghi ! Prosit !

Sarah from Marsaxlokk.

Anonymous said...

hi Olivia, just saw your performance. Must say that i was somewhat impressed with the overall performance. However i have one major comment. PLEASE TELL THE BACKING SINGERS TO LOWER THEIR VOLUME. Spread out a little bit and please tell jes and joeseph to loose the materials. Thanks.

Ramy said...

Gdluck Olivia! Kun kunfidenti ghax ahna l-Maltin warajk jigri x'jigri! xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done olivia!!! keeping us updated on all that`s happening in finland its as if we are there with you......thanks also for reading our suggestions. I`m looking forward to seeing the 2nd rehearsal of today.....good you and all the team!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,

The dress looks FAAAAAAAAAAB! However I am not sure regarding the fan blowing on you??!!

Otherwise all looks great.

jp said...

hey olivia
... just 2 words WELL DONE!! saw your first rehersal and it was great ... your voice, the dancers, lights, sound...everything. also saw your dress and really liked it.. keep up the good work. Gdluck:)
Just wanted to point out something... how come on the there are no video clips of your rehersals...only your interview and pictures? yet, there are of many other countries availbale online! one last thing...does anyone know when the short eurovision clips will be broadcasted in malta? thanks

Elrick said...

Hi Olivia,
I found these reviews of your rehearsal performance today and I thought I would share them with you. Firstly Keith@AKOE who is notoriously critical:
"The presentation is totally Oriental and Olivia is wearing a predominently yellow kimono and sings very well, even if I think she's holding a little back. She's finding the cameras well, which is more than some people are doing today. The guy that hits the bong is missing his timing occasionally, and I'm not sure why the camera is showing a lot more of him, than the other guy on the violin who is far better looking. I still think that the waving stuff in the air looks wrong, but the backdrop is absolutely amazing. Coming after three other female vocalists isn't helping and Andorra coming after it is also a problem, but if only one of Portugal, Macedonia, Norway or Malta gets through, then I think it should be Malta."

Secondly from Peter@AKOE:
"Now Malta. I thought there was too much happening on stage in the first rehearsal. But, Oh My God, this was just brilliant this time. Much slicker and polished. Olivia really plays to the cameras. Stage presentation magnificent. She is dressed in a yellow japanese style dress which really suits her. The colour is a little similar to the stage setting at times but that´s just a minor point. This has flown up my ranking after today. Not many rehearsals have given me the ´wow´ factor this year so far but Malta did today."

I think you will agree that they are both excellent and shows what progress has been made in such a short time. Congratulations to you and everyone else involved in achieving this. Enjoy the next few days and go into Wednesday and Thursday with confidence.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
Good Job and well done!!




Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia !!!!

Rajt il- performance li ghamilt illum u vera PROSIT PROSIT U PROSIT !!!!! Qabbiztli demgha bil- ferh li hassejt !! :). Il- libsa vera xerqitlek u fil- performance jaqbel kollox flimkien !! ;). Vera haqqek kull tifhir !!

Sarah from Marsaxlokk.

Frans said...

You must show them what the maltese were missing for not getting you to the Eurovision before..... keep fingers crossed and above all

Kirstie said...

Helllloo olivia,
well done for the rehersals... hemm xi affarijiet li tridu tirrangaw imma ghal-ewwel rehersal on stage you were simply the best.hehe naf li togbok dik is-song...hihi.
Gl olivia ahna dejjem warajk and im very optimistic.

plectrum said...

Quoting Peter@AKOE:
"She is dressed in a yellow japanese style dress which really suits her." - Can please someone tell me what the Japanese style has to do with the song, the music genre or even the video? Only the gong is "oriental"! Why do we keep saying "prosit" to something that is out of place? Please take heed - a Spanish look would have been much better! Even the dancing should have been based on Spanish steps - which would have been much more energetic. In fact would call the choreography more tableaux than dancing! I hope you are not thinking that this is desctructive criticism. I have been repeating the thing about the clothes etc ad nauseam but nobody seems to take heed!

oriana said...

Hi olivia,

Jiena nara kemm jista jkun dak kollhu li ghandu x'jaqsam mal ESC, u gieli ktibtlek ukoll.

Illum rajt il performance tieghek (kont qeda bara kelli seba mitt sena sa kemm nasal id dar biex nara il performance tieghek fuq l internet)
U ha nejdlek kienet worth jistax ikollok libsa isbah, vera xerqitlek. Qatt ma imaginajt li ha tkun hekk u vera ogbitni. Bhala performance ukoll kienet iktar 'smooth' tajjb hafna.

Jiena ma iridx inkelmek fin neggativ.......l unika zewg affarijiet jekk tista forsi tirispondini:

1: Il-Back vocalist qedin jinstemaw kif suppost, ghax meta tghid 'AND YOU CAME' 'CAME@ tal back vocalist qisa tinstema tard ghalija.

2: Il-Long Shots hemm minhom tajbin u hemm minhom nahseb inqas....ftakru biss li in nies jivutaw bara il kanzuetta etc fuq ix show li jaraw. Issa jekk ikun hafna long shots ahna mit television ma narawx jekk intomx icaqaltux jew ghamltux xi haga!!.......pero meta hemm il key change u il palk jixel hemm naqbel

Ir rih ogobni........ORIGINAL!!!

Naqbel ma nies li inti vera qeghda turina li jinteresak minna ghax li taqra dak li nejdulek u izomna agornati diga hafna...

Jine kull darba li nispicca dejjem nejdlek l-istess li illum ma jistax jonqos.

GOODLUCK OLIVIA jiena nar il hamis ha inkun quddiem it tv narak bhal maltin kollhu li inhobbu lilek u lil pajizna. Jiena naqra ifisata fuq dan l imbierek festival ghax ghalkemm ma niehux sehem fih minn Dicembru nibda nara is songs li ghadew etc, il festival fi frar u sa ESC...nixtieq li xi darba nigu ipremjati ahna ukoll MALTA.


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,

Li ma nistax nifhem huwa, kif fil-video it-tema kienet fuq spanish folk u issa fuq l-istage huwa fuq tema orientali?????!!!!!!
Nghidlek is-sew ma tantx nara li hemm qbil. Ahjar zammejthu it-tema fuq bhal tal-video. Nispera li ma tirrabjaax fuq li semmejt imma hassejt illi ghandi nghid dak li qed nhoss u nara. Naf li inti jkollok taghmel dak illi jghidulek imma prova ara il-punt tieghi u nahseb jaghmel ftit tas-sens hux!!

Il-bqija nawguralek u jálla tmur tajjeb nhar il-hamis u ovjament anke is-sibt.


Dear Olivia!! i have just watched the second rehearsal and my heart is back at its place: everything looks much better now, i can see the power of vertigo shining again on stage....great lightening work: red for passion, white for some optimism and gold for the sunny malta :-) sorry that i have been so hard with my first comments....i guess my expectation about this fantastic song were somehow unrealistic....but i assure you, i see again now the power of vertigo and your power on stage...i think you will make it!!!!! i and my friends here in Berlin are gonna be with you on the semis with the mind and the heart...and our mobiles of course...GONGRATULATIONS, your efforts are to you soon....

escfan said...

Dear Olivia!

Thanks for reading our comments. I am working on my dissertation at the moment and browsing the net all the time :)

I watched today's rehearsal and there is definately an improvement from last time however i am not happy with the backing vocalists at all. Something isnt right. Sometimes they are too loud and ur not synchronised. Pls lets not repeat last yrs mistake.

Re ur dress i really like it...well done!

Another thing i would like to comment on is the camera shots...too many long shots of the arena and the stage...we want to see ur face not the arena especially in crucial moments of the song...and keep ur hair out of your face ur much more beautiful!

Re jes and joseph im satisfied but still not sure abt the sheets...i guess it could work but it seems overdone...

to be honest my favourite staging is the one of belarus...its excellent...really slick and professional...

well anyways i gtg continue...i cant wait for thursday and i wish u all the best. whatever happens we know u tried and gave it ur best and this yr (for once) we have the best stage presentation since ira goodluck olivia! we love u and are supporting u...make us proud to be maltese xxx

Anonymous said...

madoffi meta olivia u il backing vocals qed jigu in line, quddiem xulxin, il camera qed iggibhom mil-boghod. pls... NEHHU il LONGSHOTS, l-iktar bicciet sbieh tal koreografija mhux qed jigu jidru. pls, pls, tkellmu tkellmu !!

Roderick said...

Olivia keep up your very good voice!! You are interpreting the song better and better every time you sing it!

Nice choreography in general. Can't say that I like it all...but it's fine! However, try to fix the problems with the camera-work. It was the second rehearsal today and camera work remained almost the same! Remeber that if you are going to change such thing, it does not depend on the Maltese delegation to do so, but on YLE, which may refuse to do so if you tell them about your decision later on during the week! Most of the moves are getting ruined by the ******* long shots!!! And it's a great pity!

Another point: I noticed that the backing vocals changed, coming to be more similar to the studio version. However, they are not snychronised with your voice! Sometimes they are louder than you are and sometimes they go faster than the song itself!

I'm sure we will do it to the final, BUT if such "minor" details are worked upon, then we can only achieve better positions in this year's esc!

Keep it up anyway!

plectrum said...

At last someone is agreeing with me! I have been saying that the song is Spanish and thus should have a Spanish look as well since the first time it was performed in Malta. I have written emails and even contributed to forums etc and this blog as well. Don't you think that there is a glaring inconsistancy with the video as well in which we see spanish dancers! (apart from the fact that the music genre is Spanish). Please do take heed and hopefull we are still in time to change things. I am saying this from the bottom of my heart as I wish the best for Malta.

Anonymous said...

l-unika kelma li tigini f rasi .. WOW, i just watched the second rehearsal and the backing vocalists are just perfect, they did their job, which is 'helping out'the song and not trying to be main singers :)! Qed nghidlek, il bierah wara li rajt l-ewwel rehearsal bdejt nibda .. imma issa ghandi fiducja li imorru all the way ;) BEautiful dress,Beautiful voice, BEautiful set up, .. just a little more brushing up on u're contact with the cameras and u ll me 100000% perfect:)
ISsa vera li no matter fejn tigi nemmnu li ghamilt l-ghalmu tieghek, ghax il maltin igergru ghad delegazjoni jekk is show ta l ahhar ma jkunx sabih .. imma din is sena WONDEFUL :) Keep up the great work :):):)

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia well done for todays performance. I agree with most ppl are trying to tell you and we are thinking the way most ppl that will vote are going to think.
1. Please use the space even more -use catwalk too.

2. Tell jes and joseph to loose the material.

3. Stop the flipping long shots. They do no justice to the performance.

4. Please get the backing singers to get in tune. They are not singing properly.


oriana said...


I just wanted to tell everyone that i agree on the back i have wrote before even in this page......BUT i jusy heard it on the tv and it is completely different.

The back vocalists had normal it possible maybe because we are hearing it on the internet????

seeing it on the tv is much much more better>>>>>>but still the same opinion on the long shots (TO MANY OF THEM)


Char said...

Olivia prosit tal-performance tal-lum! Hija preview tajba hafna tas-show li se taghtu nhar il-Hamis, tajjeb hafna!!!

Pero' ghandi suggeriment zghir...
Ghid lil Mark biex jghid lil camerapersons u min qed jiehu hsieb minn barra il-camera shots biex ma jihux daqshekk longshots, ghax inkella il-performance titlef!

Hemm bzonn iktar views tieghek mill-vicin biex tkompli izzid mal-magia tal-kanzunetta tieghek!

Take care and good luck!
Kompli sejra hekk!!!

kevin said...

hey ol
wel done , vera ghamiltu performance tal genn !! l unika haga li ma ogbitniex hija li is show ma tantx jidher min habba il cameras ma jigbdux is show kollu imma jigbdu mil bghod jew min fuq, u hija hasra li ma tigux tidru min quddiem , mil bqija proset hafna ,
say hi 2 jes ax dak habib tieghi cya and tc xxx

Anonymous said...

well done a big improvement from first rehearsal.

i have noted on both occasions that they are bringing a close shot of jes just walking towards the gong to hang the fan. it does not look nice at all not to mention that those precious moments could be focused on Olivia.

i would like to see a close shot of the beginning when Olivia is lined up with the vocalists. a real stunning start that is being lost.

I would rather see the dancers n vocalists approach Olivia at the end of the song, rather than Olivia turning her back on the audience and walking towards them. AFTER all SHE IS IS THE STAR OF THE SHOW

Nevertheless I am really happy that Olivia has stuck to her guns and is doing what she knows best. Her delivery of the song is strong. She sings with so much passion that i am convinced she will capture the attention of the viewers, with or without the sheets lol

Good Luck

Ivan said...

Hello Olivia,
Well done on the 2nd rehearsal and i must say u have got it nailed girl!
I am pretty convinced now that you will make it to the finals on sat with that show and confidence.
I am glad u took in consideration the suggestions on the lighting during the key change cause it really made a big difference. hope thursday all will be as it was today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia!

A very good performance overall. Your efforts to reach perfection are really apparent!

Yet I think there are too many things happening on stage....i would suggest you remove those white fabrics as on TV the end will appear messy!

Enjoy your performance...Everyone in Malta is supporting you :D It's impossible to switch on the radio or TV or open a newspaper and not hear the word Olivia or Vertigo!!

GOOD LUCK! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Olivia, naqqsulhom is-sound lill-backing vocalist ax at times kienu qed jistunaw mal-vuci tiek!

Anonymous said...

Olivia PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE BOYS!!!! They are not synchorinised at all when they take out the two loin clothes and start making funny moves behind you. Their look is NOT polished and its far too busy on such small confined space. Simplify their act and let yourself take centre stage. You are still in time!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Olivia & team
I saw the second reherseal. Looks very well done however do not let the back vocals be heard more than you. You have such a wonderful voice.
Thx for reading our opinion Good luck XXX

Chris said...

You're already making us proud... we love you ... come what may!!

Anonymous said...

hi olivia, d performance was great but d reason im writing is to congratulate u on d dress - its beautiful and the material is absolutely stunning! pls dont change d dress, u look lovely in it. good luck xxx
ps. ur boyfriend was right about the orange-red lighting of the stage ;)

Anonymous said...

Everything looks and sounds mesmerising enough for a certain qualifier! Keep it up!

Best of luck from mailwaystation!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks and sounds mesmerising enough for a certain qualifier! Keep it up!

Best of luck from mailwaystation!

Anonymous said...

The second rehearsal is definitely more polished than the first, but I still believe those frantic cloth movements destroy the finale, which should be the climax of the whole performance. And I'm not the only one here (and on other websites) who has commented about that!

Jenny said...

hello olivia,rajt it tieni reharsal u ogbitni hafna.ghandek libsa sabiha u id dawl tal palk jinzel tajjeb ma tantx laqatni kien meta jess u joesph ikollom dawk il bicciet bojod.nahseb ahjar minajrhom.bewsa kbira min malta

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, although i know that you are trying your best to achieve the best of results, i believe that there are certain cahnges which need to be done. If all of us here are telling you similar things, its what the ppl that will be voting will be thinking of.

1. Jes and Joseph DO NOT USE those materials. It looks really messy and doenst suit the song.

2. Olivia i think you should move a little bit more and connect better with the camera and the audiance. (read comments about this on foreign websites.)

3. Get those backing singers in tune - vera qed jistunaw.

4. Use the stage and the CATWALK because the performance is looking to confusing and unfinished.

Other than that vera well done your doing your homeland proud. WE LOVE YOU OLIVIA.

Claudia said...

Hi Olivia,I have just seen the rehearsals and u looked fabulous with the dress and voice.But on stage the show looked quite a little chaotic and messy.Too many people on board and the thing of Jes and Joe in my opinion is going to make us loose points.Can this thing of the drapes be removed??We r still on time.Too many longshots as well.Hope u or someone read these comments because we really want d best 4 you.Thanks

Anonymous said...

hi olivia
il-bierah rajtek fuq ONE TV. kieku taf kif isorprendejtni proset tal-korjografija, ta l-ilbies u ta kollox. keep it up


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia prosit kbira qalbi, u good luck kbira .. Xtaqt najdek wicc imbwicc imma dejjem stahjt inwaqfek il-belt ghax nibza li ndejqek .. Vera int wahda mill favorita hi .. I wish you luck .. Jean Claude Naxxar .. x x x

Anonymous said...

vera olivia, fil-bidu imisshom igibukhom min quddiem kif tibda id-diska, mhux mil-boghod...dik il bicca fej tkunu in line u jibdew jghollu l-imrewha qabel tibda tkanta qeda tintilef...hasra kbira ghax vera sabiha !!!

Anonymous said...

What if Vertigo manages to go into the finals? Will you wear the same dress? Hope not, I think you should wear something spectacular then, something that makes people go Vertigo!

I loved the Deja Vu' dress! ... well whatever the outcome Heartfelt Good Luck to you Olivia and May God Bless You!!

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Bongu! Verament PROSET IMMENS tax-xoghol siewi li din is-sena d-Delegazzjoni Maltija kollha qed taghmel!!! PROSET IMMENS mill-gdid!!! Li tipprattikaw il-performance f'gym huwa tajjeb hafna u PROSET IMMENS ta' dan!!! Qeghdin tim b'sahhtu hafna u habrieki hafna f'xoghlkhom u ta' dan nammirakhom hafna!!! Bla dubju ta' xejn li intom wiehed mill-aqwa tim li tlajtu ghall-Eurovision!!!

Ma nistax ma nhallilekx kumment dwar il-libsa tal-Eurovision 2007!!! Jiena verament ghogbitni hafna u PROSET IMMENS lil kull min kellu x'jaqsam max-xoghol tal-libsa ghax BRILLANTI!!!

Dan il-Post huwa verament interessanti ghax bih sirna nafu hafna min-nies mill-Press Maltija li telghu l-Finlandja u ta' dan GRAZZI hafna Olivia minn qiegh qalbi!!!

Nigel Blundell