Monday, May 7, 2007

My second attempt...

I have just woken up.

Yesterday was another big day for all of us here. The second rehearsal is an all important event for a big list of reasons.

My biggest worry was the dress. Since my past has been plagued with wrong clothing choices, I still tremble at the thought of showing a dress for the first time...sort of deja' vu, don't you think??!! :)

I was ready waiting at the hotel reception at 11am. Robert insists on punctuality and even though he doesn't really say anything when I'm late, his face speaks volumes. So I did what I could to hurry and managed to land in reception in British punctuality.

Sunday in Helsinki is quite different from the rest of the week. There was no traffic at all and the trip to the Hartwell Arena took us less than 10 minutes (compared to 20 or 30 minutes during the week).

As soon as we arrived at the venue, Mark setup one of his keyboards for a voice rehearsal with Claire. Mark is an excellent piano player and has been collecting keyboards for a long time. He insisted on getting his favourite one to Helsinki: a red Korg Karma! :) He must be getting superstitious I guess!

I have learnt a lot from Claire Massa. Even though my style and her style differ, the techniques still apply. Especially when it comes to warming up your voice. I have found that a good warm up guarantees a good performance. And that's what we did. All you could hear when passing by the Maltese dressing rooms was 'La La La La La La La La La'. And all other sort of voice exercises. We spent almost an hour doing them, by which time a YLE official came knocking on our door asking us to go backstage to setup the mics.

I was soon microphoned and ready on stage. This is the first time that I'm able to see anything while performing. And the reason is simple. I'm wearing lenses. I still have to get used to them, but they make a big difference. Since I'm miopic, when performing I take off my specs. And believe, me. On stage I don't see anything at all. Everything is just a blur. This time, Mark insisted I had to follow the cameras. In order to follow the cameras I had to see the red tally lights so the only solution was wearing contacts. It worked.

In the distance I could see Mark and John Demanuele talking to the Director of Lights. This director is a swell sort of guy...spiky hair and a gentle face. He has been doing the lights for six Eurovisions. And believe me...he's good.

'Standby...first rehearsal', said a voice in the background.

I went into line with Joseph, Jes and the three girls. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the first opening shot. We decided to keep the steadycam shot with a difference. He was asked to focus on Joseph and Jes rather than show us lined up standing like school children waiting to be reprimanded by the teacher! And it was looking good. I could even hear Mark clapping in the background. I think someone suggested this on the blog. He was right.

The voice was coming out well when suddenly two big fans started running. I almost choked! :) The power of the fans is surpising. And I had to get used to it. But when I did get used to it, it was heaven. You almsot forget you are on the Eurovision stage.

After about six tries the rehearsals were over. I headed to the viewing room to see the finished product. I must admit it is all looking good. I've been reading some comments on this blog regarding wideshots. Whilst I do agree that closeups are important, some wideshots have to be included. Otherwise there would be no establishing shots. And establishing shots are very important to put whoever is on stage in a context. Apart from the fact that when the venue is full, it would look good to include shots of people clapping and waving their flags during the song. Another consideration is that since most have viewed the rehearsal on youtube, the size and quality of the picture are not really ideal for long shots. They look empty. But believe me, in full size they look so so so good! :)

And the dress seems to have pleased a lot of people. So we are definitely going to use it for the semifinal. That's decided.

The viewing room guys warily asked us if we were happy with the job. The answer was plain and simple: Yes. Very happy. Some minor adjustments and we're there. One nagging point was the delay on the backing vocalists' voice. Philip asked the sound man to reduce the delay in certain points as it was getting overlayed on the proper voice making them sound badly. It will be setup in time for the dress rehearsal...that's what we've been told.

The door is knocking...oh's Robert and he's waiting for me to go for a rehearsal in the local gym. 'Come on Olivia...don't be late', I can hear him saying.

So I must go.

Speak to you tomorrow...Olivia :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, thank you for yet another post and thank you for keeping us informed. Am glad to hear that the long shots will look good on the night and that the backing singers will be tuned. Hope that all will look perfect and then - come what may. One questions - what will you be wearing for the final? hihi take care - enjoy your workout!! xxx

Roderick said...

Ok Olivia...I feel better now after reading your blog. Seems you are in control of everything, and it is evident you have read our comments :-D thanks for that.

One thing: Pay careful attention to contact lenses and the wind machine. When it's windy I avoid going out wearing lenses. They might dry up and cause redness in the eye and itching.

As you said...the dress is simply wonderful. Thank God you're going to fix the backing thing cos your voice is simply wonderful!!!

Whoah...ok...i feel better now :-D Thank you Olivia!!!

Anonymous said...

Huomenta Olivia!
Good Morning!

Just a couple of things, do not use the drapes on stage while you are performing and if possible use the catwalk to get away from the stage it looks a bit too chaotic. Otherwise all looks good.

Hyvää päivään jatkuu ( Have a nice day )

Claudia said...

Hi Olivia u were fabulous on stage very well done.My only comment is that that Jes and Joe waving those white sheets are a bit messy .Can it be removed or changed? The show is mostly on them when it should be on you and the power of your voice.Pls do something about it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you are taking care of everything - your the boss show them what your made of!!!! One questions still remains, will jes and joseph wave those bed sheets around? Thaks and take care. 4 days left - cannot wait. xxxx

oriana said...

Hi Olivia,

Goodmorning!! I also feel better after reading your blog. I am very satisfied with what you told us.

Lovely dress......for contact lenses i agree with MARK to wear them. First of all you should see clear for your own experience and for the camera. You will be fine with them. I wear them everyday for the last 4years!!!

Have a nice you and every Maltese person up in Helsinki. When is the Maltese party being held in Helsinki??

talk to u soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

The truth said...

Like the others I feel Ok now re: the long-shots! 10x for putting our mind at rest! I know you are in good hands.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

good morning olivia, well done for a great performance. It is very clear that the team is still doing their utmost to put up the best possible presentation on the night.

Moreover, I am so happy that you have stuck to your guns and do what you know best. You sing with so much passion and your delivery of the song is excellent. Glad to read that the issue of the vocalists is being tackled. Their voices should remain low key and they should give the same presentation as heard on the cd. You look great in the dress, soft colours suits u and that goes for the make up too especially when it comes to the close shots.

Can u pls note the following suggestions

Remove the close shot of Jes walking away from the dance to hang the fan. it does not look good and out of sequence, we can utilise these precious seconds on other shots. He is also shown on one of the pictures actually hanging the fan.

I disagree that the line up should be given a long shot. I think it looks so striking when you are hidden behind the girls and you come out looking so glorious. a suggestion maybe anna can change the choerography abit, by removing the line up and have the vocalists in a different position with the fans open covering your face and you can still walk out majestically and sing.

Noone has commented on the finishing. I would rather see the vocalists and dancers approach you rather than you turning your back to the audience and walk up n turn. AFTER ALL YOU ARE THE STAR OF THE SHOW. How about a dramatic end with jes at your side on his knees, and you looking down on him, just as the video ends. Maybe a close shot of you with a tear rolling on your face would do an impact, if this can be done cosmetically. As you can see I am being carried away with my emotions.

I wish you all the best of luck

Olivia you have waited for this special moment so go out and give it your best.

Anonymous said...

keep the drapes - its original, and something that people can remember. i think it creates a cool and dramatic effect.

and to whoever is saying to change them, dont u realise that its like one of the main bits of choreography and it cannot just be removed a couple of days before performance lol.

btw olivia your dress is fantastic.

now the details have been sorted out - all you need to do is believe in yourself so that u can give an incredible performance. Remember how many Maltese people believe in you. And remember that u have a great product. SELL it!!!

Anonymous said...

i watched you performance yesterday and i think you did a great job. Pleeeeaaaaaaase make us very proud of you. we already are but i wish i could scream with joy on Thursday. No matter what you are wearing, not matter how you look... its you and the music that counts. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Remember that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity... just give it your best. One day you will look back and remember this time with a smile. Forget the pressure (I know its not easy) and make it a special time in your life. Remember that everyone would like to be a star like you are this week. You have this wonderful power in yourself... so shine bright this week.

Anonymous said...

Tistghu please taghmlu il video clip tas second fuq hawn jidhlu hafna barranin u b'hekk jkunu jistghu jarawa,apparti anke ghalina il maltin.
Grazzi u prosit ta kollox.ejja ha nmorru tajjeb is sibt(ax ha naddu ghal finali zgur)

Charlene said...

Hi olivia..after reading your blog..i am feeling better as have a lovely dress...keep it up and we are all praying for you...we beleive you'll make it to final night...xxxxx

Andre` said...

Hey Ollie!

I must say you look wonderfull in the new dress!Try to put earings on imma..they would do a nice effect when moving your head!Hope for the finals ul have another new dress off yrself if u can!

Sometimes the backing was too loud!your voice should be on top of if u can check it out!

Try not to stay too close on the stage!widen it up a bit!the stage is big so don't stay too close!

What about asking to put some special effects in the show!Ex. smoke when u come out from behind the girls!..or some fire thing in the climax!

Hope everything will keep going well as it did till now!
Enjoy it sweet!keep making us proud!
p.s. i left u a msg on it :)

Adriel said...

Hi Olivia

Firstly I must start by saying that it is all wonderful. I like the outcome. 2nd rehersal was far much better than the 1st one. When I saw the first one, I was sure that we won't make it to the finals. But now it's all better. And I am possitive. We'll manage for the finals although the competition is really tough, let's keep our feet on the floor.

I love your dress, it's amazing. Really good work, and it really suites you... a lot!! The dresses of the backing vocalists isn't that good in my opinion, but you can't have everything your way, do you? hehe

The one thing that's really worrying me is the white drapes that Joseph and Jes are waving... too much!! believe me... I've spoken to so many people and all of them are with the same opinion. The white drapes are too much, and they're not looking good on stage, all the waving behind you. Some people thought like "what the hell is he doing?" and I agree with them. I know it's a bit late, but not too late to fix something about that.

Camera shots seems fine, although I would use more group shots and less long shots... There are good moments of your performance which are being lost. And in my opinion they should be shown. Although I really love the ending!! :) oh and the fans... just a great effect, love it aswell. The dress looks great with that breeze...

That seems all... Keep up all the good work, and thanks for keeping us informed. I personally check your site everyday, even before the MaltaSong Festival took place, coz I believe in you. And I know both you and Vertigo has a huge pottential.

Good luck, continue making us proud!

Loads of love


Bjorn Blundell said...

Hey Olivia,

Qed niehu hafna gost li qed ikollok il-hin li tiktbilna minn dak li tkun ghaddejja gewwa Helsinki. Napprezza hafna jiena l-ewwel wiehed. Dwar it-tieni rehearsal li kellek ilbierah jiena nixtieq nghidlek li oghgbitni hafna hafna u anke l-libsa tieghek u anke tal-backings. Vera mpressjonawni l-ilbiesi tieghek b'mod specjali. Tad-dar kulhadd qabel mieghi li ghandek libsa sabiha hafna li tixraqlek hafna u l-kuluri vera sbieh u anke jaqblu mad-diska ghax vera orjentali.

Jiena nixtieq nghaddi kumment Olivia dejjem jekk huwa possibli. Hafna nies kemm minn Malta u anke minn barra qeghdin jikkumentaw xi ftit dwar il-bicca meta Jes u Jospeh jghollu dawk it-tipo craret ghal tul ta' hin. Certi nies mhiex iddoqqilhom. Ma nafx tistghux taghmlu xi haga ghax qed nghidlek certi nies ma nafx imma mhiex toghogbhom.

Grazzi hafna.

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia , welldone for everything. I can see that unlike other years you are considering our opinion and suggestion a lot, and that is so nice of you at least i appreciate that a lot thanks a lot. i must say that i am happy with what i saw on the second rehersal,the only thing i would take care for the night is the backing vocalists, and one thing i would add for the night is when they all open their hand fans glitters will falll down i think it will look nice and it will some extra sparkle too. thanks for your patience and thanks to all the team in helsinki. GOODLUCK OL x x x x x x

Grazielle said...

Hey Olivia!
Hope you're feeling well and that the pressure is not getting to you. It shouldn't because you're all so very well prepared! Don't work too much ok?! If the performance is exactly like yesterday's rehearsal, I'm absolutely sure the audience will damage their throats screaming and redden thier hands clapping!! Just try not to be afraid. Brainwash yourself that you're the owner of the stage and that you're one of the very best. Just enjoy it! Though this year there are a lot of very good songs, you and Vertigo have nothing're just made of star stuff! :) Just one little suggestion. Someone said that you could use the catwalk for a few seconds. I think maybe you should. Remember how the audience went mad when Ira Losco did something similar back in 2002? But I do understand that it's not easy to change something in the last few days. So we leave it to you to decide boss :) Show them what you're capable of Olly ok?! We're all very proud of you!
Love you and take care <3

Cra-Zee said...

HI Olivia!
WOWWWW this is the best performance Malta is ever going to present all is sooo origional and well performed! i just have 1 suggestion, To use the cat walk, it would look so much nicer in my opinion & it would b a more "flowing" performance than just staying on the stage!

other than that, i wish u all the luck in the world! no matter what position you achieve, We know you all did your best & u will remain the BEST to all of us.



Ann Marie said...

Hi Olivia,

Well when I heard the song for the first time during the MSFE it didn't convince me and the choreography was a bit week. When I heard the result I hoped that we had chosen the right song. No matter that I didn't really like the song you had my 100% support after all we're Maltese.

A couple of weak's ago I listened to the song again and something have struct me. Yesterday I saw your performance on Super 1 TV and I really enjoyed it. I couldn't believe myself that it was the same singer with the same song. I Love it! Now I hear your song everyday and am glad that it's you who next Thursday will be waving the Maltese flag in Finland.

The choreography is awsome, the voice is superb and the dress is magnificant...and finally a choreography for the backing vocalists as well!

Good Luck for next Thursday and enjoy every second of this experience. Malta is all with you and wish you the best.

Take Care & God Bless you all

Ann Marie

Anonymous said...


Just came across this blog, quite a gathering of followers I see.

I'll keep this short, since seeing the volume of comments and guessing your busy schedule, I would be surprised if you found time to read them all.

So... GOOD LUCK from my family, my nanna, the cat, etc..etc.. u ptp hehe (sorry had to add a pinch of 'maltese' in there hux)

Anonymous said...

Proset Olivia veru ghandha show tajjeb id-diska, u proset tal-libsa ukoll. Halli kollox kif inhu, dawk il-lozor halluhom izda ixxejruhomx daqsekk. Good luck for Thursday and also for Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Olivia, the performance is simply amazing. I really like, proset to all. Just one thing. It's a pity you are using those drapes in the final refrain. They're messing the whole thing. Hawn hafna nies dubjuzi dwarom, tinsix kif ahna ahna l maltin, wara rridu nwahhlu f xi haga. The ideal ending would be with joseph angrily playing his violin, and jes with the gong. It would always compliment the beginning! Just suggestions, il bqija GREAT JOB!

kiyana said...

hi olivia!!! WELL DONE!!! your performances are brilliant. I just can't stop seeing them...although I would like to comment on something...when watching it on video, one of the backing vocalists is not sounding that good....Well done olivia...malta is already proud of you...keep up and good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

hi olivia. i like the dress very much. and even what the whole group looks on the whole. amazing on stage. but PLEASE do not use those sheets. it looks too messy believe me. everyone is saying like that at least. pls pls pls change that part lol.thx
gd luck...

Anonymous said...

Hey Olivia,
Hallu kollox kif inhu, ghax kollox ghogobni! Kieku m'ghogobnix ma kontx niddejjaq nghidilkom! Kif tispicca s song vera ghogbitni - x'hin iddur lejn in-nies!!! Proset u awguri! Jigri x'jigri, tibqa f'qalb il-Maltin!!! XXXX
Paul (Marsa)

Clayton said...

Hello Olivia! its me again! first of all i wanted to say that the second performance was brilliant! It was veryyyy nice! Now, in the previous blogs i told u that i disagreed about wideshots but now i liked them in the second performance altough i still love that choreography part when u are in a row and it is not going to be seen, and its a pity! isn't there a method how u can use it or maybe now its too late? and 2nd thing, i really do a lot of browsing on eurovision sites and it seems that the drapes are creating a little bit of confusion in the stage, even in a survey conducted by escmalta. Personally i prefer that you dont use them. Thanks for reading our comments and gdlukkkkkkkk kbiraaaaa :)

Anonymous said...

Please remove those bed sheets that Jes and Joesph are using. Use the catwalk when you are singing and connect to the camera cause you are such a wonderful person. Well done Olivia your TOPS!!! xxx

Deo said...

great great great! you are really the best olivia! great job! keep it up! the dress is excellent. will you wear it on the final? i feel sure you will pass.....everybody is saying beutiful things about you. This morning at the university all the students were talking about you! everybody is waiting for thursday!

Anonymous said...

Olivia, i dont know if you heard about the survey that ESCMalta did. A lot of ppl are saying that the performance is too much and that there is too much going on especially the part were the materials and waved around. Its not needed and if needs be do make these last changes. Its very important. Use more of the stage too. xx

Clayton said...

Me again! Because i wanted to make a suggestion instead of only saying that the drape part should be changed. Is it possible,instead of that part when they use drapes, all the backing vocals and jes line up in a row behind u and practice the same type of choreography that will not be shown on tv in the beginning due to the wideshot (the one with all the fans spreading out to the sides but this time u'll be in front)? in that way u'll eliminate the drapes and at the same time that part will be seen. But anyway its just a suggestion and i know its difficult in the last part. Ps: fabulous dress! all the comments about the drees are positive, i haven't seen 1 that is negative! incredible e, this rarely happens hehe! TC!

DRF said...

Olivia you were simply gr8! the clothes look simply wonderul and your performance is superb! I'm glad to hear that they r goin to do something about the backing vocalists. Personally the only thing that i didn't like were the drapes that joseph and jes are moving in the background. i believe that YOU should be the focal point on the stage. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DRF

Anonymous said...

Olivia you r going to make malta proud!
(one thing: pls do not wear make up like you did in the show at Qormi, it did not look that good on TV!)

Anonymous said...

Hi OLIVIA & all Vertigo team,

Yesterday i saw the video of your performance on tv. It is quite a good one and you seem to be very confident (keep it up). You have a wonderful dress and even the backgrund suits the song.
However i suggest to be more spaced out on stage as you seem to be too crowded especialy the backing vocals seems like they are hidden. Secondly jes and joseph waving that white material seems to be very awful. I think that instead there should be some nice choreography and not wave that white thing.

I graetly appreciate that you are taking note of these suggustions cause we all want the better performance possible. However regarless of the result we will always love you and give you our support.
GOOD LUCK for next thursday and a GREATER one for saturday cause i'm sure that you'll be in the final.
Loads of hugs, kisses and best wishes...

Tina from malta

Anonymous said...

Hei Olivia,

Mitä kuuluu?
How are you?

Today I was at Kamppi center waiting for you to perform at 15.00hrs but there was no show. There was an announcment that Norway show was cancelled but did not mention Malta even on the big screen above the stage in Kamppi Malta was not listed. What happened?? was malta playing later on in the evening?

Kiitos paljon!
Thanks a lot

Maltese living in Helsinki, Finland

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy that everything is under control, I was a bit afraid of the dress coz unfortunately there is always bad talk about the maltese singers dresses, but the moment i saw u the only word i could say was WOW :) just keep up the great work and smile for us when u're onstage :) I loved the scarfs that jes and joseph had, it made it look more grand. About the lenses I did hear it before that the might dry up in wind so take care of that :)
take care
u kif jghidu bil-malti: issa jaghmel Alla :) mhux hekk? hehe

Aikon said...

Olivia, the dress was perfect. The only problem I saw from yesterday's rehersal, and you have already noticed, was the backing vocals. They need some fine tuning ;)

Take Care and the BEST of luck !

Cha said...

Olivia, prosit ta' kull ma qedghin taghmlu hemmekk. Xtaqt nigbidlek l-attenzjoni fuq shot partikolari fejn Joseph jidher daru lejn il-camera, jimxi lejn il-gong biex igib il-vjolin. Ma nafx hux migbud hekk apposta minhabba xi effetti sekondarji li jkunu qedghin jigru dak il-hin, pero forsi tistghu tibdluh xi naqra dak is-shot, avolja nahseb li issa huwa tard wisq. Kien ikun ahjar ukoll, fl-opinjoni tieghi, kieku kellek iktar eye contact mal-camera.Mill-bqija kuragg, u goodluck biss nghidlek, la l-problema tal-backing vocalists se tahdmu fuqha. Personalment, il-bicca meta jibdew ixejru l-bicciet kont qed naraha zzid xeba konfuzjoni meta rajt il-filmati fuq l-internet, imma fuq it TV ghamlet effett sabih. Mohhok hemm mela.. u ftakar li hawn hafna nies warajk!

Tonio Galea said...

Hi Olivia,
Just saw the performance on the tv on Kalamita the performance is excellent the thing that I would do is when there is solo is the way to goo the lights will go out and then when you say And I'm Lost ... the fan will switch on and the lights all light on I think it will be better! Thanks for reading our comments and updating us on your blog , good luck for thursday!

Clayton said...

Hi, very nice performance... just an idea.. kiku tuzaw il catwalk li hemm flistage kiku nahseb ikun nice... tipo Ira Losco! the best time li tistghu tamulua hi meta ikun hemm qisu 6seconds music fis song u timxi Olivia naqra fuq il catwalk u ek! Imma just an idea ta!
Proset hafna u fingers crossed for next Thursday! xxx

*lexi* said...

Helllo olivia!!!! :D

First of all i would like to tell you that u look gorgeous with that dress on and it seems its very comfortable for you.
Secondaly i would like to tell you that u had a quite good first rehersal it showed that u are all working hard on the performance and this shows great control over the situation. Plus here many ppl suggested to use the cat walk and well its a quite good idea.. hope u keep it in mind ol!! :D
Thirdly... Goodluck!!! keep on working like this and all of this will show in the semi final of thursday!!! Goodluck to all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! First of all, we wish you all the best...we're sure you'll do great up there and we believe in you.

Do have any plans for your hair style yet? the way you wore your hair in the Malta Song for Europe was great, it really suits you! Moreover, the dress is wonderful, as was the one used for the Maltese festival. The wind on stage was absolutely perfect, it gave the performace a fresh taste. However, a site criticised the dress and stated that it is similar to Kate Ryan's dress:

"We think Olivia Lewis is wearing Kate Ryan's dress, we only miss the 'kniezwengel'"

But pls do not bother this critisism, as most of us believe it suits you well. And I actually don't find it similar in the least!

There were some who suggested that a walk on the catwalk would be better, and I agree. Could you do that during the slow part of the song? That would make the performance more flowy. And I also agree with the others who suggested to spread on the stage, because it makes the performance looks clustered and messy :(

Something else I would like to add is Jos and Jes's dance movements with the drapes. I personally don't think it's a bad idea, I actually liked it in fact! Jos was really cute! However the same site wrote:

there are two half naked men on stage waving all kind of objects

Still, I believe in you, we all do! Keep up your perfect work, thanks for believing in your audience and taking our suggestions. You are great and we love you all!

Take care and good luck

Anonymous said...

Great Olivia,
it's fantastic...watching, feeling and perceiving with you every instance via the internet your great accomplishment in Helsinki. Enjoy it to the full!! Two small remarks about the rehersal:
A) In the apex of the song i.e. at the end I think it would look more dramatic if you could add some sparks of lighting with the visual effects...
B) Sincerly the waving of those whites sheets is too much protrected...and it decentralized the main focus...YOURSELF...
But for the rest PROSIT mill-qalb...
In heart and in prayers....

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont use the drapes they look so amateurish :(

Renato said...

Hi our 2007 Queen... Ol pls use the catwalk you will make all the audience go crazy... ma ga qedt narak u gismi iqum xewk xewk daqs kem ikollok effet nice int u mixja!
Luv you!! xxxx

Debbie said...

Hi, many are suggesting the CATWALK and i think it will look glamourse! i totally agree with them. Take ntice on this point you will surprize everynbody! But all the rewst is excellent! Remember the catwalk! Goodluck xxx

Chris said...


Nadine said...

Hi Olivia,

Well done for the good work you're all doing there. We're all following what's going on and we're all behind you with our support. By the way WONDERFUL DRESS:)

Ready for some suggestions???!!!
1. what about moving a little around maybe during the climax part walking on the cat walk and come back again?
2. can the use of those drapes be limited?
3. can some effects be added maybe for the climax part? something that leaves you with your mouth open and say WOW!!!!!!!

That's all......good luck, keep it up and always be yourself. You'll be great.xxxxxxx

oriana said...





Alison said...

Hello Olivia, prosittt, it-tieni rehearsal hija sabiha immens...specjalment il-backing vocals u l-imriewah gold.. il-bicciet bojod ta' Jes u Joseph ma tantx joghgbuni ghax qishom gie kollox fuq xulxin imma il-bqija eccelenti... prosit xxxx

Josephine Ebejer Grech said...

Hi Olivia,
Every day that passes you amaze us even more by your very fantastic character. Although this is a very hectic and important week for you, you still keep finding the time to update us with your thoughts and feelings. You are the best journalist and reporter that there is in the Eurovision, because no one can report your feelings, and the event from your own point of view, and for that we are more than grateful.

Some tears sprang from my eyes when I saw your rehersal in the yellow dress. You are absolutely fantastic. Your voice is superb. Today I went to see the remains of Dun Gorg Preca and I prayed for you.

Anyway, I will say bye bye for today. Many best wishes not only for these days but for all your life.

Best regards
Josephine Ebejer Grech (and all my family in Marsaxlokk! ! ! )

Anonymous said...

Dearest Olivia, I have had the opportunity to watch your rehearsal and I have some comments that I would like to make. I think that your performance was great. You already are a winner, come what may...

However, I am not too convinced about all of the coreography. Whilst I liked most of it, I think that there is too much sheet waving by Joe and Jes that is creating some confusion, detracting the attention from yourself and overburdening the whole coreography. Maybe it could be toned down a bit...

Well anyway, I am sure that everything will turn out fine on the big night. Good luck and may God bless you all!!

Ganni x-XeJn SeW said...

Olivia int veru tal-GENN!!! Tghaddi u ma tghaddix, bis-song u bil-personalita' teighek diga' qed taghmel UNUR KBIR LIL MALTA! Good luck!
(jien a blast from the past... konnha hdimna flikliem f'xi zewg musicals HAFNA snin ilu: l-gharusa tal-Mosta u Rega sebah...). Jon

The truth said...

Olivia...A lot of people are mentioning the catwalk. But if i am not mistaken, the singers cannot use it (+the step is to high to decend on the catwalk!)...pls correct me if I am wrong!

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

who are the 2 lovi duckies waveing those white bed sheets, lovly boys are they Gays we got the same gays at our club in Kingscross -Sydney called Chey Ivy.. verynice too.
The Gay Gorden, as for Oliva newton abbot well who knows dear.
Luv Ya.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Terry Wogan's Comments that will do for us, never mind the song,its not that brilliant. good luck anyway
Mr.Connell - Bristol - UK

Anonymous said...

be aware of the backing vocals. the song is ruined. and may ask one question, why do we have to choose a song and it has to be changed on the very day of the look beautiful, i loved your dress, for the first time i voted in the malta eurovision cause it was you who deserved it for several years. your songs are amazing but damm those backing vocals are ruining your song. you have a beautiful voice, pleasee dont loose it cause of the backing vocals. goodluck

plectrum said...

All is fine what's being said but its easy to content ourselves with praise and ignore constructive criticism. The worst thing that I see is the oriental setting which has nothing to do with the song. I know its quite late to change the choreography but I have been shouting in the desert for ages now even right after the Maltese finals. Nobody gives me a hint of feedback and a convincing reason why the oriental setup apart as what Olivia said in the press conference "the gong!" - which is not a good reason at all! The look, clothes, atmosphere should refect the genre of the song. Sure many fans liked the gong as part of the setup - but that's no reason why to build the scene around it! Plus - what does the oriental look have to do with the video or its story-line! The video was more sensible because there were Spanish dancers in it-in line with the genre and rhytm of Vertigo - totally Spanish!

Stephen M said...

...::: GOOD LUCK LEWIS!! :::...

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
I would like to thank you alot for all the effort that you and all the team are doing to must us Maltese very proud!!!

Secondly the dress and all the costumes on stage are simlpy stunning - really welldone.

Something which I would personally change is the waving of the drapes which I make it last less. And also remove the shot when Joseph seen going to fetch the violin. Bil-bqija . Takecare everyone :)

Alfred said... :)

Leli said...

Hey Lewis!
I love the performance...really great! The drapes thing might be too much but it's original - maybe Anna could come up with something to use the drapes and the catwalk. The catwalk is wide enough so that the whole group use the catwalk... Like someone commented, your walk and the dress make a nice effect and if you use the catwalk - in my opinion it will enhance the show! Also another idea that i liked was "... when they all open their hand fans glitters will fall down ... it will some extra sparkle too.-anonymous"
I know maybe it is too late to make some changes since the two rehearsals done were for technical purposes.
Good Luck Oli - You're the best

Anonymous said...

I am impressed with all the feedback the maltese are given you olivia ! LoL !its true that everyone is giving his suggestions from his heart - but you can't please everyone ! and now it is too late to change it ! i liked the oriental setting - in my opinion it is better and more original than spanish theme - because the song is not that spanish - afterall ! The majority of the comments i read on various websites were mostly positive ! and some of them very very positive! today i heard some prominent people being intervied on XFM news - and they all stated that Malta will qualify :) ! hehe!
i agree with some of the suggestions they are giving you over here!
i would have liked you to use the cat walk - for the key change and end the song there - but dont know if you're still in time ! but im sure you can use it if u want to - because another singer used it for sure!
and i agree that you should add more spectacular lighting to end the performance and during the key change !

However - i must say - that i felt very very happy after i have read your blog today ! i am glad you're happy with how things are shaping up - and i m glad that you are working on the backings aswell - so that the song will not be ruined!
good luck olivia
you already made me proud! i will keep supporting you - after ESC - no matter what the result will be! I promise you alot of prayers for thursday - however i doubt it - if i can compete with Nanna Wenza when it comes for prayers ! hehe ! love ya - take care !

Fan tieghek kbir. said...

Hi Olivia,

Rajt it-tieni rehearsal u laqatni immens! Biss araw kif taghmlu u jew tnehhu dawk id-drapes li joqghodu jxejjru warajk Joseph u Jes b'dak il-mod frenetiku inkella sibu l-mezz kif tnaqqsu fl-ghaggla taghhom b'mod konsiderevoli u beghduhom izjed minn xulxin u minnek. Evita ukoll li taghti dahrek lill-udjenza... ahjar jersqu huma lejk u jaqbzuk u tersaq 'l quddiem fuqhom int.

Ciao u awguri.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, you look very confident during the performnce and that's very important. It make people believe in the song which shows off your good voice. Good luck and just do your best!

ESC fan said...

Proset Olivia, proset hafna! imma jekk hemm cans veru uza il CATWAlk, kemm ikun effet sabih... andek libsa bhal dik! xxx take care and relax!

Frederick said...

Yes definitly i really agree with all of the people talking about the catwalk!!! MAKE USE OF IT OLIVIA... on the CATWALK you will look magical! Good luck all malta and gozo are after you!

Anonymous said...

hi olivia well done perfect performance combining with perfect dress but do only thing i don t like is how your male dancers exagerate it with the white drapes! well done and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hei Olivia,

Please take notice of what the maltese are suggesting on your BLOG and take them into consideration. The song might not place in a good position if certain things are not fixed, for example: backing vocalist not in tune with you, those drapes flying behind you and Joseph runing to get the violin. It´s a bit messy.

Sorry for the negativity but I am sure who ever is incharge of the whole thing will fix these matters.

Otherwise you look great on stage and the dress looks very nice on you together when the wind starts blowing on you.NICE!!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...





P3Charm said...

the white drapes look good on screen ppl but because we are not seeing how they will look on screen we are thinking that they r looking horrible!! they know what they are doing dw :)

btw olivia for one of teh parties who were in a beautiful red dress, is that the one you asked the fans to vote for (4 Maltasong)? If so can we get a pic of u in it pls!! I saw a small pic on di-ve whit the latvian guys and together u looked splendid! They were in top hats and u were in that amazing red dress!! Hehe!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,

I am watching all links everyday and i must admit you are great. Try do not use the drapes on stage cause it looks a bit too chaotic. The rest is great Olivia. Keep it up and the feeling in Malta is great about you and all your team so keep it up, Malta is behind you and we all believe you are going to do EXTREMLY WELL!!



Anonymous said...

Good Luck Olivia, you would have been alot better solo, as it will be a tough competition this time, i heared many good euro numbers in the last week, pity about the title Vertigo!!! still wish you luck you'll need it on the night.
Fred Wiltshire .

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia. I just wanted to tell you that the part where Joseph goes to get his violin like really unprofessional. Maybe he shouldnt go for it and end the song like Jes or at that time tell the camera men to get a shot of you only. Also get rid of those materials please they look really bad on stage .. poss noone in the board has realised? What are all those people employeed for then?

Anonymous said...

Moi ( HI ) Olivia!

Mitäs tänään? Oliko kiire päivä?

How was today? Was it busy day?

Anyhow I guess by now you had learned some of the finnish words I guess! Olivia for the sake of your people working with you please arrange the mattter of the drapes going like crazy behind you and regarding Joseph runing to pick of the violin. It does not look right at all and it looks a bit unprofessional. As for yourself you look great in the outfit and your voice is strong but it needs to be stronger, but I guess you ar saving it for the big night. As for the backing vocalist most probably they will stay but I hope to god that they will stay in tune with your voice and not messing it up. From my point of view it would have been better if the people working with you had kept it simple but it seems that the maltese delegation wants to go all out this year. Hope it´s all worthed.
It´s a pitty I had not been able to see you yesterday at KAMPPI SQUARE as I taught it was around 15.00hrs your performance but by the looks of it the finnish people loved you. As for today hope you had a nice day even though it´s been cloudy and chilly. Olivia hope the delegation will take into consideration the matters mentioned by myself and the rest of the maltese people and hope a way will be found to improve the situation. There is still time if changes needs to be made for the best I guess!!

In the mean time enjoy helsinki and wish you the very best for thursday.

Hyvää iltäpäivä ( Good afternoon )

ja Onnea ( and good luck )


Maltese living in Finland, Helsinki

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia!Thank you for posting another blog while you're so busy.Anna's coreagraphy is good but those bed sheets are stinking.You're the leader on stage so try and change that sheets.Why don't you use a catwalk.
Otherwise you're fantastic

St.Paul's Bay

ClaireDebono said...

hey Olivia!! You were fabulous on stage!! you have got a great and a strong voice! you know that all f malta will be supporting every step of d way!! GOOD LUCK!! xxx

Anonymous said...

We as forigners residing in your country and keen viewers of the Eurovision especially from our northern european mother country, tend to publish ALSO criticism or in a sence negative comments as well, WHICH i dear say helps to improve things as oppose to make the show less worthy, however we notice over the years that you maltese` tend to only want to hear positive reactions which tends to let your side down, now listen from a professional show biss agent
Good luck with your show..hope it will do alot better then the disater you had last year because you over done things and clsoed your ears and eyes to what other people says and suggest from past experience. Bye and wish you ALL the very best for Malta., its a lovly country and its friendly people.

Anonymous said...

hu olivia prosit hafna id diska u anki ir rehesel veru hargulek tal genn.nixtieq najdlek uko9ll li il libsa veru sabieha veru ogbitni.nixtieq naddilek suggeriment.ha inkellmek qisek ohti, xaghrek thalliehx lixx ghamlu nokkli ghax veru jixraqlek, jiena personali hekk narah. nixtieq nalaq billi najdlek good luck kbira tegitax ruhek zomm kalma u ghandek tmur bomba.ahna il maltin kolla warajk biex natuk is support kollu li andek bzonn. il bambin ibierkek u ikompli jghatik iktar talent halli tkompli tpaxxi lil maltin u ghawdxin kolla . keep it up god bless. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx