Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My dress sense...or lack of it :)

I was never too good at choosing clothes. Don't get me wrong. I like wearing trendy outfits and all that. But I'm simply not too good at recognizing what's trendy and what's not. I realised this at my own expense after a number of wardrobe fiascos. And this is precisely why I never choose my clothes on my own anymore, especially if it is for something important.

I had to wake up early today as I had lots of errands planned. A quick shower is followed by choosing a track suit for the day. I love casual wear. It makes me feel comfortable. I'm also not that fussy on brands and stuff. If I like it I usually wear it. Today's track suit was no exception. Nothing too trendy. I actually bought it from a hawker at the Rabat 'monti', which is a sort of open market.

I look at my watch. 9:30am. Off to the supermarket to replenish my empty fridge. As I get into the car, I hear my dog in the background barking in protest at my leaving her alone at home. These protests usually end up with her making a big mess.

I just have to grin and bear it in the circumstances.

I love buying groceries. Especially when there is a lot of choice. The problem is that it is a waste of time which I do not really afford at the moment. With three heavy bags of shopping I leave the super market and head off to Joseph Bonello, my tailor.

Joseph is one of the persons who made a big difference in my life. He has been doing my show dresses for the past four years. I've always liked his work. And he spends hours working on minor details. which make the end product look good.

Shasha, my personal stylist joins us. Shasha is my biggest friend. She's been doing my make up everyday for the past four years. Totally committed and professional. These are the only words I have to say about her.

Joseph Bonello (the tailor) is busy working on my Eurovision dress. It is coming out beatifully. The colours are great and the material is so nice. The material itself (provided by local firm 'Ivory & Co') is designed by Roberto Cavalli. Joseph does not utter a word. He is totally engulfed in this dress. He has dreamt of doing it for a long time and now that he is actually on the job he wants everything to look perfect.

Tomorrow I might have the first fitting. Hope that all goes well. I'm losing weight right now due to a new fitness programme. Both Shasha and Joseph are worried that I might lose too much weight. I'm not that worried myself. It's never happened before.

As I prepare to leave, my mobile phone rings. It's Gerard James Borg (Vertigo's author), as excited as ever, phoning to check how the dress is coming up. He was also involved in its design with Shasha, Joseph (the tailor) and Joseph from Toni and Guy.

Thank God that my dress sense does not qualify me to suggest any sort of dress design. At least that problem is being taken care of by others. I just wear it.

Have to go as I'm going to be late for a choreography meeting.

Speak to you tomorrow. :)



Anonymous said...

aaa i wish i had a doggie too =( I truly hope that the dress would be great and loved by the outsider...and obviosuly i'm extra-excited about you wearing it tomorrow!!!! first thing after school = check olivia's blog and site!!!!!!

The Truth said...

This is Hillarious!

Getting to know what you are doing day by day! I loved the 'monti' bit! Hehe! I just realised that you're also a house-wife...well done! :-)

Keep the info coming! ;-) eg anything 2 reveal on d dress and on the choreography!

I make it a point that i read this blog daily! I never imagined that I coukd follow what our eurovision-star would be doing day-by-day!

Thanks a lot Olivia!

Waylon Micallef said...

Hey Olivia....Goodluck Ghal-Eurovision!! Specjalment Ghas-Semi Final...Ha Taddina Ghal Finali....Il-Libsa Vera Faqa...Il Kuluri Jidhru Sajfin...Jirraprentaw Lil-Malta..LMAO...Msoma....Goodluck....xxx

Anonymous said...

Olivia - this blog is PERFECT ! following you day by day - living with you - your dream ! WoooW ! Reading this blog - continues to confirm how down to earth you are ! winning the malta song for europe - didnt change you a bit - you're still the olivia we all know - and we all love ! it doesn't come to as a surprise to me - how ALL malta is united behind you ! how can we not be united after - a person - with an awesome and sweet character - like you have !

marko kovachevich said...

Great blog Olivia. Can;t wait to see you on stage in Helsinki, I bet you'll rock. Love Vertigo, it's so different from all the other entries this year. Hoping to see more of your blogging.
And I lost.... then I'm found!
And I run... then I hide!
And I go, you're not there...
I say yes, you say no, loving you keeps me vertigooooo!

- Marko (Serbia)

Schlagerboys said...

Hope the dress is fabulous, Olivia!

We would have preferred the red one for the Maltese Song for Europe!! Hope you're taking that one with you to Helsinki too!

Sirking said...

Yesterday during maths:

Teacher: "something something horizontally and vertically"

Me(mistaking the word 'vertical' for 'vertigo'): "But what has Olivia's song got to do with graphs?"


Anyway, congrats for this blo! It might just give us the push that we need to finaly lift the Eurovision!
DO you know we're 4th in a poll?
Here's link http://poll.websitegear.com/submitform.asp?pollID=10467&Result=N&Submit=Vote

We were 1st in it once...

Taylor said...

HI There, I really like this blog, I enjoy knowing what you are doing and for me it is a must that I read the everyday blog. With this blog you keep on amazing us

Bjorn Blundell said...

Hello Olivia, jiena llum nixtieq nghidlek Proset ta' din il-Blog. S'issa l-libsa tidher sabiha hafna u ghandha kuluri vera sbieh li nahseb jaqblu mieghek. Kuluri orjentali u friski fl-istess hin.

Proset tax-xoghol siewi li qieghda taghmel.

Your Big Fan,
Bjorn Blundell.

Webiste: http://bjornblundell.hi5.com


Hallo olivia! I come from Greece, but I live in Berlin, and I mus admit it had never happened before to hear from you. Now, as a big ESCfan must say that you really caught my eye, and very strongly!! I love your song with every hearing more and more and I think it is great, melodic, dramatic and original for the contest. I wish Malta would win this year and it s the first time that happens to me. I like you also a lot and I find this idea of the personal blog very good and original.
To the dress: Did you know that Roberto Cavalli had created the dress of the 2005 ESCwinner Helena Paparizou? that is a good sign :-)I think that vertigo must be very strongly staged, so that it can reach and show all of its great dynamic. I wish we would see the violinist on stage, tis also a good dramatic element which strengthens the song( to be honest that is also an element that affects me a lot personally, since I 'm living right now an unforgettable, turbulent and strong love with a violinist..that is also why I almost cry everytime i hear your song). I would like to suggest also to put some dancers in flamenco style, like in the promotional clip, this would leave a very good impression. Your song is great, but ESC is also about a good show, please do not forget this. I cross all my fingers for you and I wish you all the luck and a very good place in the ESC board. I also promise to vote for you a lot from Germany in the semis first, I would love to see and hear you twice. Bye I will leave a comment again here soon.

Nigel Blundell said...

Hello Olivia!

Jiena Nigel Blundell (it-tewmi) zgur li tafni hehe, wiehed mill-akbar FANS li ghandek!!! Nixtieq nghidlek PROSET HAFNA ta' dan il-post ghax verament sabih hafna!!!

Il-libsa li jista' jkun tilbes gewwa l-Finlandja verament tidher mill-aqwa u ta' dan PROSET IMMENS lill kull min ghandu x'jaqsam mal-libsa!!! AWGURI HAFNA & WELLDONE!!!

Nigel Blundell