Sunday, March 25, 2007

Somewhere, beyond the sea...

I have just realised that I could never marry 'Popeye', Olivia need not worry.

I was always aware that I am no sailor, but yesterday's evening's experience on the sea was terrible. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick again.

I've had a busy weekend going all over Malta for this and that. Saturday evening was planned to end in Gozo, Malta's sister island. I had been invited to sing at a charity event.

I love Gozo. It is so peaceful and unspoilt. The Gozitans are lovely to be with and I have always dreamt of spending my last days on this heavenly island.

Places like 'Dwejra' (shown in photo), 'Xlendi', the 'Ta' Pinu' Church and loads of others make Gozo a must visit place for anyone coming to Malta.

However, yesterday's trip to Gozo was not as pleasurable as I thought it would have been. The sea was quite rough and for some reason or another I experienced my first real bout of sea-sickness.

Now those of you who have travelled to Gozo know that it is just a short 20 minute ferry trip away. So don't think I went through the Perfect Storm or anything similar. But believe me...I found myself praying for land and for something solid beneath my feet.

I have thus concluded that I was never meant to be a sailor and I probably would never have married Popeye.

Thank God that I can reach Helsinki by plane! :)

Speak to you again tomorrow...


plectrum said...

Usually I get dizzy and claustrophobic on the ferry to Gozo but I find it helps if you stay ourside feeling the breeze on your face :)

Noel S. said...

Great way to keep in touch with us Olivia!!!

Schlagerboys said...

Hi Olivia!

Malta looks like a fabulous place... can't wait to go there for Eurovision 2008!!

ps. Thanks for the interview!

Adriel said...

We love you Olivia. Awesome this blog!! 2008 off to Malta!!

Balzani said...

Hello Olivia!!! I was at Balzan yesterday!! hope it was better than the ferry at our village!!!

Anonymous said...

xD i do feel to puke when i am on my way to Gozo!!!! i prefer the plane a lot =) btw: thx for visiting my blog, it's really nice of you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heyyy Olivia - this is a great idea of you blogging ! I wish that foreigners know about this -so it serves as a promo tool for Malta's entry! You are working very hard olivia - and you surely deserve a great result in helsinki! you are surely working for it - but do not feel that we are pressuring you - we will feel proud of you - no matter the result ! be cool - calm - confident ! about gozo - whenever there is rough sea - I will usually stay outside - and stay trying to distract myself from thinking about feeling dizzy - it Works ! good luck in your preperations ! you have my 100% support !

Nigel Blundell said...

Hello Olivia!

Skuzani li qieghed inhallilek f'dan il-post illum!!! Nixtieq nghidlek li jiddispjacini hafna ghal li gralek waqt li kont qieghda fuq il-vapur ghall-Ghawdex!!!

Ghalija Ghawdex verament huwa post mill-isbah u interessanti mmens!!! F'kelma wahda: Post mill-AQWA!!!

Nigel Blundell