Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mirror, mirror on the wall....

I've just plugged in my laptop and started typing. It's so late!!!

I'm late because of one simple reason. I've just come back from the football stadium where Malta played Greece in a Euro 2008 Qualifier match. I was invited by the national football federation to perform 'Vertigo' in the half time recess. The stadium was packed. I sang to approximately 8,000 Maltese fans and 300 Greeks. Both sections seemed to enjoy it.

I must admit I got hooked. Instead of spending 15 minutes at the stadium I ended up watching the whole match. I'm hoarse from cheering our local footballers! Malta lost by one goal. Sheer bad luck. Our national football team is getting better. Better than many thought it would ever would. I'm happy for them. Even though they lost.

You would think that prior to the stadium I spent a busy day going here and there. Well, you're wrong. Very wrong.

I spent the whole day at the studio of one of Malta's finest photographers. Her name is Alexandra Pace. Alexandra took all the photos of my first photo session. Around two weeks ago we decided to organise another photoshoot. Before leaving her studio at around 5pm I just passed a hopeful statement: "Bye Alex...if you manage to get some work done by tonight, I would really appreciate it". I really asked her for the sake of having asked her. I didn't really expect she would have anything ready for me.

I was mistaken.

Shortly after 8:30pm I received a call on my cell phone: "Hi Ol, it's Alexandra. I have two photos ready." I rushed to her house in Attard and picked up the CD.

These are the first two photos from my second photoshoot this year. I've decided to publish them exclusively on this blog. The rest of the photos will be available during the weekend.

Alexandra amazes me each time. She always manages to make me look more beautiful than I actually am!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, if I ever were to meet you, I only hope Alexandra is by my side to make me look more beautiful for your sake! :)

Speak to you again tomorrow...goodnight...I'm almost dozing off by now!



Chris said...

Love reading your blogs... niggustak ta vera... jirnexxielek tohrog is semplicita li ghandek.. li huwa don kbir, u jaghmel minnek persuna ta vera, f'kuntatt man-nies minghir ma kibritilha rasha. Proset Oliva... jien warajk dejjem! tc

Sha said...

Wow! Those look swell! Nice work Alex. Real sorry bout the Maltese team though, I hope they have better luck next time.

Olivia, you never cease to amaze me. Here's an ordinary woman with an extraordinary talent to sing and charm.. and write! Way too Cool! Do keep those posts coming.

Oh.. your fiance also deserves a word.. The video is superb. I guess, he knows you better than anyone else, and has surely used that knowledge to capture some o your finest emotions. Two thumbs up, Mark!

Tc.. and keep on singing


Your biggest, most ardent fan outside of Europe

Roderick said...

I love reading this blog!!! Keeps me up to date with everything that is happening.

Olivia you're a lovely lady. Keep up your character and good luck for all!!

olivia fan :D said...

hey olivia! you are just awesome!! Your daily blog is a must to visit now for every fan of yours and every eurovision fan.. we have the unique chance to follow a eurovision artist day by dat prior to the contest. This is just amazing and it is only thanks to you!

Keep it up and good luck for the contest!

Bjorn Blundell said...

Hey Olivia, Proset ta' dawn iz-zewg ritratti daqshekk sbieh: meravilja ha nghidlek. Inti minn dejjem kont sabiha u iktar ma jghaddi z-zmien dejjem tisbieh :) Proset minn hawn lil Alexandra tax-xoghol sabih li qieghda taghmel fuqek. Anke l-ewwel photo session li kellek, vera gejt tajba fir-ritratti.

Jekk tkun tista' u jkollok ftit hin nitolbok izzur il-webiste tieghi. Propjament hi5. Napprezza hafna jekk izzura u tghidli x'derlek. Id-display pic li ghandi huwa meta jiena, hija u inti konna ltqajna fuq il-Programm 'Lejn il-Eurovision' tiftakar ghal liema qed nghidlek? Nahseb iva.

Caw caw ghalissa.

Your Big an,
Bjorn Blundell.


Anonymous said...

great job olivia - the photos from the first session - were amazing - and this second photo session seems to be as great as the 1st one - well done to alexandra also :) !
I saw a picture of you singing on di-ve @ the stadium in Ta Qali ! is there a chance - that we can see a video - of this performance ? The fact that you stayed there supporting the maltese national team and the fact that you were invited to sing - is something - that we all should feel proud of ! i.e. two different maltese products (football - eurovision) supporting each other ! great great great ! - as always ... keep blogging ! lets see what you're going to tell us tonight!

Sirking said...

Malta's loss was SOOOO unlucky! You forgot to mention that the goal Greece scored was a penalty. That means that the European Champions could only score a PENALTY agaainst us! True, we ARE getting better.

Schlagerboys said...

Fabulous photos, Olivia!

Any news on the dance routine for Helsinki??

The Schlagerboys xx

Schlagerboys said...

ps. Don't suppose there are any pictures of you in the red frock???

The Schlagerboys xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! Especially the one
where you look like a diva in the festival dress! Good luck! x

Patrick Darmanin said...

Hello. Jien l-ikbar fan li jista jkollok !!! Hehe. Kompli sejra hekk ghax fl-esc anke il-karattru jatratta !!! ... u parir ta wiehed li jsegwi l-esc min mindu kelli 5 ... ati Importanza KBIRA lil gurnalisti ... ghax dawk l-iktar li jinfluvenzaw !!! GOODLUCK U EJJA HA NERBHU !!!!!!!

Patrick Darmanin said...

Proset hafna tal-pics ! vera faqa ... (btw. andek wiccek bellezza) hehe


Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Actually Alex has done a good job but the model makes all the difference! You are so beautiful... always were!

Nigel Blundell said...

Hello Olivia!

Bla dubju ta' xejn li dan il-post ghalija huwa wiehed mill-aqwa minhabba t-Tieni Photosession li hadt!!! Pero qabel ma nkompli fuq it-Tieni Photosession nixtieq nifrah minn qiegh qalbi lit-team kollu Malti tas-success li qed jikseb!!! AWGURI MMENS u Goodluck ghall-quddiem u ghall-futur!!!

Nerga nghaddi issa ghat-Tieni Photsession: Kelma wahda biex infisser kollox hija: ECCEZZJONALI!!! PROSET IMMENS lil kull min kellu x'jaqsam mat-Tieni Photosession!!! AWGURI MMENS minn qiegh qalbi!!! U tant iehor ghall-Ewwel Photosession ghax l-istess: ECCEZZJONALI u PROSET IMMENS lil kull min kellu x'jaqsam maghha!!!

Pero Olivia nixtieq nistaqsik haga jekk ma' jimpurtax: F'dan il-post inti ghedt li l-bqija tar-ritratti ser ikunu available fil-weekend pero ma rajt xejn minnhom!!! Il-haga li nixtieq hija bla dubju ta' xejn li narahhom!!! Niehu hafna gost jekk il-bqija taghmilhom ukoll f'dan il-Blog interessanti mmens li dejjem qed taghddilna inti Olivia!!! Grazzi bil-quddiem!!!

Mill-gdid PROSET IMMENS!!!

Nigel Blundell

Nigel Blundell said...

Hi Olivia!

Nixtieq hafna li jekk dejjem huwa possibli ghalik li r-ritratti kollha tat-Tieni Photosession li hadt taghmilhom kollha hawnhekk halli b'hekk inkunu nistghu narawhom kollha, jew fuq il-website tieghek jew inkella fuq it-tnejn li huma: kemm fil-Blog kif ukoll fil-website!!! Grazzi hafna Olivia!!!

Nigel Blundell