Monday, March 26, 2007

My coldest shower...

I'm writing today's blog lying cosily in bed with Milly (my adorable cocker spaniel) sleeping softly by my side. She's making funny snoring noises, probably dreaming away in doggie land.

My bed feels warm and welcoming. Malta has been going through a cold spell. Cold by Maltese standards. It's never actually cold here.

I had not really known the definition of cold up till a few weeks ago. Now, I dare say I really know what cold means. And I don't like it at all.

Filming for my music video started three weeks ago. I knew it was going to be difficult from the start. The director decided to film all the scenes at night. He told me it would take five nights. It took seven. And I couldn't really hurl any abuse at him. One reason. He's my boyfriend.

I met Mark whilst working as an apprentice producer at a local television station in Malta. That was nine years ago. And we've been together since. We clicked almost immediately. Maybe it's because we both have erratic lifestyles. Both of us have grown up in the television world.

And working in television is not really a job. It's a lifestyle. You cannot work in television. You have to live it.

Mark decided to direct my music video. He did not give in easily. He hates mixing work with his personal life. But he did. I knew he would. And I also knew he would not spare me any pain just because it was me.

If it needed to be done, than it had to be done. That was how he greeted me at 4am, one cold night as I was standing beneath a bridge waiting to be drenched with water from a waiting hose. (photo)

We were starting to film the rain scene. Everytime I happen to catch a glimpse of the video, cold shivers go through my spine whenever the rain scene comes into view.

'Standby, water hose', I heard Mark shouting to the crew. 'Action'. This word was followed by urgent scuttling somewhere above me and suddenly I was surrounded by 'rain'. As the first drops hit me, I didn't feel that cold. Maybe it was the adrenaline.

The cold was to come later. I wrapped myself in clothing as much as I could. But being damp in cold weather feels terrible. Four long hours later, the shoot was ready. I do not even remember going home. I was tired out and numb.

Three weeks later and the video is out. Most of you have probably seen it. I was so happy when 'Where's Everybody' (the company which produced the video) screened it for the first time on National Television. All the sacrifice everyone went through was rewarded with a nice showing. And I'm really happy for the guys at WE, especially PJ, Pablo, Angie, Lou, Peppi, Charles Ahar and Joe Cremona.

I'm also happy that I had the chance to work with Mark. He's difficult to work with, mind you. But he loves doing what he does and it shows.

Speak to you tomorrow! :)

btw anyone wanting to see the video can do so by clicking here


Anonymous said...

WOW olivia - you are really blogging frequently ! I feel like with this - we are all living this dream with you ! THANKYOU so much for making this possible! I check this website , international websites , polls - all the time - while i am supposed to be working on my thesis - lol ! keep this blogs coming - and - hope that more people are aware of this blog! about the video - it was hard work indeed - but you should feel very satisfied and proud with the final product! - as you said thanks to WE and your boyfriend + other people ! Its a very nice video indeed! I do not know if you are aware - but on youtube - some people posted other videos (not the original one) aswell of your song - i counted another four videos of your song - i think they are cool to watch - and it shows that many people are showing interest in your song !
good night olivia - and good luck ! keep blogging :P !

Anonymous said...

hi olivia!! b4 i start, i want to tell u that , U'RE D GR8EST SINGER IN MALTA!!! no one can say d opposite!! bcos u're they r so dumps in music or simple jealous to admit it!! i check ur website everyday. theres always new information about u to read!! i really like ur blogs. not only we (ur fans) can read from d persona but discovering who u r and wat u think!! in my opinion, i always said that, ur feet r still touching d floor (in maltese sound better, lol) (and hope they stay!!! lol)

of course i wish u d best of d best of luck in finland. and hope that d pleasure for u to sing, us fans and whole europe will feel exciting and out of control!!! lol

gl tc
mwa mwa


Teresa said...

If I were the singer in that video I wouldn't have had that cold shower 'cos I know I would have ended up losing my voice.

Nigel Blundell said...

Hey Olivia!

Skuzani li qed inhallilek tard f'dan il-Post! Jiena ghalija l-video ta' Vertigo verament BELLEZZA!!! Verament professjonali u ghalija l-aqwa video li kellha Malta u Ghawdex!!! PROSET IMMENS lil kull min kellu x'jaqsam mal-video!!!

Nigel Blundell